Earth’s Farmacy

Earth provides us with so many herbs, roots, plants, barks, dirt, and such that when put to use in the right way become medicine for our body, inside and out.

We provide mini-articles to get you started on knowing the health benefits of many simple ingredients and foods we eat as well as healing herbs, roots and plants. If you are working with health issues, please research your subject deeply and find out of there are contradictions, and speak to your health practitioner.

The Green Farmacy is all around us, growing, providing necessary nutrients for our health.

Food, herbs, roots, sea plants, and many things growing in and around our world can all add to our health. When organically grown, we receive what we need to maintain life!

These articles are a just a taste and highlights the benefits of many foods and herbs, and some have actually been called “weeds” yet pack incredible abilities for health.

Have you seen Plantain growing in your yard, the park or on nature walks, it has incredible properties for healing wounds and other things!

Besides the natural compounds, ingredients and trace elements within each plant, there are also the “energetics” of the plant which are an integral part of why it works.

Whats on your plate?

When we think of the foods we eat, sometimes we have no idea all of the great health qualities they have.

When we eat a well-balanced diet and change what we eat often, we get a real mix of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and vibrations which all enhance our life.

Knowing the properties of food, herbs and plants will help you make great choices, blend flavors and create meals that  support health and happiness.

Enjoy your food. Eat with your mind fixed on its taste, how flavors mix, smells, colors, and the loving energy that the hands that made it. Enjoy!


Be a part of the Quality of Life through growing your own food, or participating in a community garden.

Nutritionists say that when you eat organic homegrown food right away, just after harvesting, you receive the most nutrients and value.

Whether in pots on your porch or rows in the yard, lots in a field or with neighbors down the road, nothing tastes better than your locally grown food.

Share what you grow well with your neighbors and start a new movement for whole communities to grow their foundational foods right in their yards.

Just imagine, no one goes hungry anymore!

Health Properties of Natural Foods, Herbs, and Tubers

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Alfalfa SproutsAloe Vera  ~  Artichokes  ~  Ashwagandha ~ Avocado ~ Bell Peppers  ~  Broccoli  ~  Cacao ~ Calendula Cauliflower  ~ Chia Seeds ~ Chives  ~   Cloves  ~ CucumberElderberries  ~  Fennel  ~  Figs  ~  Gotu KolaGuava ~  Honeysuckle  ~  Kiwi Fruit  ~  Lavender  ~  Lemongrass ~ Lemon Verbena  ~  Mamey Spote  ~ Milk Thistle  ~ Mustard Greens  ~  Oranges  ~ Papaya   ~  Paprika Spice  ~  Pau d’Arco  ~  Pears  ~  Persimmons  ~  Pistachio  ~   Plantain  ~  Quinoa  RaspberriesRed Cabbage  ~  Reishi Mushrooms  ~  Saffron  ~  Self Heal  ~  Sesame Seeds ~  Shiitake  ~ Star AniseStrawberrySunflower Seeds  ~  Thyme  ~Tumeric ~ Valerian ~ Walnuts ~ Watermelon ~ Winter Squash ~