In communicating about Energy Medicine, we are referring to two views of the human biofield: veritable energy fields which can be measured, and putative (commonly accepted or supposed) energy fields which cannot be measured with our current technology.

Veritable energy fields include things like vibrational energy (sound), and electromagnetic forces such as visible light, magnetism and monochromatic radiation (lasers).

Putative energy fields are those ‘seen’ by clairvoyants,  felt, known by energy medicine practitioners. Putative energy fields are said to the first to show any kind of health distortions, that is, this is where diseases are said to begin and moves in to the denser layers of our energy fields until it manifests in the body.

Well established uses of measuring bioenergy fields in the diagnosis and treatment of disease include magnetic resonance imaging, laser eye correction surgery, cardiac pacemakers, radiation therapy and UV light therapies for psoriasis and seasonal affective disorder. There are also a few less researched therapies that use veritable energy approaches.

Magnetic therapy involves the use of magnets, which are placed on the body to relieve pain. Sound energy therapy (also sometimes known as vibrational therapy) involves using tuning forks and music to create certain healing sound frequencies that resonate with the body to promote healing. Listening to certain music has been shown to lower blood pressure and to reduce pain and anxiety.

The field of Energy Medicine which involves putative energy fields is based on the fundamental premise that all physical objects (bodies) and psychological processes (thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes) are expressions of energy. A large body of research in the electric nature of our body is leading us towards more explanations of the workings of our physiology.

Body Electric

The basic body of knowledge about the energy anatomy of the human form has been accumulating and studied, forming a foundation of energy healing, of Energy Medicine. Energy is the medicine. Some people call it “energy from God”, universal energy, cosmic energy, chi/qi, and a host of other terms that come to them in their own study.

The physiological operating systems of our human body depends on subtle energy, or life force, although still not fully understood, is a cornerstone for research around the world. Energy is the underlying force for all physical manifestation. Discoveries are made very day on these key interactions to sustain life.

This life force is known by a variety of terms corresponding to different ancient traditions. In traditional Chinese medicine it is called Qi, in the Judeo-Christian tradition it is called Spirit, and in Ayurvedic medicine it is represented in the doshas, just to name a few.

Artwork: Chinese medicine meridian chart

Ancient Chinese medicine have recognized unique energy pathways called meridians and practice acupuncture and acupressure to relieve symptoms and restore health. In this video, Dr Lo suggests is that the energy meridians are formed by polarized water and that when these water molecules vibrate, axiomatic electromagnetic waves are emitted.

Auras and energy centers (chakras) have also been a part of many medical systems in Asia as a part of malady assessment and the healing process.

In articles to come here at Enigmatic Healing, there will be a variety of opinions, research and experiential positions shared in order to create an open conversation of this growing field of Energy Medicine. It is so exciting to see that the inclusion of this more hidden part of humanity’s healing in our everyday practices.

Just as it took decades for scientists to understand and accept the theories and findings of Einstein, so will the field of Energy Medicine take time to come to a place of understanding and integration in to our lives. Keep an open mind and investigate deeper for one persons interpretation may not clearly be one that created understanding.

In ancient times, most of this kind of knowledge was held by elders, shaman, healers and those with clairvoyance and other psychic abilities. Yet their terms were made to help the common folk to imagine and co-create health with the healers, thus we have many myth-like information floating around.

Now we have Energy Medicine being practiced in hospitals and clinics of what we call modern medicine. We have 100 of thousands of practitioners of various modalities using Energy Medicine to treat their clients all over the world. In just a few more years, research will provide even more science method evidence of what is working in these practices.

Energy Medicine is being used in hospitals world-wide by those trained in  the Healing Touch Program. There programs and organizations have been collecting case studies showing how the treatments affected the patients for over 40 years now. Case studies provide proof of what has worked, when, why and for whom. They form the basis for deeper understanding of modalities of energy medicine.

As an ongoing field of study, soon there will be breakthroughs in understanding how our subtle energy fields and physical body work towards health. Barbara Brennan School of Healing is an excellent school whose students are trained in depth and monitored in ways that assists the efficacy of treatments.

Many more schools are providing study of the human body and energy fields that advance this science towards an integrative modality for our health systems.

Reiki is a popular modality in Energy Medicine, although there are so many teachers offering their own versions and experiences, it comes down to the professionalism of the practitioner and how effective their work is. Many Energy Medicine practitioners cross-train for a deeper understanding of the working of our bioenergy fields and because it is so very fascinating!

Just as there were snake oil salesmen selling spoof products that do not live up to the hype of instant healing, so do some people take advantage of the unseen nature, and enigma of Energy Medicine to make claims and charge fees, offering nothing more than a scam. Ask for professional referrals, check out new practitioners through your friends and on the internet to find what kind of results they may provide.Just as there are fake doctors, there are fake EM practitioners.

Healing Comes From Within

Know: NO ONE can really HEAL another, but they can provide stimulus in order for the clients body/mind/soul complex can redirect to restore homeostasis. this is what Energy medicine is designed to do, to assist the client in their own healing process.

Our body is Divinely made, in such a way no one fully understands all of it. Researchers are still discovering more organs in the body! The human body is so complex and its workings so very unique that people study a section/function and specialize in that area.

Now we are learning the energetic workings, as in its electromagnetic, it electrical systems and its etheric systems. We have yet to discover it all!

An Honest Practice

Energy Medicine is a field of study that is understood through practice and research.Yet it is still a small population that works in this field of science.

This is why there are many disbelievers of energy medicine right now, yet most of them have not read the case studies, experienced it, or practiced in the field, assuming that the premise if physical sciences cannot prove it, then it does not exist.  They may wish to protect people from scams, which is a good idea, yet they may also be missing something very profound.

Yet every day there are more experiences, studies and discoveries that prove legitimacy. Yet old belief systems, stories and myths tend to dis-sway people to the real proof.

Some religions know we have these energetic dynamics while other religions teach fear about what is unseen. Allow people their comfort and know when the time is right for them, they may learn more about this amazing Body By God.

As humans have a hard time with change, they thought Einstein and many other great scientists were wrong for at the time of the theory there is no proof. It takes time and much collaboration to come to a common ground as in any science, only to be broken and challenged again.  Be cautious and careful.

Metaphyscians/clarivoyants see the “makings of illnesses” start on the outer layers of our energy fields and trickle down through the field and then form in the physical body as per its density. Once the illness has formed within the body, many times this means to get it treated as physical, through our allopathic medical methods.

Follow your doctor’s or health practitioners advice for when anything settles in to the physical body, it is the body that needs assistance of which doctors are well-trained for. Our modern medical world is indispensable!

Will there be a time when we can relieve people of dis-eases before they form in the body? It is already here. Can humanity evolve in to a healthier species through energy medicine? It is already practiced.

The proof is in the proof!

~ Carolyn Thompson

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