The term “Earth changes” became popular in the 80’s, in certain circles who studied esoteric teachings, past to present. It is a term which implied many intense weather, land movements, earthquakes and volcanism.

The study was assisting those to understand what is going on with our planet and how to stay alive through out the unpredictable changes.

Climate change is a visible outcome but only a very small part of Earth Changes.

If you have been studying the weather patterns since the 1990’s, you can see that many patterns have shifted hundreds of miles from where they used to act upon.

Our magnetic north pole has moved towards Siberia at a fast pace.

Those so-called scientists that see only climate change will become very shocked when they start to experience the larger picture for the forces of nature are not proceeding as they predicted.

While other scientists are tracking the changes with great interest like those recorded in 2018. 

Earth as the Laboratory

Many people in the spiritual movements say this is a time of ‘ascension’ for people which many interpret according to old religious texts. They emphasize that we are to better ourselves in order to move to higher ways of life here on Earth and then ascend to somewhere. Their focus is people first and yet that is backwards.

EARTH is moving into new patterns and through a manner of physics that science may never have seen before. And as we ride this rock speeding through space, like a flea in a dog, we are here to use those natural forces to change ourselves. These Earth Changes affect all life on earth.

Earth is first, people are second. That is the truth.

Most people who are aware of this are the ones that came in as God’s army, who have been throughout time and space building templates for Earth so that the progress is slow and moving in a healthy direction.

Earth changes will become violent soon. This year perhaps. And people will need to move away from areas of danger. The wild fires so rampant are a part of the changes. Our air, water, land and biology are all changing. This is the root of matter.

No one, no corporation can change the way the Earth is evolving. It is beyond their study. They can try but will mess up what is naturally occurring.

How many times has humanity tried to stop the rain, or to make it rain? Has it worked?

Humans are adaptable yet stubborn and many will die when they could have just moved away to safer areas. Where are those safer areas? Anywhere there is no present danger and there is no predictable safe place to escape all of it.

This is why so many teachings have said to us all, to learn to listen to our intuition, to our still small voice within.

That is where you will get the first messages to go visit your aunt in Florida, and later find out your home town sunk in to a sink hole while you were gone.

You do not need to be spiritual astute, or awake, or special,…. something other than who you are right now. These inner whisperings are innate to all humanity. Mothers tend to be the ones who pay close attention to that instinct. It helps them keep their whole family safe. It is that. It is simple.

Core Level Changes

Earth Changes are about motion and energy; this same movement and energy is deep within all of us, at our atomic levels, in our etheric substance. Each according to their unique path, everyone has a role to play in these coming years. This is why all of us are here this time on Earth. It is a life ride that accelerates our biology as well as our souls; the potentials are vivid.

Help one another when your area gets tough. Kindness is the fabric of our changed world and those who yield it have been preparing for a very long time to assist others.

These changing times are not to be feared, and there are many people monitoring, writing and working to shift outcomes to benevolence, working to make these shift easier for all. Lots to read about it, yet take it all with a grain of salt. Know that each contributor views things in their own ways and may predict what they think will happen. Be open to taking it all lightly.

Stay in your heart during the coming years. Find forgiveness for anger is too heavy to bear. Find friendship for they are the ones who are there for you when times are tough. Help strangers, feed others, clothe and house those in need.

Nature has an exquisite way of working with kind and loving people. For we are in one field of energy and nature knows it all.

~ Carolyn Thompson