So many people wonder why the Law of Attraction does not appear to work for them. They wished for cars and bling and yet they see their same old grunge world. This is a sign that you may be still living in the artificial constructs of the lower consciousness ruled by ego and a lack of depth.

As one works to evolve one’s consciousness to higher realms, the ego falls back to a place that it should be in the first place, one of protection and one that echos so you may correct your course.

In our world today, media and controller ideals are all functioning in a world of ego, one that was set up to lead instead of follow the heart/soul.

Posting this lovely video by Jean Nolan, he speaks about the differences of a Matrix Heart and the Divine Heart. Matrix Heart is one playing the present game of live for pleasure and ignore what does not feel right. It all is perfect for an ego that does not want to be bothered and has been trained to ignore others.

Divine Heart is what one reaches  as they let go of the world as it is shown to us and allows for higher consciousness to move freely within. This authentic viewing of self is essential to step out of fear and become a viable person in this world. One with little to no fear can find solutions and not based on what they can buy, but what can be done.

It is through the taking off the phony layers we place upon us as we walk through life that frees us. For many this is the walk of their soul path towards their avatar self, their authentic self so that they may be creative and inspiring. Many throughout our media will preach this and still be walking their path to obtain it, not understanding how it works. Many talking heads act like they are “there”, when it is more of a focal point to still be achieved. They assist us all to set goals and lay plans.

Yet the truth is within us. To be able to trust and listen to our own beingness is essential for this move to Higher Consciousness. There are no “steps” that are for everyone as religions try to make it sound. Many steps might fall outside of religious dogma, or challenge how we think in order to break us free from the collective dream.

Everything Will Make Sense Once You Understand This by Jean Nolan via INSPIRED 2021


Jean makes a wonderful and easy to understand analogy that is close to the truth. When one is in the higher heart, higher consciousness, there is nearly no fear, just someone who is non-reactive to the fear stimulus and the mind works through it with ease to find what needs to be done next.

Yet ego our world loves to present more goodies to make people pretend they are moving toward higher consciousness…. more gadgets, more distractions.

This is why the analogy of the monk in a cave is used. It is not the cave or a religious connection that helps us more to a higher consciousness… but the simple listening more closely to ones own feelings, thoughts and impulses.

All the while in the “matrix” these are the first to be controlled through our media outlets. “This is what you feel, this is what you want, and anything else, forget it, it is wrong”. These are the ones that social structures love to mock and gaslight. Fact checkers tell you what to think. Tell you quickly so you do not read up on any subject.

The movie series “The Matrix” helps us to look at our activities within our world through the metaphors and analogies.. our human body being in a capsule is one of our being plugged in to the status quo. The latest movie Resurrection implies how easy it is to get “re-plugged in” and also the reality that our higher consciousness is ready and available at our command. And it is through the power of love that both actors in this story break free of the lower conscious world.

Look within and trust more, as your higher consciousness is already there, just that is was covered in icing of the big pretend.

~ Carolyn Thompson