Life of Gardens

….. creating your own source of food is not just for eating, but satisfying our natural need to be connected to life forces of Earth and adds a layer of confidence and control over the purity of your plants.

Grow Something!

Whether wild or cultivated, our senses come alive in gardens. There are tactile responses generated when surrounded by the beauty and awe of natures colossal abundance of variety and colors.

Through our senses we take in luscious bouquet of unique aromas, eyes feasting upon textures and placement, ears pull in distinct sounds wafting through the air, and even the air provides a flavor of the terrain inviting us to taste a leaf or grass.

At home we may enjoy the small parcels of nature just outside our doorstep. To many it brings a sense of peace and aids their relaxation. Mimicking nature, gardens at home keep us connected and alive inside.

There is also that unspoken and unseen aspect of nature that feeds us in ways we are still discovering; the energy that our feet take in when we walk without our shoes, the absorption of minerals and vitamins through our skin during an ocean swim, sun or forest bath, or the action of the wind upon us in unusual ways that astound us, even if for a moment.

It is all this a more, that we explore here.