Enigmatic Healing web site presents a journey of exploration, experiences, and knowledge.

We strive to go beyond the known boundaries of our human constitution and beyond our present knowledge of health and healing.  With this exploration, we will be delving into consciousness. 

Our journey is about traversing our soul. How do we heal through understanding of our soul, our core essence?

We intend to provide knowledge and contemplation through through articles and contributions of many people world wide.

Join us through this journey and exploration!

Our Body is Divine!

We are still discovering new ways in which it works. Our body heals within, always. Healing must occur within.

Yet it is still such a mystery on how, why, why it does not, and when, and even as a field of science so large with so many specific fields within it, no one has a complete knowledge of the workings of the human body and its biofields.

Health is our most precious asset, more than wealth or accomplishment. Our body is an enigma!


Earth’s Farmacy grows all around us!

 This abundance provides necessary nutrients, energetics, and consciousness for our health.

Food, herbs, roots, sea plants, and many things growing in and around our world can all add to our health. When organically grown, we receive what we need to maintain life!

Learning about the contents and actions of these can help us to choose wisely when we need extra help for our body, mind and spirit.

Techniques and Tools are to assist in the benevolent spiritual growth of anyone willing.

They are not part of any secular practice and may be used in conjunction with most any practice.

Each is for specific use, and it is your intentions and thoughts that add to it. Keep it simple and you may see the results you need.

Mastering your thoughts helps on all level of your being.

Enigmatic Healing

My Energy Medicine practice is called Enigmatic Healing. For it is an enigma I am still working on understanding.

It might be called a part of Metaphysics … Meta, meaning over and beyond – and Physics, meaning science that deals with matter and energy and their interactions, is what this is all about.

Energy Medicine has been around since before recorded history. We use the word ‘Energy’ as an open-ended term for our life force that flows through and around people in unseen ways.