Week 4 after the Transformational Wave, “Strengthening”!


This was a big push through so many layers the first few weeks and the desolation of matter within that held no value, so that this week we are now “strengthening” our true essence.

Strengthening: To make stronger, give strength; to gain strength.

This strengthening is occurring on all levels of our ‘biology’. Now by biology it is meant all aspects of our being, seen and unseen, for there is substance to all of it. This does not imply “matter” to all of it but ‘substance’, some created fluid fields of energy that surrounds us. Perhaps saying it is spiritual substance that is included in this statement about biology for without it we are not animated. Think complete unit here!

From this point on, there may not be any updates on this particular magnificent wave that changes everything; certainly not on a weekly basis. This is to be experienced and sometimes living in your head will prevent you from sensing the most wonderful experiences with your own being. Go within, the best source for all your own personal pathway guidance!!!

Some forerunners that will now change their biological forms in the coming months. They have been going through the processes of shifting their biology and spiritual physiology, in steps, so that they lose a certain portion of their “matter and “substance” and become different. The old restrictive thoughts, beliefs, and other mal-codes were purified enough to engage the natural change to occur. They merged with their Higher Self sufficiently enough.

Some have called this physical and spiritual change as a “Lightbody” for ease of conversation and yet we always have our ‘lightbody’… our energy fields and soul essence as along as we are alive. What is taking place is that more corse matter is falling away and there is a big change in attitudes and beliefs so that they may sustain this new form.

Each person who is ready will convert to a more luminous body substance in accordance to their own path and timing. There is no need for concern that anyone is missing something. Just keep your own beloved pace; your Higher Self is regulating everything so that your are healthy and moving as you should.

Your charge is to be kind to yourself and others. Follow your sense of wonder.

~ Carolyn Thompson

Copyright © 2017-2025 Carolyn Thompson; All rights reserved.

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  1. So does this mean we all are at ascension time? Does this mean that later everyone gets lightbodies? I have heard of lightbodies but cannot imagine what that means. Is it because our earth also changes to a pristine higher dimension world? I have read so many views on this. What do you think?

    • First, I do not like to use the word ‘ascesnion”, although a ‘hot’ word right now; it is tied to religion too deeply and all religions are only of Earth and created by people. From the stone age to now, people create stories to follow that connect them to why we are here and to explain the beauty and automation of our Earth. But off-earth these religions do not exist. So using the word ascension has it short-comings big time. Some religions demand that humans can never be good and need to suffer thus never reach the heights of their annointed ones.

      Yet as dicotomies have it, there is something of a ‘moving higher’ going on right now, so the word is useful. Evolution is more like it and yet that word is embattled with religions as well. Perhaps “growing” is the better word.

      Our world changes when people change; people need to change first.

      No one will wake up one morning to heaven on earth… if they have not changed their attitdues about people and life. It never works like that.

      Today we have so many new non-profits which display the change of attitude and help people form cleaner and healtier lives through the know-how of a few people. This is the changing world, moving higher.

      Then we have the public bombing which kills people at random, which is preditory and disrespectful of life. Bombers, brooders, whinners, greedy, judgemental, controllers, preditors, and all the lower emotional/mental human nature ensures nothing will happen until change in attitude and thoughts.

      How this all continues is the real question. Does one side ‘win’, as in the past? Or do those inspired people draw so much interest and attention to the good works they do that people naturally walk towards and join in? This is why we may be here, to create what happens.

      No, not everyone will create a light body. Many do not want one.

      Actuating a lightbody is only if you have done to work towards one. One does not even need to be conscious of working towards one, for it is more about personal deveolpment in a positive way. It is pretty simple really; lower emotional/mental outlooks are what ‘dirties’ up are our present lightbody. Like throwing mud in to a glass of clear water, you cannot see as much light glittering through it.

      At this time the forerunners who have prepared their path, changed what needed changing, and are ready, will find their biology changing the density of their cellular structures in very natural ways, through the Divine intellegence of the body and from the guidance our an individuals Higher Self. This orchestration comes from within each and every body that inhabits a soul.

      Is this change done in an instant, no. It took years and perhaps other lifetimes for each soul who will step forward soon and display full Lightbody. For the final steps, there is pain and effort in this physical/spiritual change. Yet the final step, I was told, might happen within a 48 hour period. Let me know you experience of this, if you will.

      That is what I understand at present. I am learning and growing myself and have moved through so many layers of beliefs, only to have my spiritual teams and Higher Self nudge me through more. I am grateful! Just imagine how the presence of Humans in Lightbodies will help people more. To know humans are capable of steeping out of hell in to heaven! That might change a few minds! Thanks Rus!

      • It is earned in a way, and yet it is chemistry. Think of high school experiements where you carefully add ingredients in such a way that a reaction occurs.

        Now a Lightbody becomes on-line, so to speak, in a simular way, through the body/mind/emotions/spiritual complex. There is an alchemical change every time we move out of a mental block completely. Some mental blocks take several angles to neutralize the electrical charges some emotional/mental event caused. Yet when you get to the point that no one can “press that button” and make you squirm about that issue, you won and the chemicals within the body change what needs to be changed; the former electrical charge that held you in reactionary mode is no longer there. Done. Enough of those “electrical charges” get replaced with neutrality, then more Light can shine through the body. One important step is merging with your own Higher Self. Your Higher Self is required for full on-line Lightbody. Higher Self Thank you Rus!

  2. All my life I’ve tried to raise up consciousness. Humans can’t dot it. My awareness to consciousness is the journey. I enjoyed your word …growing… being the son of a preacher man, I like to replace belief. Thank you for the way you think.

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