Enigmatic Healing web site presents a journey of exploration, experiences, and knowledge.

We strive to go beyond the known boundaries of our human constitution and beyond our present knowledge of health and healing.

With this exploration, we will be delving into our human consciousness and the consciousness of our world. 

Our journey is about traversing our soul and how we heal through the understanding of our soul, our core essence.

We intend to provide knowledge and contemplation through through articles and contributions of many people world wide.

Humanity continues to apply old and new techniques considered as Energy Medicine discovering deeper understanding of what we are really made of.

Join us through this journey and exploration!

Health is our most precious asset, more than wealth or accomplishment.

Our body is divinely made, so much that we are still discovering new ways in which it works.

Our body heals within, always. Healing must occur within.

Yet it is still such a mystery on how, why, why it does not, and when, and even as a field of science so large with so many specific fields within it, no one has a complete knowledge of the workings of the human body and its biofields.

Our body is an enigma!

“Enigmatic Healing™ is what I do. It makes people feel good, peaceful and changes the direction of their health. People tell me all the time what a different it made. I am always amazed by the reactions and stories told to me about their before and after.

Enigmatic Healing is a process of Soul Integration on all levels of a person’s being, body, mind, etheric templates, and subtle energy systems in and around the body.

I know “I” do not do this, as I am but a vessel to ground and direct the energy. It is my mission on Earth as a Melchizedek Ouri. I receive this Higher Light from the Melchizedek Ouri collective, who can be referred to as a 12th dimensional consciousness collective of etheric entities that have perfected the advancement of the human form.

The Light that pours through and around me in each session is beautiful to behold, and no matter what a person’s problem, this Light seems to create a new atmosphere within each client’s energy field that aligned deeply with their soul.

As a newly released bioenergy technology, Enigmatic Healing comes with specific light codes for the individual in ways that I find hard to explain. Shifts and changes within the physical body, mind, emotions, and spiritual bodies move swiftly to correct the stature of each person, like a rapid readjustment. This Light cuts through entanglements that are unhealthy or are holding someone back from their heart’s desires.

After a session, each person can now receive downloads from their spiritual teams through their Higher Self to progress forward in their own unique path.”

~ Carolyn Thompson, B.S., LMT/RMT, CHTP