Spiritual Consulting is a service to help you in your spiritual growth. Through conversation, we focus upon your spiritual growth taking in consideration where you find yourself right now.

Understand that we are ‘spiritual in nature’ so that our relationships, our dreams, our goals, daily life, situations, conflicts, personal stumbling blocks, physical health, and any concerns you may have as a human being are all part of this conversation.

It is a practical session where Carolyn listens deeply to your concerns. She offers assistance by providing insights, ideas, techniques, and energy as needed.

In each session, we will talk about your focus and Carolyn will give advise, explain, ask question, and work through issues and also consult our spiritual guides and Higher Selves to bring about the best for one’s growth. Many times these connections help to bring in considerations of where you are headed, your soul journey and goals.

As this is for you, take time before the phone call to make notes, list questions, and get organized with what you want out of this session. This is different than what some call psychic readings in that this is a conversation, rather then Carolyn channeling messages to you in a monologue. Although she works as a channel, your voice and direction is what make this session unique.

Once you have paid for your session, you will receive an email with time slots from which to pick.

Spiritual Consulting is $165.00 per hour. (USD)