Years ago when I became earnest in meditation, I kept pushing my ideas through experimentation. I mostly practice the quiet of mind meditation. Then there is a time when I was working on my chakras and energy fields.

Realizing that the chakras are a great measure of health on all levels, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, I worked up from the root chakra, energy center and began working through stuck energy in each.

I tried to work like a stepping up a ladder, going up from one the the next, and yet, there were many times I had to go back to the lower chakras and work a bit more. I worked intuitively and allowed the energy to feed me information so that I knew what was going on.

Chakras work with each other and their dynamics are too complex to make a chart or explain how, why or when, for it just is.

People are complex and unqiue in all their glory and thus the chakras work in concert with each individual in ways that work right for that individual.

So what I am writing is about my own experience. One can learn what energy chakras work with and how they affect our physical body. There are so many great books and teachers out there that can help anyone to understand and begin to work with their energy centers.


Through my own seeking and curiosity, I worked up each chakra and cleared so much stuck energy. When I got to the sixth, the spiritual eye, I found this to be the most difficult, for it is not only working energy through the physical but also the many dimensions and layers that humans do not understand. So it was a slow process for me, and difficult.

I had no one teacher at this period of my life and was scribing what my guides were telling me about all kinds of subjects. Before this time I had read so many books and went to workshops on many metaphysical subjects and felt ‘full’. It was time to digest all this.

There were some things that did not fit, as each teacher had their own interpretation….. which, do not get me wrong… that is the way it is suppose to be. There are no solid answers.

There are guidelines and experiences of others that may help us move forward. The role we play is one to help and work with our own authentic self through it all.

There were some teachers I thought to be so off-center, and yet they just had a different spoke in the wheel of life. I always received value from all my teachers, books and experiences. Yet there is a time when a seeker must go within and work there, solely and without others interpreting your path.

Discovering the Higher Chakras

One guided meditation included moving your focus to the 8th and 9th chakras. I could sense that they were like discs that laid horizontal at distances from my head.

Was there more? Yes, I kept moving up to another point, another disc.

Each new meditation I added more, going to 30 or 40 points… and yet it still when higher. Each point presented itself like a disc, slightly cone shaped spinning like a vortex.

Years later I found this illustration. WOW, I was excited as someone else had also experienced these points above our physical head.

Most teachers work through to the 12th or 13th chakra above our heads. For that is what appears to be relevant to our incarnation.

Not knowing where this artwork to the left came from, I understand little of this presentation as the author intended. (if you know who’s artwork this is, please email me!)

My own experience revealed similar identities for these points, but not exact.

In my own journey I was guided to master up to the 9th chakra level, that is working for that divine consciousness as part of my soul plan.

Today I can say I have mastered all of the first 13 levels, through just intending to go there and visit the energy and energy information. Repeatedly. It takes much more than one time, it takes as many as it is needed to set in to place.

Each level is very unique and is potent with information through which you might enhance your incarnated journey.

As you go up, you encounter more entities in which you share your being with. You will know you are with your spiritual groups, spiritual families! You become conscious of the parts you play in various consciousnesses and plans.

So I share this with you today as it is something to ponder and work with. Or if you have also discovered these, then congratulations! Enjoy the path of discovering your own higher chakras! (and there is always more!!)

Universal Energy Flow

Look to nature at how many times you can see spiraling energy!!

Every hurricane, tornado, exiting water, galaxies, chakras show forms of vortex motion.

I have seen the heart chakra and it is very similar to this water vortex to the right, except it was subtle energy.

Study what these energy flows do in nature and it will help you to understand the very subtle energy flows that create you and flow through you.

Refined energy. Spiritual energy. So many names for such a process of flow.

We are so unqiue, beyond our very comprehension.

Why does our allopathic medical world get so much wrong? They are not connecting to these energies that create us, that we are, that is our flow. They just can patch us up as best to their knowledge at present. One day we will find ways to heal that are not just cut and medicate.

Yet, for now, it is up to you as an individual to look within and find the truth of what and who you are. To go beyond the teachings, the books and gurus and ask within those questions you want to know. We are so fully supported through the wisdom above our heads, through the connections of who we are at higher levels that the answers are there, waiting for you.

Thank you!

~ Carolyn Thompson

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