This is the second part in a series of interviews with Dr. Barbara Brennan, founder and president of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing®. Barbara is a leading pioneer in the Human Energy Field. As a former NASA scientist who held a Masters in Physics, Barbara had a unique observation and understanding of what she calls the Human Energy Consciousness System (HECS), which is also referred to as the Auric Field. Barbara believes that her scientific background confirmed for her what she was experiencing with her other senses.

Barbara, although currently retired from public life, was a teacher, healer, therapist, author and scientist who has devoted more than 40 years to research and exploration of the Human Energy Field (HEF). Barbara holds a Master’s degree in Atmospheric Physics from the University of Wisconsin and worked as a research scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. She has also conducted research on the Human Energy Field at the Institute for the New Age and Drexel University. Skilled in Bioenergetic and Core Energetic therapy, she is a graduate of the Institute of Core Energetics in New York City. Barbara is also a Senior Pathwork Helper.

Barbara’s first book, Hands of Light®: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field, has received widespread acclaim, has been published in 15 languages and is a foundational book used in many other energy healing methods. Her highly praised second book, Light Emerging®: The Journey of Personal Healing, also in several languages, explains how to find a healer, how to utilize a healer, what healers do that physicians don’t do, what a healer can and can not do for you and what your personal journey is through the healing process. It talks about meeting personal needs as part of the healing process. Her third and final book, Core Light Healing®: My Personal Journey and Advanced Healing Concepts for Creating the Life You Long to Live, completes her comprehensive trilogy. (Amazon link)

In this interview, Barbara and her guide Heyoan take us beyond our third-dimensional understanding into realms of experience only our Higher Selves can truly comprehend.

Tell us your philosophy on ascension.

Barbara: Ascension is the third step in the process of enlightenment or awakening. There are actually three phases: transformation, transcendence and transfiguration.

Ascension is the process of transfiguration looked at from the dualistic paradigm. In terms of theology, the basic underlying metaphysical assumptions are that in the beginning there was God and all was at one with God. So, there was no individuated

consciousness or conscious awareness of an individuated self because God was one and everything. The process then of awakening is the process of creating the multiplicity of the divine in an aware state. It is being aware of divinity. It is being aware that you are an individual that is divine. The first step in the process of transformation is becoming individuated — of becoming incarnated and experiencing separation.

What do you mean by multiplicity?

Barbara: Instead of a divinity that is undifferentiated, divinity or God is without differentiation. All is one. There is no individuation. So, multiplicity can be experienced in terms of the variety of form, of life, of consciousness, of individuation. This is all theology.

Obviously, it can’t be proven. The key point is that the incarnation process — that is, going into duality — creates the experience of separation. And this process, of course, from the perspective of the space-time continuum began millions of years ago at the time of the “Big Bang.” In the state of humanity now, we begin exploring our inner territory, our inner landscape.

Some of us associate our lives with physical bodies. These people believe that after the physical body doesn’t exist then life doesn’t exist. So, the first step in transformation is exploring our inner landscape, reidentifying ourselves more with the psychological process and inner experience of life than the physical world itself. So that’s transformation — the process of exploring our inner landscape and psychology and its relationship to life.

What do you mean by duality?

Barbara: Duality is the experience of opposites, that everything has its opposite — yin/yang, white/black, male/female, up/down, east/west, right/left, good/bad, light/heavy. Our whole world is like that. That’s the beginning of the discernment of an individuated self but it’s experienced as separation and duality. It causes a lot of pain.

The process of moving through these three stages — transformation, transcendence, and transfiguration — is one of becoming an individuated being, a differentiated being, without this duality that causes pain, without the separation from God, from the true inner self. One of the first steps is exploring our own psychology and our inner landscape.

The next step has to do with transcendence. In fact, when we begin to understand and experience both sides of our duality — Yes, I want this, no, I don’t want it or Yes, I like her, no, I don’t like her — then the question is who is it who sees duality? The person that is you, that experiences duality from both sides at the same time, is the transcendent self. There are ways to work with transcendence directly, such as meditation, where we expand our experience of ourselves beyond the physical and the psychological and include the spiritual. Each of these steps has to do with integration into the whole and expanding the self-orientation from the narrow physical view to the psychological to the broader balance of opposites, including the spiritual realms, which is the transcendence process.

The third step is ascension. The reason ascension is being talked about so much is that many human beings in all cultures of the world are experiencing ascension.

There is actually a mass ascension going on in humanity. From the perspective of dualism, ascension means we are ascending to something — there is something outside of us that we are ascending to. Many of the various schools talk about initiation in the ascension process.

Initiation implies being initiated by somebody or something, meaning go to a teacher and get initiated. A teacher opens you to higher energy. That is still dualistic. And it’s all right. It’s actually induction of higher frequencies into your field.

What’s really interesting about the ascension process is that when you enter into it the inclusion in your state of consciousness of higher frequencies, higher energies and broader understanding changes your self-orientation from one of physical orientation, through the psychological and the spiritual, to one of an orientation to individuated divine self within, without boundaries.

What do you mean by without boundaries?

Barbara: When you move your self-orientation from the physical world to the divine light of the core that is centered right in the middle of your physical body and sink all the roots of your self-orientation into this core, then you are this radiant being of light that is pulsating on a creative wave of light and life. There is no separation from light consciousness, awareness and life. The true being that you are really doesn’t have a boundary. And it includes the physical.

So, what actually happens in ascension is you get more grounded in the physical world — you don’t leave it. And that’s the point from the dualistic perspective many people talk about — “Oh, I won’t have to incarnate anymore”, or “I’ll be finished with my incarnation, thank God.” Such relief! It’s not that at all.

Heyoan teaches that ascension is the process of unchaining ourselves from the wrong conclusions and the wrong perceptions about what the physical world is, based on duality. The whole construct, which means the whole paradigm of our construct of reality, is based on a negative way that we have chained our mind to the physical world and our self-orientation to an illusory physical world that doesn’t really exist. It is all based in duality. It’s all based on an imaginary past. It’s all based on illusion — the illusion of memory, the illusion of the past and the illusion of time.

Do you believe the trees, the flowers and the birds are illusory?

Barbara: It isn’t that there aren’t any trees, flowers and birds. It is that in our illusion of duality — in our illusion of a past — we are not, from that state of illusion, able to perceive the true nature of the birds, trees and flowers.

The beauty of them?

Barbara: The beauty of them and the connection to them — the experience of all the birds, trees and flowers being with themselves in joy.

As we ascend, we are more aware of the joy of the experience of these wonderful gifts of nature?

Barbara: Right. The word “ascension” again is a term coming from the old paradigm. The word is actually “awakening.” Awakening to the true nature of the self. But in order to understand what I’m talking about, we need to understand the difference between the  implication of the word “ascension” and the implication of the word “awakening.” The implication of ascension is that we’re ascending to something.

And in fact, when you experience it from the dualistic paradigm, that’s what it is. In the process of awakening, one uses different paradigms of understanding that simply are stepping stones as we move along our spiritual path of evolution. Once we have left one particular stepping stone, it dissolves and the illusions we believed in when we were standing on that particular stepping stone dissolve also.

When we move to the next, we have dissolved some of our illusions and are always in the present moment which is represented by the stepping stones. The illusion of the moment is cleared.

How do you view death?

Barbara: Well, I’ve experienced death in a lot of different ways. I’ve worked with dying people, I have helped them leave their bodies at death and have not broken conscious connection with them through the dying process and afterwards. So, the process of dying, and Heyoan is going to speak now…

Heyoan: The process of dying or so-called death, can be looked at from very different perspectives.

From the perspective of the spiritual world, there is no separation — conscious connection or awareness never ends. Perhaps there is a temporary disconnection due to the belief system that death is an end to something, but it isn’t.

In truth, your physical body is the body of all of the physically manifested world. It simply changes form when, in the dualistic perspective, one leaves the body at death. The body then takes on another form of life. And certainly, all of the microbiologists know that life continues but changes form completely. Such as reincarnation.

So, you don’t believe that we stop incarnating at some point when we’ve reached a certain level of well-being?

Heyoan: Why would you want to separate from a portion of your being? Once having known wholeness, you then include all of it. It simply changes form.

Once we reach a higher level of evolution, then I guess we wouldn’t have a need to not want to incarnate because we would be existing in a place, such as this earth, in a very wonderful state of mind?

Heyoan: My dear one, it is not only a state of mind. It is a state of physical ecstasy when you discover you are all of the physical manifestation that exists and in constant process of creation. You see, there is no separation between the true physically manifested world and all of life. And all of life is one.

It is simply that you have a particular center of individuation with ultimately no boundaries. You are all-inclusive, including the physical. And so when your self-identification remains only with the physical human body then you experience and have created the concept of death.

However, when you identify your physical manifestation as all the physically manifested universe that constantly changes form then there is no death.

And in that state, is there a body?

Heyoan: Of course. All of the physically manifested universe is your body or what you call your body. You are all that there is, manifest and unmanifest. The trees, the flowers and the birds are your body — your human body. And this is directly experienced as life when awakened.

What about time and the belief that all is happening at one time — that all our different lives are happening at one time?

Heyoan: The illusion of time exists in the space-time continuum under the paradigm with which most of humankind lives in the moment and is moving out of.

Time is a commodity of creation within the space-time continuum as long as you hold those truths and live by them. Now, humanity is moving into another paradigm and can understand that time is held within the life energy field of all that there is and the  creative process. The illusion of time is simply a human being’s propensity to self-identify away from the center of divinity.

For example, in your own personal experience of life you have positive and negative memories. Think of the creative process moving through the levels — the higher levels of the field that are infinite down into physical manifestation that is a lower frequency.

Consider that there are certain so-called past experiences that are not yet resolved. They have not been completely integrated into the creative process because, in the moment of experience, you blocked the process. And so you have within you many unresolved residuals of undigested psychonoetic experiences that need to be completed.

And then once they’re resolved, then we release them?

Heyoan: Once you resolve them you have then integrated them and brought them back on your creative wave, and they then continue their movement toward manifestation in the physical world. All of your experiences come from a very positive intention of creating pleasure. You then release that creative force when you integrate it and it becomes manifested in your life as your original positive creative intention.

For example, when human beings get married the positive intention is for a happy marriage — integration, communion with another, deep intimacy and growth. When that marriage ends in a divorce you know that was not the original creation.

When you heal these blocks, and reintegrate the blocked original creations, you then create your original intention. It may be in the form of marriage, possibly in the form of the intimacy of your original intention. It may not be in the same physical form, but the original intention was for deep intimacy, love, growth and communion.

When you say it may not be in the same physical form, what other forms would it be in?

Heyoan: Whatever gives you the most fulfillment in the place of life that you are in this moment. In other words, you are not necessarily going to remarry the same person. You may not even marry. You see, the physical world is not the end point of creation. It is the height of discernment — it is the tool. It serves yourself, your creative self. The ultimate creation is the essence of being of the individuated divinity within you. Some people call it the essence of self of the Higher Self. Others call it the resurrection of the soul. In the Buddhist consciousness, it is called sangha.

At this point of what we conceive as time, there seems to be movement to higher states of consciousness at a very accelerated rate?

Heyoan: Yes, because you are dissolving the illusion of a past by integrating all of these psychonoetic experiences into the moment of the now. They then get integrated throughout your life energy fields as light and color. Through integration, you dissolve the past and begin to experience life in a spherical manner. Your mind becomes focused spherically. It is the mind’s propensity to focus in a narrow direction forward that gives the impression of a future.

As long as you hang onto the old paradigm of a future while your mind begins focusing more broadly, time will appear to speed up until it reaches a point — the moment, the sacred moment of the now — where it collapses into the moment of the now and expands infinitely into all time. So, time collapses into the now and expands infinitely into no time. It is no longer linear.

We now have within many human beings this illusion of tremendous speed moving into the future.

As we approach the new millennium, the earth is changing. Is that part of the illusion, or is that happening?

Heyoan: It is a description from the old paradigm of the movement from the paradigm of ascension into awakening. It is simply a description from the perspective of time and space.

In other words, the space-time continuum that has been used in the past, and was developed by Einstein and others, is a paradigm that is very useful and can be used now to help human beings know that it is also limited.

What I would like to say to each individual reading this article, is that there is a light within you. It is the center of your body, an inch and half or so above your navel. It is a brilliant, beautiful light and each human being looks different from this light. It is a light  of life and light and the divinity that you are. This is the true center of your being.

If one looks at all human beings, one sees the starry night sky. That’s what you look like. Each of you can feel this light within you, radiating out. The more you reorient yourself to this light, the more you will find yourself full of loving kindness, joy and serenity.

It is this light that penetrates and arises out of every cell of your body — out of the DNA in every cell.

There is no differentiation here — there is no separation. This is the light that guides your evolution — your physical evolution as well as your spiritual. I recommend that you meditate on it, even just a few moments several times during the day and reorient yourself. Then, ground your feet and legs into the earth and see this light within everything.

This is the true nature of life, of humanity and of all of the manifest world. The more you reorient yourself to it, which is you, the less you will find difficulty moving in your new world.

You are entering a new phase of relationship to the world. I suggest that when you walk, anywhere you go, you experience this light. Then in it — in the expansion of this light — expand it out spherically.

Include all of the vibrations around you, even if you experience them in an upsetting way. As you expand out, you can include them within you and then you will find that they are also a small part of yourself.

This is the solution to the boundary problems human beings in many forms — in small groups, large groups, nations or continents — are finding now. It will solve the problems among humanity.

~  Barbara Brennan