Personal Experiences

…… stories about the personal experiences of Carolyn Thompson in the voice of the understanding at the time it happened. As knowledge expands, many of these stories may show a different understanding long after they happened.

Born Psychic

Its not easy growing up psychic, when parents are not. Yet that was my challenge as I was born nearly awake, seeing and understanding things from beyond the veil.

My parents were never supportive of my abilities and this created traumatic childhood experiences. In the years that followed, I learned how to manage my abilities without drawing attention to myself, avoiding abuse & misunderstandings, and also parasitic relationships.

My family moved every two or three years, as my father was a Naval Hospital Administrator. My mother, also a college graduate, was raised as Catholic and took us to church to follow her faith.

At first it felt right as children strive to accept parents choices. In my deep connection to Creator, I used this religion as a conduit and I dedicated my service to Jesus to be his street disciple at age five during a church service I attended alone in the church at the end of our street in Rhode Island.

In time, I quit the Catholic faith as I saw and sensed astral anomalies that occurred during and because of the dogma and rituals. All kinds of churches had many dark anomalies going on inside their walls. It was not that I was afraid of what I saw, just I wondered why I was seeing it, if all was suppose to be holy and right.

I was an outside child, one who wondered through nature because my mother tossed us all out of the house to decrease the inside mess we made as children. If she knew how many miles I could walk in a day, she might have put limits on me.

Through their parenting styles, I had learned not to trust my parents and turned within to my own connection to Creator. This connection always kept me safe, and I knew when to move or hide before something wrong might occur.

Going to college was freeing and I found myself learning to expand. I majored in Art Education. From this point on I knew I would have to re-parent myself in a way that I could return to my authentic self. Over time this took me through many experiences, as life does for all people.

Point of Views

My personal experiences are told from my viewpoint of that time and place, and what beliefs I held at the time. Beliefs change as one evolves, as new information presents itself. It was through many experiences in my private and public life that developed a foundation for deep metaphysical information, understandings and dynamics.

So enjoy these stories as you wish and please respect of your own belief and mine. These are not to be construed as anything more than just my experiences. If they help you, fine… or if they do not, fine. Diversity is life itself!

Honor your own path and fill your own heart and soul with what you sense is right for you.

~ Carolyn Thompson

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“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn.” ~ John Muir



“In nature I feel alive, respected and nurtured. The trees wave and smile at me, some invite me to sit at their feet and be. The green fuzzy moss, the wild orchids, the babbling streams feed my soul like nothing else on earth.

It is not that I am fear-less, it is more that I have nothing to fear, even while standing close to a roaming herd of feral pigs in the forests of Kauai; we know each other already. We have things to do. No reason to fight.

The many nature spirits talk to me and show me things, as I pay attention. There are many mysteries in nature, and yet if you listen, much of it can be explained.

Seeds have shown me how they vibrate the earth so their new shoots can breach the dirt. The joy of life springs up from within as an everyday experience of nature. If you touch in to their consciousness, you can feel it to.

Nature is undoubtedly the outpouring of the Love of our Creator in all ways.” ~ Carolyn Thompson

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Angering the Shapeshifter ~ one day, when a dram was unfolding, anger brings out the true form of a lady

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Mind Blowing Experience about Blood Ritual ~ Two experiences in clearing the energy around very ancient churches in Ireland with the guidance of Archagel Gabriel

How I Met my Twin Flame and What Happened ~ My experience of merging with my etheric twin flame and how I changed. It is not always about learning from great teachers, too… it is about what you come away with.

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Transition Team Training ~ The beginnings of consciously learning about how dynamic humans can be and what bi-locatiing is really about.