There will be a time when Reiki will not work. Reiki is a hands-on-healing system based upon the use of symbols. These symbols will be the reason why Reiki will stop working work. Of course this is not a complete description of Reiki, nor is it meant to be. It is just the focus of this message to the healers.

All Reiki symbols were created by humans who manufactured the symbols for many reasons. The philosophy has been passed down through oral traditions and so there is always that element of human craft within it. These symbols are to utilize “universal” energy and also to provide protection for the healer role and other reason..  It is akin to the analogy of using two settings on the dial of an older radio, and advoiding all other channels. The universal energy is from two particular sources and neither of them are of a frequency that will be able to survive the constant shifting 2018 holds.

For years this has helped many practitioners feel comfortable in doing laying on of hands healing work. Yet due to the frequency of the main symbols in the Reiki practice, they fall well below the threshold of what this year holds in frequencies.

In plain language, all Reiki symbols will cease to work. By summer, they will not produce any results.

So what can be done? If you are one who practices Reiki, then just tune within and find the answer. You already do healing work, now you are required to go beyond the symbols and move in to new pathways for your work.

My Own Reaction

Personally, when I found this out, my heart sank as many of my friends practice Reiki. Yet this can be viewed as bad or good or something in between. It is up to each person in their Divinity to access their own inner Source and bring forward their path.

My own healers path always prevented me from taking any Reiki classes, even though in my eagerness I wanted to know a lot more. Once I was going to go to a class a friend was giving and my guides literally turned my body around and told me it would be best not to learn Reiki… and with no further explanation. I respected that and yet wondered why.

I have had two Reiki treatments and felt little within, yet I blamed my own self for not being good enough to sense it. Now I see why a bit more clearly. Limitations. These limitations are due to the symbols, which tune in to just two areas, much like tuning to only two radio stations on a band of many stations. These restrictions made it ‘safe’ for those who practice it, but it is not necessary to have that kind of limitation anymore.

The days ahead will be tricky and confusing as most all we know gets challenged. The challenges are due to us, humans wanting everything to stay the same, even in light of all the suffering. Yet change is occurring so we can manifest a kinder world and that lives within the heart of the majority of people on this planet. So in order to achieve this we must give up old ways when they no longer hold any energy for it. .

So just pay attention and see what there is for you in this revelation. Then if you need to continue to learn new things and move forward. The world’s people will need all the energy healers we have and more!

~ Carolyn Thompson