For those of you who think they do not ‘talk’ energy, or really think you do not sense energy or shifts, think again.

How can we feel a tiny fly on our arm right after it landed there? We have built-in sensories, via the hair, the skin and the energy fields the fly had to touch just before landing at that specific spot.

Many people won’t feel that fly as their “focus” is occupied; it is somewhere else. Yet humanity has the ability to monitor many things going on AND focus on something in front of them. It is natural.

Previous traumas, old beliefs and very busy minds will keep that focus on certain things so that sensories are not really going to be noticed. The walking wounded, as shaman say, have a hard time being in the present moment.

Forgive and forgive again, yourself and others to open up to a wider view of sensories that are already there. For the human body can only handle a certain amount of energy information before it switches some systems off, so to speak, so that an issue can be resolved a focus to be maintained or other reasons..

Practice Any Day

Walk in the rain and feel the rain on you, anywhere, and each area…. What does it feel like?

Is there areas that feel the rain drops differently?

Is there temperature to it?

Is there a sensuality to it?

Feel the wind on a windy day as it rushes across your face.

Can you feel your face hairs wiggle in it?

Do you feel temperature or speed to it?Is it soft or coarse?

Is there a prevailing temperament  that you would call this?

Sense as a Natural

These are suggestions to sense. Sense what comes natural for humanity. The more you allow yourself to become aware of the details of your surroundings, the more you will begin to “read’ the energy information within the details. That is all there is to it.

Does it scare you to do this? Then there is a sense of helplessness that can be easily overcome by doing the very things you fear. Many times fear is an old message that outlasted its usefullness. Like Walking in the rain might make you sick or worse, where does that thought come from? Go walk in rain. Now what? Rain felt good!? Natural rain is also a great hair rinse and your hair will shine! Benefits!

If you sense something you do not like, honor it and change your direction to make you feel safe. Feeling fear and happy are natural responses even when we do not know it source. It is part of our instinctual self, the early DNA codes within our body, and it is to keep us safe. Most are now useless and stand in our way of being happy and free.

We also have ‘higher minds’ which take us out of those ‘reactionary poses’ towards more intellectual understandings.

It takes new experiences to change our perceptions of anything or any event.

It takes risk. It takes an adventurous attitude!

Project Sense It

You can make it a project with some of your friends. Plan to go to five different places and just feel what you feel. Go to a seedy bar, stand there and feel it.

Go to a church, stand there and feel it.

Go to a children’s playground, stand and feel.

Where else… anywhere…cemeteries, homeless shelters, the local mall, a government council meeting, a prayer circle, a birthday party…. Just different places to sense.

First look about you, what do you see. Energy information also comes through the eyes. Now close the eyes for two minutes or so, what does your body sensations saying. Feel in your heart, what is going on here, what is the emotional flavor of this place?

Open your eyes again and put all that together and see what you are now sensing. Be very light with the thoughts, and let the feelings and sensation information come in. Then leave and feel what it feels like just outside. Are you relieved, depressed or neutral for having left there? Take note of your feeling nature which is more than your emotional response.

Share what everyone felt and sensed and just trust it all. Even contradictory information is useful. Keep it all. Everyone has different ways to sense. Even smells give information.

Did the place look spotless yet smelled like fecal matter? Could be low-life ghosts were in there? Or someone’ flatulence?

After each place, do a short energy field cleansing, by visualizing standing in Golden Ray Rain washing the auric fields clean.

When you sense in groups, the sharing portion is the best part of all. Each person may just get a piece of information.

Sometimes they all fit together like a puzzle. This is not competition, ever.

Keep a journal to collect your impressions and go back to it to see your own methods and perceptions. Your way may be unique and later this information might become very useful, write, draw or however you need to keep a record of your own experiences.

For even those who say they do not ‘sense’, you will find the most amazing piece of information coming from them. Perhaps they use different terminology for similar things. It is those who have the differences that really help to develop a fuller picture.

Personal Perceptions

My friend denies being psychic and calls his abilities “logic”, yet he misses nothing in the sensory arena! He is psychic, just does not relate to the word at all. He refers to being logical because of situational awareness.

What are you all sensing for? Anything. Let the images flow, the feelings, the sensations, the body comforts or discomforts flow, the smells or sounds, and anything that comes.

At the end of your “sensing” go somewhere to talk and celebrate! Coffee house or someone’s home and just talk it through. So maybe your group just did one place or two, it’s all for fun and experimentation. It is the experiences that help you form some understanding to the subtle energies we walk within every moment of every day.

WE, humans, are the finely tune-able instruments that can do this. There are no physical/mechanical instruments made by scientist or mechanics that even come close to being able to gathering the information we can with all of our sensories; taste, smell; hearing, seeing, knowing, intuitively, tactile, and others. It takes practice and sharing to gain your own strength of understanding what you are receiving and how to interpret it.  It requires us to create our language and definitions of certain sensories. It takes imagination to jump over mental barriers of thoughts to find new information. Those “what ifs”, are great fun.

Most things we feel and sense may just be what they are, air on the foot, burn food,  blooming flowers, etc. Practicing helps us to define the differences. without practice we are flying blind.

These type of playful experiences are the best. They will help you out of your discomforts as you are in a group which all wish the same.

~ Carolyn Thompson

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