Grounding your energy, what does that mean? It means to make sure that your energy fields are connected to the earth. Also called “earthing”, grounding is about intentionally connecting and staying connected to the deep earth and pulling up energy from the earth.

Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere explains the reality of using your energy so that you do not drained.  She is an internationally acclaimed healer, clairvoyant and medicine woman. Her frequent collaborations with physicians and scientists reflect her belief that healing and health should be a cooperative effort between patient, physician and healer.

Her combined scientific and spiritual focus influences both her teaching and writing style which serves to bridge the gap between concept and reality. As a forerunner in the field of Energy Medicine she has provided decades of vital research and techniques and is well noted by so many renown people in this field. Her web site is 

Grounding Your Energy as a Healer with Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere and Dr. Shamini Jain


Earth Energy Body

Our Earth has many types of natural Telluric energy flowing throughout it and many dowsers have mapped places with special energies. A telluric current, or Earth current, is an electric current which moves underground or through the sea.

Telluric currents result from both natural causes and human activity, and the discrete currents interact in a complex pattern. The currents are extremely low frequency and travel over large areas at or near the surface of the Earth.

The ancients discovered ley lines which showed the locations of telluric currents. They mapped ley lines and placed standing stones as markers and amplifiers, and set up sacred sites at the significant ones. They tapped in to some incredible energy pockets for magic and divination.

Earth Electricity is  what we connect to and are vitalized by it. It is a natural subtle form of electricity that easily runs through all life forms to sustain energy fields and life as we know it.

Just as we “ground” many of our larger electrical devises by making sure the currents flow properly, so we also ground our physical/energy bodies. Grounding or Earthing allows the proper currents to flow naturally.

Walking barefoot is the most simple of ways to benefit from the earths energy. Yet if we are just in our mind, thinking about the processes, and not feeling our legs or lower body, we are not grounded. The healing energy is not flowing correctly.

Staying Grounded

One of the basic teachings about grounding is to be like a tree. Intend to extend your energy down in to the ground, deep like the roots of a tree.

Now pull up the energy from the earth and up through your tube of light (think column of light around your spinal column, pranic tube) and up through the top of your head. Your energy can extend out of your head much like the branches of a tree. Keep that energy firmly planted in the earth.

This is an excellent way to teach children too, especially when they are ungrounded. They will be emotional and flighty, not able to keep focus on the tasks at hands.

Grounding your energy bodies to the Earth is an essential part of any Energy Medicine technique. Not being grounded will provide an incomplete treatment and sometimes the practitioner’ energy body will just drift further out of their physical body. (see postscript)

If you do not grounded during the entire session, you are not practicing energy healing and you are just in your mind, pretending, for the energy flow is incomplete.

Lack of a physical/energy connection to the earth has many consequences including diseases. As Rosalyn Bruyere explains in the video, we loose a certain portion of our abilities when we are not grounded.

Practice it and FEEL it, know the difference. To be grounded through life is essential. To be grounded while practicing Energy Medicine, no matter what the basic teachings were or from is vital for it to be effective. Practitioners of Reiki often will be ungrounded as the basic teachings sometimes do not emphasize the importance of staying grounded while talking about pulling down Universal energy through the crown charka. Both are needed.

As Practitioners of Energy Medicine, We are a conduit for energy flow. We are a hollow bone through which energy flows. Stay grounded my friend!

~ Carolyn Thompson


{Postscript: I was on the table receiving a Reiki treatment from a friend and I had high hopes she would help me discover something. As she switched sides in the middle of the treatment, her energy body left her and she just stopped, looked confused and could not complete what she wanted to do. Our session ended as she lost her grounding. I said nothing. We just ended up having a friendly chat ~ ct}