Enigmatic Healing


Enigmatic Healing, advanced Energy Medicine for Soul Integration.

Presenting a written journey of exploration beyond the known boundaries of health and healing;

Adventuring into the unseen aspects of the human constitution;

Delving into the enigma of our souls;

Having the great conversations blending knowledge, wisdom, and compassion with new ideas and creative endeavors.

“Ripple out from your core, all that you are!”

Dramatic change is everywhere in our world.  We see unrest, opinions flying, governments changing, dramatic earth changes, and also within our own bodies, changes are happening to the very core of our beings.

The Native American’s told us of this coming time.

We are in the middle of it–no one can say for how long or what comes next. Given our need to progress, we each have healing to do within as it is an individual process.

Whether it involves a simple healing of concepts and beliefs or a major overhaul in response to trauma and abuse; attending to our individual processes is the most important thing we can do during this shift of the ages.

The changes some people go through tend to be wrapped in struggle, often downright awful.

Most people need a catalyst for change and our chaotic world supplies situations in which we have plenty of opportunities to choose to rise above it all and make the best out of our lives.

Whatever your path, be kind to yourself.

Be kind to each other.

Enjoy our Blog which is full of many articles, leading research, intriguing ideas and concepts as well and metaphysical experiences.

Body Divine provides information on our body which houses our Soul. Our body is quite amazing, and care is essential to live fully.

Earth Farmacy is about our first resource for health. Here is a small resource for learning about the qualities of plants, vegetables, roots and herbs which build health, or diminish it.

Techniques & Tools are for assisting our spiritual nature, working with our inner landscape, and providing help of various natures.

Carolyn Thompson

Enigmatic Healing is what I call my work. I am Melchizedek Ouri. I brought in advance Energy Medicine techniques specifically to help people move forward. Over 30 years of practicing Energy Medicine has brought me to this point, for now it is time for the advanced work to be done.

In the years ahead, humanity has the opportunity to step fully in to their Divinity in ways most would have never imagined. Each person, each soul is unique. There is diversity in about everything in our world, just look at any field of flowers!

As humanity comes home to their own unique qualities way beyond the surface, our world will change to something kinder and more abundant in all ways. I incarnated to assist in this process. ~ Carolyn Thompson

“The deepest dimension of our being is the core dimension in which the core stat exists. The core star dimension is our natural divine source of life; it is the source of life within us. Both in the center of the core star and at its outer perimeter that stretches out infinitely is what I call the “black velvet void”.

The black velvet void is teeming with un-manifest life. It is full of unimaginable power; it is the source of all manifestation. This undifferentiated life exists within and all around us. It is the foundation of all that is normally called life, on all levels we know including these four dimensions.”

~ Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan, from her latest book, Core Light Healing, page 5.