Soul as Enigma

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Soul as an Enigma

Every person, every soul, is born in to this life already very unique with combinations of experiences, codes, lineages and variables they gather through their soul journeys and work with these traits for a life of adventure.

We come in as like a Star of Light, as Soul, and enter in to our body to experience life. Life becomes the playground of choices and experiences.

The design of our physical body is to enhance our choices for our soul journey. For we each make plans of who we wish to be and what we want to do before we descend in to form.

Our Soul Star energizes our entire being and allows for the formation of more dense matter.

Soul is a term we use for various ways to explain our existence. Soul is like a container of sorts, as our true being is Consciousness.

At present now, no real satisfactory definition has been established for ‘Consciousness’; it is puzzling. Yet, it is tangible to those with developed High Sense Perceptions; there is a field.

In life, we become immersed in our lessons, goals, soul growth, and social relations. These endless variations of events, dramas, traumas, and triumphant moments that shape us in many ways.

The soul of a person is something can communicate. Touching in to the consciousness of a soul and communicating is vital to healing.

It is the complexity of situations, life styles, body types, mental and emotional styles, situations and beyond that can play in to something that brings our health down. Deeper issues can extend beyond our present time and space, or through ancestral lines.

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