As we continually move forward in our quest for spiritual awakening and positive growth, most people are experiencing what can be called Ascension symptoms. Click link to read a very good listing of what people may be feeling and experiencing.

Most are petty annoyances and other symptoms might land you in bed for rest. Yet do not just believe that the symptoms only mean that you are in the grove for ascension. For ‘just believing’ has landed too many of my friends in the hospital and some have died. Truth.

The danger of “just believing” that your ill- ease may only be ascension symptoms and only day dream of your higher evolution without taking care of your health as it presents itself may compound disease possibilities. Symptoms felt in the body are real and IN THE BODY. Lasting symptoms are a red flag to pay attention to.

Too many new-agey web sites might make it sound like it is just something the body will pass through, like walking through a tunnel to the beach. So many writers give their experiences of pains that come and go, and might give the impression that there is no need to really check what is going on with the body.

It is easy for people to also assume that there is nothing physically wrong as it is in a list for ascension symptoms. Oh, it was just solar flares, a cosmic wave or some other energy coming through to make us better.

Over the years as the cosmic, electrical, and universal impulses grow, I have been seeing too many people who are neglecting their health due to “just believing” they are only a spiritual being in evolution and are not taking care of their body.

One lady was having heart palpitations regularly and she told me it was all part of her ascension as she was “this” high in the ascension ladder and that 3D was leaving her body.. thus the heart was pulsing them out.  She died last week of a heart attack. She never went tot he doctor to have her body checked out, Her body was giving her so many signals to go seek help before it just gave out. I remember her words of how ‘ascended” she thought she was. She forgot we must have a body to be here and be anything. She forgot she had a mission with people. She sugar coated it all with false spirituality that is way too popular on the internet..

The body is the Temple for the Soul and without it we cannot be here. People say it is all illusion or a hologram, tell that to my friend who died of a real heart attack. She will never finish her book, see her children grow or see how the changes come about in our world right now. The body is real enough. Let go of any idea that our body is not important.

The body is very important and why many of us incarnated as without a body we would not be able to help the Earth ascend and do all the marvelous ‘works” that we do. In fact the masters and angels need us with a body in order to bring forward the help and messages that guide us all to our collective constructions.

Body Divine

We have what I love to call a “Body Divine”, that is, a body so complex and intelligent that it can heal and regulate itself without out thought. It is above our total understanding and may always be so.

Our body regulates our complete functionality like clockwork. Our core star, our soul holds us in to form.

When we open our mouth to eat, our body is already receiving the energy fields of the food. When food, drugs, or anything enters our mouth, there is an instant chemical reaction. We do not even think about it, although when we feel the discomfort of food, we just blame the food and not the reaction within the body.

So stop believing you are turning in to some angel which needs not body, and focus on keeping your health in all measures.

When any symptoms occur, take note. Act upon it if it needs something to balance it out. The reason you FEEL it is that something is not in balance. It has nothing to do with your spiritual ladder, and is something the body is needing to address in some way.

When symptoms are apparent, your body is asking for your to put your awareness in those areas and to assist in bringing back balance.

Get energy healing, massage & chiropractic, acupuncture, and other more holistic and natural assistance and when you find it out there is more to what is going on perhaps you need some chemical assistance as well. Body.mind therapies may help. Many of the symptoms are a function of the body in which the body is working to shift or change something.

Your physical body is your only REAL investment in life. When you maintain health, most other activities and dreams can be manifested. It is very hard to do anything when your body cannot function as it should.

There are many imbalances that slow or derail this body intelligence so we have created doctors, nurses and health practitioners of all kinds of specialties to assist in bringing harmony back to our closed system, our body. There is always help.

Core Activity through our Endocrine System

During these times, our nervous system gets overstimulated and can throw us out of balance, along with many other of our highly integrated systems and energy fields. As pulsations and different rays move through earth and through us, some will affect us more than others. If we are already experiencing imbalances, these energies may push us towards disease and it is for us to focus on and correct in some way.

The endocrine system is a chemical messenger system consisting of hormones, the group of glands of an organism that carry those hormones directly into the circulatory system to be carried towards distant target organs, and the feedback loops of homeostasis that the hormones drive.

In humans, the major endocrine glands are the thyroid gland and the adrenal glands. In vertebrates, the hypothalamus is the neural control center for all endocrine systems.

What I have been seeing in too many people is that they are so far out of balance they are developing many dis-eases, like Diabetes (there are now four categories of diabetes and they are adding Alzheimer’s to “Diabetes”  which some say is due to the overproduction of cortisol). Hormone balancing needs expert advice and care.

Almost 50% of North Americans are under high adrenal fatigue and do not know they have it or do anything about it.

Although many doctors claim there is no such thing as adrenal fatigue as a medical condition; that is due to their slow meticulous scientific method of research. How many years did it take for them to recognize other emerging medical conditions? Decades and centuries. Yet the study is already on-going and many people are already treating adrenal fatigue in different ways.

Maybe one hundred years ago there was no evidence of adrenal stress, but then they had a very different life style and lacking in our over production of goods in which chemical stresses reside. There are also spiritual stressors, like not being in your soul work that can be the major tilting point for the body’s normal balanced production of hormones.

There are many doctors and health practitioners who are treating adrenal fatigue with great outcomes. What should be stated is that it is never just the adrenals that are involved.

A number of endocrine diseases involve dysfunctions of the adrenal gland. Overproduction of cortisol is a major factor in obesity.

In our body cortisol acts like a balancer and helps to create proper homeostasis in the body. Yet when we are very stressed for long periods of time and/or eat too much sugar, we can over produce cortisol within the body.

What is being observed is that due to adrenal stress and unhealthy intake of sugars, our body may have a disharmony in the production of cortisol thus producing those foggy brains, sleepy bodies, yet not being able to sleep solid through the night.

Waking up at 2 or 3 am is a sign of adrenal stress. This is the solid truth and although it is in the list of ascension symptoms, know that it is your adrenals, and they are alive and functioning within your own body to produce that outcome. It is NOT some angel blessing or holy sanction, just an imbalance within our body, and if it goes on too long, you are heading towards real diseases.

There are also many other outside factors which we may not take in to consideration that affect our body health; environmental and man-made atrocities.

Go Beyond ‘Belief’

ALL OF THE ASCENSION SYMPTOMS that can be listed, are also symptoms of how the body is struggling with the hormonal systems.

DO take time to truly research your symptoms if any of them last over a week.

Seek a health practitioner who works more with the endocrine system to find if you might need some supplement to help balance your hormones.

Next time you read someones update of ascension symptoms, know this means that your real physical body  is actually going to hurt, stress or behave certain ways, and none of it is to be ignored. It is an enlighted call to assist your body. It means your body is working hard to adjust to all of the internal changes, physical changes.

It means it is time to Love Your Body even more.

~ Carolyn Thompson

(A possible herbal tonic for the nerves is Ashwagandha.I am trying this out myself with satisfactory results. Consult your health practitioner first.)

For more research:

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