Mentoring is a professional relationship in which you would receive expert advice from Carolyn that assists in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance your personal growth. There is no set pattern, for the pattern of your life is very unique.

We start off with what concerns you, with perceived blocks, challenges, directions and creating pathways to achieve your goals.

Mentoring is about helping you move towards your ideas and wants, and at the pace you wish.

This mentoring has a spiritual focus, that is what will enhance your soul path while truly living in our real world. There are practice and simple ways of being that make your abilities bloom and prosper.

Yet in order to focus on your spiritual growth, we need to focus on your life through your emotional, mental and physical processes. All of our personal life includes our spirituality. As we make choices we find out the results. It is when things just get out of hand, or overwhelming that perhaps we need to check in on our spiritual path.

This mentoring may also focus on your movement through our spiritual evolution, what some refer to as ascension path. It is an ongoing process that can be difficult to understand as things change so often and when we find our self in a different space, many questions arise.

In each session we focus upon your needs and interests as you see them to be building towards your goals. This is highly personal and works toward assisting you in your spiritual growth.  This can be by phone or email.

This is a four session commitment to receive Spiritual Consulting and mentoring within a two month time period. Carolyn only takes a few mentees at a time for quality and connection.

By Email

Mentoring can be done through email between you and Carolyn. The time it takes Carolyn to read and respond is usually more concise. It offers you time to express in writing what you feel she needs to know, and what direction you wish to go in through a deeper thought process and taking more time to consider what needs to be included in your email.

Emails can be short or long, accordingly. Then Carolyn will reply to you with thoughts, advise from your spirit guides, ideas, techniques, and perhaps more questions. It is through this continuing conversation that we can measure progress, review points along the way and share concerns that come up.

There is a limit of 12 emails from you and 12 from her with this method, or what would accumulate to be four hours of Carolyn’s time within a two month time period. So if emails are intense and long, know it might be less that 12 emails. Yet… depth will still be achieved, so please relax and allow your emails to express naturally. Its about quality. Through email the conversation can go deep and allow for mindful communications. There can be consideration for adding a phone call in the mix and less emails as well. Carolyn will be upfront on the time and measure limits so that you are aware of how your special time is being used.

By Phone

Mentoring by phone in which you and Carolyn have an entire conversation for an hour at four different appointment times. Since this is for you, take time before the call to make notes, list questions, and get organized with what you want out of this session. It is a total of four hours and at time there might be a need to shorten or lengthen a session accordingly and with consent by both parties.

Mentoring is different than what some call psychic readings in that this is a conversation, not a monologue. Carolyn is a channel for many spirits, masters, archangels, and your spiritual teams are always included, the questions and concerns are really of you and by you so that you are the center of this conversation. Although she works as a channel, your voice and direction is what make this session unique and specific to your needs and desires.

Setting your appointment

We set your appointment up by email, at first.

If you wish to email Carolyn first, before purchasing this service, do so, her email address is < enigmatic.proprietary@ >. You might ask about time and other concerns. Whether you wish to do this over the phone or email, we both need to talk about the times we have, and how we can accommodate each other.

In setting up your appointment, please tell Carolyn a bit about yourself; what you wish to accomplish, what concerns you, and where you would like to be. Express yourself, help Carolyn to get to know you a bit. Make some lists of your goals and what you would like to accomplish during this time.

No work starts until payment is received for this service.  Mentoring package $620.00 USD, prepaid.