Suddenly there was a loud crash of glass breaking, as we all sat in a restaurant eating lunch. Looking up, I saw that the front glass door on a refrigerator holding drinks had shattered in to a thousand pieces. It was unnatural.

There was no one there to have collided with it. No one was even close to it as the servers were in the back getting food.

Well, no one ‘in a body’.

There were three entities that had flown into it; its intended impact created the shattered glass. You could not see a specific point of contact, as if a rock had hit it,  just a whole glass door shattered and hanging in place. Open that door and glass shards would rain down.

These entities were angry and trying to make a point of something.

As I looked more, I realized these entities came from one of the people eating lunch at my table, and these entities were their regular companions. This person was never saying what they truly felt, especially anger, and was also proud to point out to be a practicing witch. They showed a poker-face at all times while underneath was a caldron of emotions.

Over years this person had collected a group of nasty entities to fit and fulfill the instructions in spells cast. For the most part this person had no idea of the group of entities being attached to them, nor that these entities were constantly giving many mental suggestions that exaggerated hate, anger, envy and greed.

Playing with so called magic, this person had hardly any idea of what/who was hovering around to do their bidding of the intentions of both greed and power over.  Even today this person was unaware that this door was destroyed because of their own thoughts through the actions of three entities.

People play with things they have no idea what they are doing.

Just an experience I had a few years back.

~ Carolyn Thompson


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