Human Biofields

….. our biofields are also called auras, which are the energy fields that are in and around our bodies and hold the physical body in its form.

Study of human biofields is key to Energy Medicine.

Present Day Views

Our Biofield, Our Container of Life through the Research of Dr. Burr ~ Life long study of Dr. Burr on L-fields, our biofields in which he describe their functions are to contain our material body

Soul Evolution with Spiritual Growth ~ When one is on a spiritual path, it is about becoming calm in the storms around you, to think clearly and act responsibly. It is about doing what one thinks is right, even in the face of diversity.

Exploring the Human Energy Field with Dr. Barbara Brennan~ Barbara had a unique observation and understanding of what she calls the Human Energy Consciousness System (HECS), which is also referred to as the Auric Field. Barbara believes that her scientific background confirmed for her what she was experiencing with her other senses. Image above from her Hands of Light book of what clarivoyant see while a healer is working with a client.




Basic Study

Energy Medicine’s Popular Modalities ~ Listing of many Energy Medicine disciplines and their educational sources


Biofield Evolution

The Dissipation of Energy Centers as People Evolve ~ As a person advances in frequencies, those on a spiritual path, a conscious path of the soul, an ascension path, the body changes naturally. The body changes due to the changes in their etheric bodies.

The Dissipation of Energy Centers and Energy Fields at 6th Dimensional Consciousness ~ Those that make it to 6th dimensional consciousness will find many more changes to their physical body and that more of their energy centers (chakras) have dissipated.

Time Shift Blog: Dissolving Chakra Membrane ~ As we move into that relative balance of a higher expression of frequency, of light and plasma, we have the meeting point of the polarities within that field of energy. When that plasma light meets in that dimension of time, there is the clearing of the obsolete energies, patterns and structures that have existed there.

Present Day Biofield Evolution. No Chakras and No Kundalini ~ Originally the Charkas and Kundalini were put into us as we were being created to help us with our connection to the spiritual realms. We can’t blame them for hooking us up to the dark matrix, as they help us to clear certain issues in our self that of course is the cause of us being hooked up.