How is it that humanity went from fat-free diets to fat bomb diets? From avoiding all fats for it was bad for your health and now people want to eat much more fat than regular foods provide. It is a wild path humans walk and it changes all the time.

Since we have the pleasure of many choices of foods right now, people can choose to eat and mix up anything they want!

Our world is about exploration and creation after all.

We also went from sugar as being a rare pleasure to everyday consumption. Hows that working out? We will see.

What about the telephone? The first call in 1876 that expanded to the ability to call someone far away. Today we have cell phones that go anywhere we go and can call around the world. And it is not something you even hold but can have a devise in your ear to communicate as you do almost anything.

Add Television, radio, and movies to the list of things people now take for granted and want even more and different devices. The inventions flow these days and some are quite beyond the imagination!

The last 150 years humanity moved into a new era of convenience and ease. We are connected through our inventions.

The internet is hardly 50 years old and yet it is integrated so tightly in our world we would have to stop everything should it stop. It runs banking, businesses, hospitals, and you name it, it is probably wired to the web. Although the internet was invented for wars….

Which Bombs?

Even with these amazing advances in our world, why is it that there is still too many wars? There are so many minor ones that go on for decades, murdering everyday for greed and exclusion. Is it fashionable to commit genocide?

The middle eastern peoples continue to kill for land and acquisition, for exclusion and segregation while the world got bored and looks away. The killing is ongoing. and the worlds people are numb to it.

Oh! but a new war, a breaking news war, now that gets blood boiling. Opinions fly around. Something new to hate, people new to despise and kill. George Orwell nailed it!

It’s a paradox that humanity can work for convenience and yet still act like the most mindless souls and destroying all the creation that took place. A whole city can be destroyed in a day now. Lives are nothing to pro-war views.

Choose Your Bombs Wisely

How is it that people can turn so easily to a new diet and enjoy fat bombs, while countries are dropping murderous bombs on entire towns? Towns with history, towns full of generations of people and children, businesses and pleasures alike? It is only when it is close to home does it seem to draw real concern.

When does humanity turn the corner and stop this behavior? When do people stop “watching” and start living? There is no more land, really, although volcanoes try to make more, it takes too much time for them to be livable to enjoy now.

Stop taking! There is no more land that is free for the taking. Taking land away from others should be against all comprehension and manner. Taking land, and taking the people or murdering the people off the land should be more than something countries practice “sanctions” on.

Sanctions are just a twisted form of bribes anyway. Eat your broccoli and you can have that lollipop.

May this time period find more creative ways to deal with human dramas on the scale of another war so that no more human abuse and murder can occur. We have that ability. Can we tap into that? We have enough gadgets for now, can we have real peace and allow all families to thrive?

This is my prayer and vision.

~ Carolyn Thompson

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” ~  Jimi Hendrix