Often times when you meet a person, you project upon them a goodness or attitude you yourself own and it may not have any reality for the person. This was the case that day, when I had met a Hawaiian man of whom I thought I could go into a business with.

As he talked I began to imagine working with him and he was wanting to work together. He said all the right things and it just seemed like it would work. But I was wrong and I paid a huge price for this choice.

Creating Business

I had already started it, and he wanted to be a part of it. We had initially agreed upon writing up a contract of our work together. I had already invested a lot of money in the startup, and he needed to also provide some money in to this business to be a part of it.

Roger was a talented Hawaiian man a bit younger than me and talked a good talk. He was a bit boastful for my taste, but then, I did not care as I thought it just right to be self-confidence, which was needed for our endeavor.

He like to dominate the conversation, and I was a pro at listening. I had been taught to respect the person talking and not interrupt, yet this was also a weakness and there were many times I should have spoken anyway.

Our beginning conversation needed just that, for me to state clearly what I needed for him to take part in my new business. Perhaps I might have seen through his plans and the danger he posed if I had. I was trusting enough to give him the key to the office before our contract was signed.

I went to the office the next day and saw he had moved in some stuff and was already taking on my clients. When I finished work, I went home and made dinner for my son and me; all the while working out mentally what my next step with Roger needed to be.

Roger called me that night, and I told him that until he has signed our contract that he may not handle any clientele at my office. I told him I had already contacted the people he thought he could work with from my business and told them they would be working with me instead.

Roger said he had to go as he and his wife were heading to a party and that he would talk to me in the morning.  After the party he removed all his stuff from my office.

Truth Colors

An hour later, I stepped into the bathroom to run a bath for myself but stopped at the mirror. There superimposed over my face was a ‘red Roger face’. Red! And it was Roger’s round Hawaiian face! Oh my what does this mean? He is beyond angry!

I freaked out and stepped backwards out of the bathroom. The bath was aborted. The time was of essence. I sat in meditation to assess the energy of this new situation.

Roger was furious with me. How dare I challenge the ‘superior person’ for I was a little white girl in his eyes. He had the expertise, not me! He even bragged to others that he taught me when he never did. He bragged he taught my teacher, which he never had. He was a good bragger and an imagination that would create self-harm later. How do I deal with him? I stayed open to more information and did nothing. I never heard from him the next day. He was done with me. But he was angry and going to get me.

The energy of my business when still. I could feel the meddling but had no idea what it was. Did he curse me? Was Roger messing with me?

Ancient Hawaiian Thoughtforms

Soon I started waking up in the morning with bruises on my body, especially my arms. One morning I woke up with what appeared to be bruises in the shape of dog teeth. There on my left arm were several V shaped bruises, like teeth marks. This was unsettling.

I went to several Hawaiian elders I knew to find out what was going on. One looked at me and freaked out, told me to go away from him. I left.

Another elder looked at me and told me I was being attacked. As I rolled up my long sleeve shirt that was hiding my bruises, this Hawaiian lady just shook her head at me, like there was nothing that could be done.

Healani was a wise Hawaiian elder that I have been working with for her health. I had no idea she was Kahuna until now. She was a pure blood and they tend to keep quiet as there are so many threats to them.

First off, she did not want me to let Roger know she was back on the island. She made that point before she told me the rest.

She told me that in his family were many Kahuna Ana ana, that means masters who could chant people to death. Yes, Chant a person to their death, and there is a long history of families doing this. Using intention, words, and sounds, they manifest enough energy that it hurts people and often kills them.

I had no belief in that action and was not going to start now. Yet here I was on the relieving end. A lesson is energy.

Her family also has some of those kahunas as well and those two families had been killing members of families for over three hundred years, though the black magic of killing chants. Because they claimed to be so, they had to believe in how it works, yet there was something more going on here.

She told me that I was lucky that there were no more 80-year-old kahunas of this knowledge left alive, as the knowledge was stopped. She said if one of them saw me in this condition, they would just tip me over in to my grace, and she gestured with her index finger a slight push. I shivered at the thought, what the hell did I get in to?

Healani went on to tell me about Roger. Roger’s ancestors were practitioners of ‘Ana ana’ but that he was never trained to do it. She said his character was flawed in a way that no one would teach him. He was a buffoon and full of ego, and a selfish temperament which could turn sour if he did not get his way.

Geesh, how did I miss that!

Yet even without training he was dangerous and had already caused many people harm. When he got mad, ancestor astral energy as thoughtforms, which looked like nasty two legged black malformed dogs would strike out and attacked his foes. As she talked, I could sense these animated thoughtforms were over 12 feet tall. He was not aware of that either.

Roger had shown me that he was often afraid of being attacked. He had prayed for Angels to protect his home and told people every time they visited. His fear was probably due to this energy field he carried. He probably had many unpleasant experiences.

Perhaps she gave me the Ti leaves ritual as a placebo affect to ward off these attacks, because the look on her face told me she would be missing me soon.

Driving home I should have been worried, and yet I was processing it all and eager to use the Ti leave ritual. Before I went home, I performed the ritual in my place of business and went home. I felt confident. But that night I had more attacks.

Each attack was more than just marks on my skin, as these were also taking vital energy away from me. It is a process much like bloodletting, that if it keeps on going, you die.  In measuring my own etheric fields, I could tell it was taking its toll.

I understand from my inner guidance, my spiritual team that it is analogous to “knocking the breath out”, you know when that happens it is hard to breath for a time. These attacks were vicious blows to my energy field. The attacks come to the edge of our golden egg field, as I love to call it, in my profession it is called the ketheric field template and its outer edge is mighty protection. The bruising occurs due to the strikes to that outer field and like ripples, move in to the most dense of energy fields the human body.

The next day I could see and sense that the Ti leaves ritual did nothing to stop this process. I remembered Healani’s face of pending doom as she had looked at me.

Work with What Ya got

What I do know about ‘energy’ is that I could not start attacking back, for that might be fatal for either of us. This is the desired reaction of all dark workers, mad magicians, black witches, or warlocks. To get a person in the play so they take on thoughts of a serious nature. Once in play, they start to take over the game. I am not a player, with them or even unseen entities and their games.

I wanted no harm for Roger, the stupid fool, as he had his own path and to be cursed with ancestral deviant behaviors and astral thoughtform garbage was a huge load! Just imaging going through your whole life clueless that you had this nasty astral baggage messing up everyone around you and yourself at any given time! He had also married someone who worked in security and yet he had no security.

I stayed neutral through it all. I did not give weight to it. Yet that did not stop the energy being depleted from me every night. I would work to charge myself up daily and wait for the right answer to this puzzle. Somehow I knew not to fear it and practiced observation through it all.

Time and Place Matters

A few days later, I was on the airplane for Washington state for I had been invited to do my work at a nurse’s association convention. Being away from Kauai helped me to make a better assessment of my energy field.

Sadly almost 80% of it was gone. Realizing that, I suddenly felt that weakness and chose to take the time to restore my energy. I truly felt sad and unsure of my place. I slept a lot and ate as much raw food and drinks as I could. I shortened the work load that I had and stayed away from the crowds.

I spent time in the mossy, green woodlands of Washington and pulled in more energy.

By the time I returned home, I was 100%.

What I knew was that being that far from the Kauai had stopped any further attacks. I was free of that drama. I was not a player nor a target.

Energy Circles Back

Being far enough away would mean that any further attacks would return to Roger immediately. I was not the same person as before.

I was no longer a recognizable target.

I choose to not think about the details of the events that led up to that point, or think about Roger for the drama was not mine. He got mad and that was his. I could care less and felt lucky he walked off of any further discussion of the business. Sometimes doing nothing is the right thing to do!

This strategy worked well for me in many instances. In a word it can be called ignoring. Forgetting. Don’t care. Oh that’s two words!

With no target, energy moves in a circle.

When you do not react, or think about someone’s deeds, then you are not a part of their games. Thoughtforms return to their makers. This is a most useful tool in the line of energy work of any kind, but especially those who play with dark magic. As with Roger, he unconsciously created the action through his focusing on a target while throwing his tantrums. Boom, or I should say Boomerang.

It takes discipline to stay focused elsewhere.

Too many people get pulled into dramas that hurt them in the long run. Its just a choice where you do your battles.

For me, I rarely choose the battle! I walk away to do something I enjoy. I will even make up things to do in order to keep my mind out of a drama.


As Huna puts it …. “energy goes where attention flows”; Roger and I had different paths that we took by where we put our thoughts.

Roger started his own business, gossiped to the locals about me, through which he created his own reality with his choice of thought and use of words. He went bankrupted within the year as he had taken out a huge bank loan to make him comfortable.

When I saw him again, I greeted his with a big smile and kind words. He just looked down. I walked away with good feeling in my heart.

My business grew. I focused on my own work. I forgive and forget detractors. They have no idea how awesome I am!

~ Carolyn Thompson

© 2022 Carolyn Thompson and Enigmatic Proprietary

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