Enigmatic Healing web site presents a journey of exploration, experiences, and knowledge.

We strive to go beyond the known boundaries of our human constitution and beyond our present knowledge of health and healing.  With this exploration, we will be delving into consciousness. 

Our journey is about traversing our soul. How do we heal through understanding of our soul, our core essence?

We intend to provide knowledge and contemplation through through articles and contributions of many people world wide.

Join us through this journey and exploration!


Health is our most precious asset, more than wealth or accomplishment.

Our body is divinely made, so much that we are still discovering new ways in which it works.

Our body heals within, always. Healing must occur within.

Yet it is still such a mystery on how, why, why it does not, and when, and even as a field of science so large with so many specific fields within it, no one has a complete knowledge of the workings of the human body and its biofields.

Our body is an enigma!

Welcome to our Enigmatic Healing web site, where we explore…..

After 35 plus years of practice, I wish to present our living bio-dynamics in a clear and precise way. Yet it takes layers to build upon what we are truly made up of as human.

Through short stories of my experiences, I hope to give some context to how we perceive many esoteric events in our lives, yet as I get older, I find I see these in a very different light.

Providing many articles by reputable authors on various themes may help to expand one’s thoughts in nearly any subject. Each unqiue experience adds to our wealth of collective knowledge which builds foundations and legacies.

Remember that people will use words differently, and various references through the context of their own life’s path. Be flexible and forgiving, as we do not all speak the same language.

Science and the discovery through the scientific method is a slow and tedious process. Respect that process. It will take more time for the science of Energy Medicine to be recognized as a solid science. It is very exciting to be on the front lines and assisting to discover the more subtle textures of the human constitution.

Very large and growing body of knowledge, experiences and case studies have been collected and archived within experiences resides in many Energy Medicine groups, like the Healing Touch Program which has been collecting case studies for over 25 years now. The Healing Touch Program is the standardized Energy Medicine education and practice that trained nurses and doctors participate in.

What makes the collection of data so very difficult is that “each and every person on Earth is unique and there are no two people alike, even twins are not truly identical.” These differences go way beyond what the eye can see, as it goes deep in to our soul’s journeys.

We hope you enjoy your visit here at Enigmatic Healing web site. If you wish to share something you may write us at Enigmatic.Proprietary@gmail.com .

~ Carolyn Thompson, B.S., LMT/RMT, CHTP