On the last update from the installation of the transformational Wave, I wrote that week 2 would be “incredible”. Week 2 just passed and it is time to reveal.

Incredible means so extraordinary as to seem impossible: not credible; hard to believe; unbelievable: farfetched, astonishing, preposterous.

fall apart


Well this past week was… if you look at the news and the ‘incredible’ news going on.

There are so many activities going on right now that really do not make sense, logical or practical.

This trend is part of the washing away of absurdity, so to speak. And it is continuing so that next week (week 3) will be “intense”, worldwide.

Stay on your toes and see through the spins and partial reporting. Pretend you know what is going on in the background and imagine beyond what you might read or be told.

Do that with humor, and not with investing too much in to any of it. For as it grows in intensity, so will its absurdity.

~ Carolyn Thompson