Consider what animates our body is our Soul, our core Star, which is our eternal essence, we tend to think of as our basis for life. Our soul has the ability to move away from itself in ways we are yet to fully realize. it appears as if pieces can literally separate and leave the wholeness of Soul. This is what is meant by Soul Loss, that pieces have left the incarnated soul that inhabits the body, so that there is a disconnection. Yet knowing we are one field of energy, individuated, that soul piece can be ‘found’.

The Soul is our source of absolute uniqueness, a place within that connects you not only to your own value and essence, but to the value and essence of every other living being. What makes soul loss so subtle and dangerous is that very few people have realized that it has happened. Most of us do not know that we have disconnected from our soul and accept as normal a numbness and lack of meaning in our lives.

It is more common than most people would think.

Sense of Loss

Healers of old looked for soul splinters to return them to the person in particular cases. These shaman were trained and could voyage the areas where soul can hide, reside, or even be trapped.

As time moved towards a so called ‘civilized’ society, these shaman were shamed away, told what they did was wrong or evil, through small minded people that did not understand what they do. Yet, they did something that really healed, that assisted in the soul growth. Without vital soul energy, the body does not heal very well, or not at all. Shaman knew/know this and will reconnect the soul in order for full healing to occur.

When a soul is split off, or fractured, or even hidden from a person, they cannot function as well. The more soul loss the harder it is to move through life. When the soul totally leaves, there is death of the body.


Soul loss occurs as a result of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual trauma and/or abuse.  Parts of the soul leave because some events are too painful to endure while maintaining conscious awareness at the same time. This loss is literal and not metaphorical.

KindesmisshandlungA shock or trauma can be anything from abuse of another person, a car wreck, or anything that causes the person to fear greatly for their Beingness.

In that particular moment the soul is convinced that it is in big trouble, or it can’t stay. It is like a survival pattern which manifests in removing portions to preserve.

Soul parts can leave for any number of reasons; living in a dysfunctional family, alcoholism, substance abuse, physical violation, sexual abuse, rape, abortion, miscarriage, combat trauma, committing murder, a major illness, accidents, an intense emotional exchange, divorce or separation from a partner, the death of a loved one including pets, loss of a job and many other reasons. Some reasons might even look quite simple yet in that moment there was something threatened.

Sometimes incest survivors remember the experience of being molested from the perspective of looking down at their body for the soul part is leaving to a place of safety. This enables that child to survive the trauma but then the person matures with less personal power.

soul retrievalIn psychology this referred to as ‘disassociation’.  In the treatment of soul loss, pharmaceuticals do not really have much of an effect in reuniting the loss. This is a spiritual, mental and emotional condition that needs assistance in other ways. Reviewing the past, looking for what might have happened will help.

In those traumatic moments a portion of the soul that leaves and hides might not be able to return on its own or refuses to do so. The soul part takes up residence somewhere in “non-ordinary reality” until a time that it can safely reunite with the body. It is like it is in safe keeping mode, although sometimes it goes where it should not.

Shamans believe that soul loss is a common source of illness, depression and chronic fatigue, as well as a variety of mental and emotional disorders. Through the Shamanic practice of Soul Retrieval, the soul portion/s are returned to the body to become whole again.

“I Can’t Seem To Get It Together”

Most people will quite readily resonate with the idea of having left a part of themselves somewhere else, a natural way of identifying with the situation.

When a soul part leaves it takes some aspects of the personality and a chunk of our life-force with it. The soul may also take aspects of trust, creativity or personal power with it when it goes. There is a weakness that is felt when a portion of soul is gone.

copeThis loss of energy prevents us from living healthy, fulfilling and creative lives. Sometimes Soul Loss can last for a whole lifetime, resulting in the development of a self-destructive person, a “Lost Soul”.

In Soul Loss, the larger part of the person that remains present is disconnected from those qualities and a portion of their spiritual energy is unavailable.

This is what you might see in people who do not seem to be all there or cannot make choices, easily. Some soul loss drops protective barriers the person naturally has the leaves the person prone to more abuse.

The soul part has a consciousness of its own that contributes to the whole. One way or another, a person gets the feeling that something is stuck or missing.

It is important to get parts back; sometimes it happens spontaneously and other times good therapy can bring a soul part home.

Reviewing the traumas in your life can help when you forgive all involved. Yet those deeper, harder-to-look-at traumas may stay hidden without professional help.

Sometimes ‘changing something’ in order to feel safe and nurtured will assist the soul potion to return on its own. Moving away to a safe area, whether work or home, may help in the return of that which hides. Knowing what might have been the cause helps to step forward for the soul to return and feel safe.

As in a dysfunctional family situation, where spanking went on, a person might find healing through moving far away from the family so that the family patterns are not experienced over and over again.

Many people in our world have experienced some kind of soul loss. Without this vital energy that went missing, it is hard to focus on your life and be productive.

soul loss

To recover these lost parts of ourselves, and to become balanced, whole and centered once again, we must first identify the symptoms of Soul Loss within us. Most common symptoms:

  1. Memories and parts of your life have been blocked out.
  2. You experience strong periods of depression.
  3. Parts within yourself feel missing or broken.
  4. You constantly feel mentally or physically fatigued for no medical reason.
  5. Constant feelings of fear or anxiety plague you.
  6. You go through long periods of insomnia.
  7. You feel disappointed with life.
  8. You feel like a ‘different person’ after a shocking or traumatic life event.
  9. You feel stuck or incapable of overcoming a certain issue in your life.
  10. You feel lost or incomplete.
  11. You feel as though there are multiple “selves” within you.
  12. You try to escape by turning to alcohol, drugs, sex, television, or excessive busyness.
  13. You feel unworthy of being loved.
  14. You are experiencing a dark night of the soul.
  15. You want to find your purpose and meaning in life.
  16. You feel like your daily life is meaningless and task-driven.
  17. You avoid feeling vulnerable and keep others at a distance.
  18. You long for wholeness and a sense of belonging.
  19. You sometimes feel that you’re not in control of yourself.
  20. You experience a general numbness to life.
  21. You thirst for authenticity and complete acceptance of yourself.
  22.  You have a longing for something more from your own being.

To be healthy, to feel whole and to live a harmonious life, you must recover the vital lost parts of yourself by learning to live a life of balance, authenticity and self-love.

Finding the fragments that are lost and restoring them in your life is to return to your innate wholeness, to restore the essential vitality that is your Soul.

Slowly reintegrating the lost elements of your Soul through self review through living a life of mindful, heart-centered and bodily alignment. If it is too painful or appears to be out-of-reach, then get some professional assistance.

~ Carolyn Thompson

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Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self by Sandra Ingerman