Two years ago, as I stepped up to my front door to go in, something gray moved left to right in front of me; seeing it in my peripheral vision and I jumped. I thought it was a moth moving in the night under my porch light. I did not wish to step on it. Yet as I looked I saw nothing.

I went inside, scrolled the internet a bit then took a bathroom break. When I came out of the bathroom, I noticed something on my floor right where I was going to put my foot. Stepping back, leaning over to take a closer look, there was a tiny gray frog. He was facing me. He hopped away from me as I reached for him and after a few hops, I had him gently in my hand.


I looked in to his eyes and sent him my love from my heart. I told him telepathically, that inside this house was not a good place for him.

I cupped my hand over him while I took him outside and placed him gently on my comfrey plant.

I do see significance in this.

I know many messages are given to us through symbols, synchronicity, books, songs, repeating themes, numbers, telepathy, plants, animals, people, and the list is as long as you are aware. I have always understood communication from many sources even as a tiny child.

As I sat reviewing what happened; I wondered if he was giving me a message. To me it was apparent he was for he was at my bathroom door, seemingly waiting for me to come out! At first glance I thought he was a piece of wood mulch!

Yet over my lifetime, I know very well that this is something more than just a frog in my house. For he had twice presented hisself to me, and I have never seen that kind of frog around my apartment ever before. My bathroom was at the back of the apartment, and he had to hop alot to get there. He could have been anywhere else, but here he was at my door so I could see him.

Frog Symbology

Frog has many meanings through symbology. To determine what that is, just look closely at what a frog is, does and many parts of the frog life. Nothing hidden, yet you do need to know about frogs and learn about their nature, more than simple book knowledge too. Observing nature is a great teacher.

Also that culturally, frog symbology may have other meanings, so use what is close to you.

As Elena Harris writes “The frog as animal spirit or totem reminds us of the transient nature of our lives. As symbol of transition and transformation, this spirit animal supports us in times of change. Strongly associated with the water element, it connects us with the world of emotions and feminine energies, as well as the process of cleansing, whether it’s physical, emotional, or more spiritual or energetic.” (Her wonderful web site)

She also writes that Frog Symbolism appears in many traditions around the globe. This animal is generally associated with the water element and its cleansing attributes. The frog is symbolic of, Cleansing, Renewal/rebirth, Fertility/abundance, Transformation/ metamorphosis, and Life mysteries and ancient wisdom.

Tiny Frog’s Message to Me

When you see the world through the eyes of an adventurer, you can see the many messages given to lead you forward. I am such an adventurer.

As I looked in the face of this tiny frog who came in to my house and was waiting for me outside my bathroom door; I knew he might have a message for me. He was facing the door like he was going to talk to me or something! Wild imagination?

Maybe at the start, and yet when I tap in to that inner sanctum within myself, that place in which I can communicate with all, I asked for his message. This creates a very thin thread of etheric energy from my heart to his inner sanctum.

Frog telepathically told me “You have completed this life and it is time to change to a new way of living. Your journey has ended. Embrace your new life.” He is a symbol of my transformation state. Yet he was also a very large real material manifestation delivering this message, if you think about it.

Such a big message for me to take in from such a sweet tiny hopper.

I almost stepped on him had I not been so alert. I could have ignored that chip of wood or so I had thought, and never received this message. I could have freaked out and tossed him out on his head. No! Kindness is the way.

This message was similar from the one I got last night; that I am leaving my ‘old life’ behind.That message had no delivery service, per say, just my Higher Self communicating to me. I know this new life will be even more of an adventure than the ones I gladly leave behind.

This is not about dieing physically, just the death of the old way I used to be, should I have a funeral? Could be funny! Yes, like most of us, my former life was filled with abuses, challenges and hard times. But through forgiveness and understanding, I came to a place where I neutralized the ‘charges’ that recreate those experiences, to free myself form that metaphorical wheel.

Awakening to Life

Becoming awake and conscious means “attention to details”.  Attention to many more details, in fact when you do become more conscious, you cannot escape the magic of all the details around you. Even the slightest of observations, sensations, tones, details of all kinds are energy information.

It is not so much about worshiping deities or doing something labeled ‘spiritual’ for that can actually be numbing or rote. That could be considered “commercialization” of what is connected to spirituality. Spirituality is a vital part of who we are in every moment. Maintaining connections to masters and deities  outside of ourselves without nurturing our inner master takes us through hell. It is that Divine Essence we are, before and during our lifetime that needs the nurturing, honoring, listening and belief to truly wake up in this magical world.

It is about really seeing more within the scope of your day. Did you see that tear in the eye of your co-worker, or that someone had a flower on their desk for the first time? Are you aware of what goes on 360 degrees of your own presence?  Can you feel and sense your surroundings, energies, people moods? These are steps towards being more awake.

The more you notice details the more intuition also plays a larger role, helping you to cross the street safety and other ordinary tasks. The more you notice and observe, the more is revealed to you. Depth of detail perception comes through a greater consciousness which expands your playground. Being ‘aware” of life.

The more awake you become the view becomes richer in colors, sensations, tastes, smells, sounds, and you will notice things that may have been there all along and yet never saw them. It is like having more of your natural innate abilities turned on and in working order.

This is how the universe answers are prayers. I have never seen a handwritten note from God to anyone, nor God’s text message telling you the answer to your prayer. Yet the answers are there, mostly right in front of you.

A tiny tree frog was my messenger at 5 am this morning, and I passed him up for a moth, yet he came in to my home and told me anyway.

I am grateful.

~ Carolyn Thompson

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