As we head through holidays representing many religions and cultures in December, we may find we are feeling things, feelings about others, feelings about situations and feelings that create deep emotions.

Nurture your feelings. Follow where they lead you. Feelings are a very important aspect of being human. Feelings let us know things. Feeling leads to energy information. Feelings lead us in to our greater consciousness.

Feelings are those sensations we register right away that can turn in to emotions of all kinds within a minute or so.

When we hear music, it stirs feelings, and can recreate the emotions we had when we were younger. When we hear new music it stirs feelings, perhaps connecting us to our emotions about the sounds and words.

Situations can stir a sense of humanity within us through our feeling nature that creates emotions on the spot.

Seeing the love a family shares in a public space first puts us in the feeling nature, empathy, and then as it spreads within, we will feel the love that we are observing within our own being.

Artwork of Norman Rockwell in his Christmas Homecoming shows how catching a feeling works.

It is our feeling nature that brings levels of consciousness to our attention.

Holiday Celebrations

For the northern hemisphere, people are now moving through the harvest and winter times. Time to slow down and rest from a hard year of work. The many celebrations people are involved in are for the good harvests of the year and to ensure good harvests for the coming year. Harvest used to only mean crops, food, and such, but now it is our accomplishments, our milestones, and the outcomes of life.

We praise our God, our Creator, or perhaps nature, or an inner sense of connectivity, during this time and we enjoy all the sweet stories about the reasons for certain rituals, celebrations, and observances of this time of year. Practices are no longer owned, but joyfully shared.

If you look around in the USA, you may see that we are indeed a melting pot of ideals and observances. Many citizens embrace part of another cultural expressions as it fits in to their life as something that has meaning, something to be expressed and explored. Use of candles, of decorated trees and festive foods all blend within the homes and hearts of people.

It is the conscious choice of gathering more of what our many cultured world has to offer that mix and blend during the season that is proving to create a new kind of harmony. While faithful to our core ideals, we feel safer to embrace more.

Embrace your feeling nature and find deeper meanings in your daily life through the wonders of this season of holidays and religious observances.
Feel that deeper love you have for people in your life and let them know they matter. Feel the sweetness that is the foundation of humanity as we uniquely express and share our beliefs while respecting the differences of a world that is truly ours to enjoy.


Personally, I wish to thank all the people I have met throughout my life for all reasons and seasons. I thank you for your sharing, your stories, your trust and love, for you being there for me at times and for my being there for you. I am filled with deep emotions of love and joy by having met you! Thank you! Be the Love that you are!

~ Carolyn Thompson