The past few years my ankle had tightened to the point of constant pain or just giving way when I step. It is my own fault as I was not doing regular exercise, driving so much, and had excuses, but it came to an end this month. I was not going to let my health go. I will let it slip, but never to go to an unhealthy situation, at least within my skill set.

The main reason is…  I do not like being unhealthy. I learned how to keep health.

I had to.

Two different doctors took me to near death experiences. I do not trust allopathic medical practices as they are shallow and wait until a person is very unhealthy before they do anything.

There are a few doctors very concerned and work towards preventative measures for their clients. But they are rare!


At age 9, I had a routine tonsillectomy and my doctor slit my throat. Yes, literally cut tissue. I have a letter proving it as he wrote to my father about his error years later; extremely rare to get such a confession, but my father was the hospital administrator and would not find fault with this doctor. It happens.

Who knows what he was thinking about; he was not watching what he was doing. I nearly bleed to death. They stopped the operation.

I remember waking up and I was throwing up so much blood, and my parents, doctors and nurses surrounded this bed. They could not get the bandages to stop the bleeding.

I passed out, did not want to watch or be present for that; I rose out of my body. On the ceiling, I looked down on my sad state of my body and at all the people, helpless, and I was angry. I flew off and hoped they would fix my body. They packed the throat wound again and finally got the bleeding to stop. I needed blood transfusions. I still have my tonsils.

After that, whenever my tonsils got infected, I never told anyone. I was scared to death about being cut wrong again. Yet my tonsils got infected all the time. It took years before I found out that it was due to the condition in my intestines coming back up to the throat, that gave me weak and infected tonsils. (I actually cured them through color healing; that is another story.)  I ate wrong as a child, suffering constipation, and at the time did not know I was allergic to wheat, a hidden pest. (no, not gluten allergies, Wheat allergies)

Edgar Cayce’s readings revealed this cause to a few different clients of his, as I read as many of his documents I could while a member. It was a different way of thinking about health. Cayce opened my eyes to how Divine our body is. How the body’s intelligence can  correct all occurrences within the body IF only people understood the needs of the body.

I got married as a young adult and put in an IUD to prevent pregnancy until we could get the right situation for children. We both wanted about three children. The IUD gave me instant infections, PID, and I went to the doctor who had put it in and he could not care if I was alive. He told me to bite a silver bullet for the pain. (I wanted to tell him where he could put that silver bullet! )

Immediately when I got in my car, I called my father crying, telling him how I felt. He sent me a doctor he knew well, and could see me right away as he thought I was suffering from a fever. I drove 25 miles to his office in another city.

When I got there I had a temperature of 106 degrees; I should be unconscious. The doctor had his thumb over the number and was having trouble finding the temperature, and when he picked up his finger, he gasped! I was looking so I could see the red line to 106. He sent me to the hospital and flooded me with penicillin.

I had the IUD removed as soon as the infection was put under control. But the inflammation created so much scar tissue around the IUD that it blocked the fallopian tube it was sitting near. Ten years later, I nearly died due to an ectopic pregnancy (baby growing in the fallopian tube instead of the womb, as the egg could not travel to the womb). It did not take long before my tube burst open and I was bleeding inside my body. My body went in to a mode that I knew something was wrong but did not know what. I just kept having hot and cold and got weaker and weaker. I called a friend to take me to my doctor right away.

I had found a wonderful Osteopathic doctor for my regular doctor, that field also had a broader versions of health than most other doctors I had met. I crawled in to the reception office and laid on the floor, breathing strangely. He knew right away the signs of internal bleeding and put me in the hospital for immediate surgery. I was in real bad shape. I had bled over 1/2 of my blood in to the abdomen.

Fast-lane Doctoring

Doctors have misdiagnosed four out of six members of my family as well. My father was a hospital administrator; we lived and were around doctors my whole life!! They are wonderful, fun people.

What is up with all this hap-hazard health care system? It has become obsessed with giving out pills as a take-away, feel-good, been-looked-at, for that seven or less minutes the doctors are allowed to look at us. We think fast food, this is fast medicine.

I went in once and told the doctor I felt like the flu and he tossed pills at me and left. I had not finished my sentence and I did not have the flu! I was just starting to tell him my symptoms. I left the pills on the table and walked out without paying. I was in a daze. Where do I go from here?

One doctor prescribed a drug for my sister that he should not have and all the information was right on the chart. She nearly died. My brother had a ruptured appendix and the doctor sent him home. He suffered through the weekend and was admitted for immediate surgery on Monday as he was being poisoned within. Yes, doctors saved him, at the last minute. He had a long recovery.

Finding Pathways to Health with the Native Hawaiians

It took me moving to Kauai and learning from the Hawaiians how to keep the body healthy. It was Aunty Margaret Machado who taught me some very powerful health practices. These practices were simple, real and worked at the core of many issues. The core reasons why people get sick. I went to learn all I could from her.

I would be very sick if I had not met her, as there were many maladies brewing inside of me from the stupid American way of health.

One very special Hawaiian Healer, Mr. Ohie called the American Allopathic medicine and hospitals as “chop and burn centers”.

I learned how to cure cancer with him. Cure. Reversed to health. Without burning, chopping and nasty chemical treatments from hell (chemotherapy). It is not an easy healing process, so most Americans would boo-hoo it. It takes life style changes and a true commitment to health to complete a “cure”. But it is a natural treatment. Many people are cancer free having completed it. Those that failed were people not committed enough and would not change their ways (that led them to be unhealthy in the first place.)  Mr. Ohie said he only really took people near the verge of death for at that stage they will stick to the program of healing. Some of his students also echoed that as people just want the easy fix, or fast fix, and not change their nasty habits.

If you look at the native Hawaiian herbs they use for medicinal purposes, many of them purge the intestines. Aunty Margaret taught me that the intestines can be a cesspool of disease creating matter, and if it is cleared, then herbs can be absorbed to heal. So most healing started with emptying out the colon of old fecal matter and whatever else. This is also reflected in many other cultures as the first step to health. I did several colon cleansings and my tonsils returned to a normal size after 25 years or more. Never have had a problem with them again!

Back to My Leg

So when my leg and ankle started to get too painful I had to stop and take care. Malama Pono, to take care. My mind was now with my Hawaiian Healers. Mahalo!! I got to take care of this before it takes me in the wrong path.

I received two very deep and painful massages on my legs and found I had a few muscles stuck together, restricting movement. Three hours of gritting my teeth as the very skilled therapist went over every muscle in my legs. It was so worth every bit!

Muscles can stick together and then the body starts cramping up. Muscles work in pairs and like a thousand rubber bands, so that when some start pulling many others are affected.They all work in concert and so when a group gets stuck or in a spasm, it is time for a massage.


Mine got stuck due to my swimming. It happens. Swimming is my favorite activity!

I later received a deep back massage that got the deep muscles on my ribs to let go and relax and the misalignment in my lower back. More gritting of teeth!

I also received Nucca Chiropractic treatments as my axis was out too much. (green bone in artwork) And then after all that a very relaxing massage, body scrub and wrap like the icing on the cake. I will get two more massages to assist the body.

I am fine now and can go for anything I want. My sister-in-law had similar ankle pains and they wanted to cut her ankle open and shorten a muscle or two they claimed was “stretched”; permanent shortening of vital muscles with an estimated cost of $14,000.and weeks of not being able to use her foot.

My treatments that worked cost me $2500. Yes, out-of-pocket money, my money going straight to my health care practitioners. Her American Way option would impair her ankle for life. Mine put me in top physical shape.

She did not have the money so she did not go for it, and now her ankle is fine. It worked itself out naturally.

The Devil in the Machine

So while I am blasting aloud my frustrations about the American Way health system, let me also say that Health Insurance is the devil in the machine. I refuse to play their game or I should say “pay their game”. I have no health insurance.

I could tell you horror stories of how many different health insurance companies have killed and maimed people through their micro-managing what a client could and could not have as treatments.

Health Insurance employees rarely have a doctor’s degree or any health training, and yet people put their life in their hands to lead them to what is “accepted” rather than what really works.

As a former massage therapist, I saw too many clients with health insurance that was having them be cut and chopped up rather than getting corrective health treatments.

One man came in to my office that could hardly breathe. He was constantly gasping for air as his lungs were in automatic opening and closing down, pumping short and painful. He could only talk one word in between spasms. He had injured himself on the job, trying to pull a wedge out from under an airplane tire that was not ready to move.

His insurance would not agree to pay for his medical massages. I gave him a reasonable price for a series, and within one session had him able to breathe more normally. After his third he was back to normal breathing, but he really had pulled many muscle connections to his lungs that needed further treatments to he could return to normal. The insurance wanted to pay for an operation, although his doctor had no idea what could be done like that.


Upon finishing his series of treatments, I wrote out a very technical receipt so he could go to court and maybe get some of the money back he paid in to the insurance.

He never got paid back, but he got better without surgery.

He thought it was so stupid for insurance to want to pay over $20,000. for a surgery he did not need, and yet whine and not pay a series of medical massages that cost him $600.


This is why it is so dangerous to have some middle-man industry with no medical training, pretending to care for the health of their clients. They do not. They have no knowledge of health. They push papers and use a calculator.

Industry Over Anyones Health

Health insurance is just a middleman concept. Someone in the middle takes a big bite out of the money before it goes where it needs to.


This is why the cost of medical care in America will NEVER go down.

For if the prices goes down the moderate care will go down to hell mode.

We would not want the health insurance agents to have their homes foreclosed upon now would we. Health insurance agents are so much more important than little old us.

Doctors are now limited, so are nurses to what they can do and some of it is due to malpractice insurance.(‘insurance’ again)

As each new measure and component is reevaluated and regulated, think Kaiser Permanente standards, the systems becomes piece meal, disconnected, and boasting a 50% success rate (AMA Journal of Medicine stats). Doctors must spend no more than seven minutes per client seeing so many in one day. The system has little room for success now.

The American Way of Health is not about health. It is about a large industry of jobs and people’s livelihoods. Their clients health is only secondary to this fact. Their clients must pay for everything, all taxes, perks and any tiny monetary burden all filters down to the pocketbook of the insured. This includes the entire health insurance industry. The ACA had many silent taxes and payments the health insurance had to pay to the government and that is why the rates NEVER went down, but went up.

Everyone talks about everything But healing and health when these conversations come up, about price points, insurances, etc. Listen carefully to the news, and no one is going to talk about anyone being healed, just about who pays for what and when. Again it is about a job industry. Human Health be damned.

My Health is in My Hands

So I do not participate. I maintain my health at all costs, yes my hard earned dollar. I pay to be healthy. I have cured Epstein-Barr, and healed my chronic tonsillitis, reversed many ailments, even thwarted possible cervical cancer, as I keep a close watch and deal with health at the first signs of breaking down. I use Naturopathic doctors, skilled nurses and many complimentary health practitioners. I have healed low performing kidneys through acupuncture session with great success. Each healing specialty can help certain functions of the body.

I never use people new to any field, especially doctors. They must have a minimum of seven years service in their field and have a great reputation.

For there are too many idiots pretending to be focused on healing when they only wish to fill their wallets in the field of medicine.

Yet we need skilled doctors and nurses. We have not discovered all these health helps only to turn our back; tThere is so much natural healing practices can do. Natural healing can do alot at the early states. But preventative medicine is lacking in America!!!! I fear it is discouraged, actually.

To see a bed filled with a 700 lb.blob of a man, eating fried chicken is just wrong. What in the world are people thinking? His wife is just an enabler (?), no she is killing him, unconsciously. This is TV entertainment? Red light at 350 lbs!! Oh, but he loves fast food! He had a hard emotional backdrop, just one. And his doctors are what? Nothing. Crickets are singing.

Our Personal Health is our most valuable investment.

It is not glamor, or stocks and bonds, fancy homes or reputations, for when the health goes, the rest will not be of much value.

If we eliminated Health Insurance and supported our doctors and hospitals in a different way, directly, costs would go way down, to probably about 1/5th of their present costs. One fifth.

People would not be so very sick as they are today.

Today we value sickness as a commodity.

People have been trained to think they must fear being sick to a point many pay thousands of dollars a year for insurance.

Now we face total rule of the health insurance industry intelligence to guide all those who play the game through healing processes, with the new Trump era revamping.

Absolutely a sick system. Yet I have no doubt that Big Pharma will come up with a pill to make anyone forget they mortgaged their home to pay for a broken leg.

~ Carolyn Thompson

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