In English speaking countries, Thank You is an expression of gratitude, and used often as a social way to honor someone. It is used as a closure for something. It is related phonetically to ‘think’ as ‘song’ is to sing.

Most people know when to use it and when they share their gratitude.

Power Tool

Yet “energetically” it is an ending term. It is complete in itself and works wonders for closure.

Sensei Norma taught me that using this word can cut off the energy flow between people in healthy ways. I met Sensei Norma on Kauai when I was looking for someone to bless my new business which had some energy problems at the time.

Sensei was an expert with the unseen energy of places and people. She was clairvoyant who saw the problems within my new work space and neutralized them. I studied with her for some time. This use of Thank You comes from her teachings.

Say someone tells you that ‘you are very ugly’, as an insult. Just say “thank you”, and you have finished the proposed drama they wish to entangle you in. You do not need to defend comments like that, nor take them to heart or head. It is just theirs and theirs alone, thus when you thank them for it, the flow of energy stops, it is complete.

Any kind of unwanted advise, comments, criticisms, and words spoken to you can make us react or think more about something we really do not want anything to do with. Socially we have been tricked in to “reactions” all too often. Then we are engaged in something unhealthy and might cause us distress.

End it simply with “Thank you”. They will have many reactions to it and may say more, just thank again and walk away.

Once you start talking about the subject tossed at you, you are in an energy exchange. You choose to be in it by reaction and discussing something that perhaps could be avoided all together. Simply saying Thank You, can end that, as long as that is your final intention.

Their reactions really do not matter. What matters is your intention not to accept the words and energy traps, and to move forward. Thank you simply implies you have heard what they say, a respectful action, and one hard to navigate for someone who wishes to hurt you more.

And it works in any language when you express gratitude for their being and words. It is a kindness but it is not to be seen as “allowing” the others words to have any substance in your life. You have just said “I heard you”, and in an energetic way that sounds kind and it is not sticky energy.

Sensei said it is like it cuts the energy flow and stops any energy from working on you as a person might wish through ulterior motives.

Consider this as an energy tool for when you are in situations that need to be stopped. We all use Thank You for the pleasure of gratitude, and yet it can also be applied for shortening those uncomfortable times when someone is disrespectful and wishing to start a drama. Step out of it with a simple Thank you! You are done. You closed that door. Simple mastery!

Thank you

Yet also remember it is a grand and luxurious term to use in gratitude for everything and every situation! Use it this way and feel the power within of your own growing soul energy of gratitude. Thank you is what can shift people in to better feeling nature and acknowledge them as real and equal to others. It is the best prayer to use when speaking to Creator as well. It attracts more of the niceties that you show gratitude for. Use it with your heart and intention and that is where the power of conscious creation comes from.

Thank you!

~ Carolyn Thompson


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