Artwork “Web of Life” by Vijay Sharon Govender

As people emotionally and spiritually evolve, they become increasingly sensitive to the ‘fields of expressions’ around them; even those energy fields on the other side of the world.

Being connected to these various fields at different times are all a part of what is termed the “oneness”, the web of life.

Spiritual evolution allows more access to our complex energy fields and the myriad creations all around us, which means you get to be in touch with an ever-expanding range, instantly. Becoming aware of what you are sensing/knowing is part of the journey. What to do or not do is also part of spiritual growth.

Energy fields can influence us when we are not paying attention or aware of the details of our own being. To know our own thoughts, feelings and the details of who we are and know the difference when something comes along to influence us we can become consciously aware of outside energy fields.

Spiritual maturity and awareness brings to our consciousness a whole new world of unseen energy and activity that we might not have been aware of before.

Casual Awareness

An example of being influenced by unseen energies can be made with the tragic drama that occurred in Orlando Florida with the mass shooting to many people in a night club. (photo from AFP) The energy field created by the masses becomes intense and felt by many all over our world, usually without knowing where that feeling was generated.

The next morning after that night club shooting, I woke up and felt like crying. I felt depressed and in a fog. I had some fun dreams last night so I was curious as to why I felt this way. There was nothing in my life that was the source of any sadness and I tend to be a very zen-like person. Why do I have this feeling?

So I looked outside of myself to see what was creating these feelings within me. As soon as I saw some news photos of the shooting in the club, I knew my feeling-nature had tapped into what had just happened in the field of expression of this drama. It was not “me”, nor my emotions.

Media Arena

When dramas like this are broadcasted through any media to the people of the world, most people tend to register emotions as fear first, and then process it further. Placing thoughts in to the already emotionally filled event creates a larger than life thoughtform. Thoughtforms build as more thought energy goes in to the specific topic.

News travels in a click of a button these days and people are becoming more empathic these days. As people feel the grief of tragic loss of life, each expresses it in their own unique way. They may suffer as though they were there. They may think about the loved ones they know. They may talk about their views and prejudice to whoever is listening and so on. They may think it was a necessary thing as well for the world is a mixed place of ideas. Yet all thoughts for this subject build in to an energy field, a thoughtform.

The Orlando Club shooting was a drama that was dominating the major media. Yet the media rarely provided more details of the event  Instead they played upon peoples emotions to keep the subject in everyone’s face and to keep readers and watchers connected to the subject, waiting for more details, which never came. Media today broadcasts everywhere at once and repeats constantly, so few people can escape its induction in to continuing to build a ‘world thoughtform of fear’.

World wide, people were talking, emoting and arguing the finer points of this mass murder although lacking in any details. This has created a large thoughtform with fear and fear producing thoughts, as well as all other emotions involved. It keeps growing as each person adds their energy to it.

Major media does this not because people want to know, but so that the most people will be afraid. Our media systems are high producers of everything that shows humanity as killers. Daily, a drip feed and few good stories are even told weekly. The owners of these major news outlets are fully aware of the emotional trauma they create to our worlds people.

Just one example of how the world can hardly be free from the feelings of hopelessness, fear and reactionary separatism. Now multiply that like a constant drum beat of ‘shooter’ incidents that are created every few months, just to keep the public in fear. Even those not reading, watching or hearing the news stories, they can sense it consciously or subconsciously and are forever feeling unsafe.

Our Human Feeling Nature

People share in the many unseen fields of energy within the entirety of our world and may never be aware of any of it. It comes through our sensorys and through our etheric fields.

Consider it like this; that for every interest, there are others who love to engage in it. Gardening clubs, sports clubs, and other groups show us that people love to gather and share interests.

Thoughtforms are the unseen energy group formations and they move about in our lives and attach to things that contain the same imprints. They are not like people, but they contain what people think with emotional content. Thoughtforms can get animated when energized enough.

Many old world thoughtforms still haunt humanity today. Thoughtforms are a collection of thoughts and emotions of a certain subject. These thoughtforms float around, and can influence anyone.

If you are sensitive or an empath, these unseen fields can be sensed, felt and identified. Most people cannot identify when some thoughtform has come in to their own energy fields. They tend to think it is all about them.

Mitigating Energy Fields

Once I recognized that I was sensing the Orlando event, knowing that it was making me feel sad, like crying, depressed, oppressed, like I was in a fog, I stopped feeling those emotions. I just stopped all those emotions. I began to pray for all those shot. I prayed for all the responders and all those in the club, club owners, the town and of course, the shooter too. I felt immediately relieved.

By not reading, talking or listening to anything about that event I was able to be neutral on what had occurred. I pulled myself away from the media expressing stories about it and let the energy of that drama pass me by. In essence I did not “feed” this thoughtform energy. Had I been there in person, this would not be easy to do. Had it been my friends or family, it would be very hard to do.

So depending upon your intentions, you do not need to be a part of the world’s dramas and horrors on a moment to moment basis. Once you find a source of emotions, you are sure are not yours, you can detach.

Attracting the Field Again

I went to my car with a list of “to-do’s” only to find I had a flat tire… someone who had stuck a knife into the side of my tire. I knew right away who did it, my next door neighbor who I would not baby sit his infant. He wanted me to sit with his child for three days and without pay. That night drunk/drudged (?), he stuck his knife in to my tire, where it cannot be fixed. I felt angry and was thinking revenge.

As I thought about his deed I felt that I did not like him… which dropped me in to judging him, and guess what, that Orlando thoughform came back to hover over me. Instead of the ‘fear’ as an attractor, now it was ‘anger’. The emotional outcome of the people involved in that Orlando shooting was of fear and anger. How could someone be so hateful? They also were thinking revenge. These like kind emotions brought back that huge Orlando thoughtform right to me. This huge world thoughtform holds many emotionally charged thoughts, revenge is part of it.

When I realized I wanted ‘revenge’, I stopped my thinking. Who am I to want revenge? I do not act like that. Why was I thinking this?  I never want revenge. That is never me!!! Revenge is nasty business and opposite of love! Revenge is a nasty entanglement that just takes everyone deeper in to hate.

This alerted me that this humongous thoughtform was back. Not my real thoughts. Even though I had cause, my tire got knifed, I know the man will get what is coming for his deed without me. He sets his own ‘karma’ in to action and I learned long ago to let that be, and not be a part of some sticky dance. I have seen many people fall by their own deeds, so I do not need to play with them. I just got a new tire and told him to his face I knew he did it. End of drama for me. He, though, could not look me in the face again and went through his own self inflicted torture. We moved soon after.

Perpetuating Fear, Malice and Revenge

The Orlando thoughtform holds malice from all the people feeding that field with their thoughts, and emotions and moving around and descending upon people. It is like a muddy rain, that covers people in its path. It colors people moods, behavior and even creates erratic and unusual behaviors.

Now add to that thoughtform which now is probably merging with so many mass shooting thoughtforms and we have reason for wars. Bloody battles over stupid stuff for it is just emotions on hyper-speed. They are not realistic.

Yet for certain people wanting to control the masses, these are tools for keeping people feeling the need to have some kind of father figure to save them.

“If someone is living in fear–whether it’s fear of the burglar on your block or the fanatical dictator half a planet away–it’s because she doesn’t understand how the game of security is played. She longs for a fortress, for a fairy-tale solution that will work forever after. It’s a perfectly reasonable longing, and its because she thinks about security in terms of absolutes or magnifies her level of risk based on her experiences with the media, both news and fiction. There’s a smart way to be scared. It involves moving beyond fear and thinking sensibly about trade-offs. It involves looking beyond the newspaper headlines and getting a feel for the numbers: a feel for the threats and risks, and the efficacy of the countermeasures. It involves making sensible security trade-offs. The smart way to be scared is to be streetwise.”  ~ Bruce Schneier


Developing a Healthy Perspective in a Wild World

I was sewing at the time when I caught my mind moving in to a fear thoughtform. I stopped to laugh at myself. No hard self-judgment that I was bad thinking those thoughts (for that is counter productive). I just laughed, Oh silly me!

Then I worked right away and removed any negative thoughts of my own creation that was less than love. I created loving thoughts instead. I prayed and blessed everyone again, even that poor man who I forgave for stabbing my tire. I was happy to see him playing with his children, he is a good father, I thought. This is a thoughtform creation as well, but one I like! I choose not to feed the low thoughts/emotions thoughtforms.

This is how you work the unseen energies and thoughtforms that dominate our world with terror and wrong-doing. Do not fall for the ‘program of fear and hate’ that gets pulsed to us from every angle.

How many times do you go in to some eatery and see a large TV hanging on the wall playing CNN, the Constant Nagging Negativity channel? Believe THIS, believe THAT, hate people, be afraid, be very afraid!!!! Most of it is shallow hate talk about another person… slander really. Spin is too soft of a word for it… it is propaganda. It is being rude. It is non-compassionate.

It is so easy to get caught up in any ‘thoughtform’ and think that it has something to do with you. It does not have to be, unless you wish it or unconsciously engage in like-kind thoughts.

Become in charge of what you energize by focusing on what you wish to have, see and be in your life. Leave the rest.

We have enough in life to produce ‘bad’ in our own lives, so we do not need to entertain so strongly the suffering of others.

Use your spiritual discernment, pray, send energy as you wish, talk positively about the other aspects of the drama so as to give comfort to those who cannot help the way they feel. Listen to people and move that energy off and away so people can heal.

There are many ways to work with events like this using spiritual maturity! That is what we are here for.

~ Carolyn Thompson