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This full week is about absorbing. Nothing else really. Other than your own life and the things you do in it.

Absorbing what this Transformational Wave instilled within us.

Follow your body’s wisdom and rest when needed, hydrate all the time, and eat lighter than you have been. Lots of smoothies, lemonade, herbal teas,…splurge and drink some really lovely things.

The energy of this wave is unlike anything I have encountered. Even watching how my plants are adjusting shows me that it is intense! They wither, not from the sun, nor lack of water, but just from the energy. Some I took out of the full sun of the day to partial sun; other flowers beds, I soaked the dirt to mud. That is what they were telling me to do. Some do not like too much water, so it is working intuitively with each variety. This is how it is also affecting people. Help one another if you sense what to do.

Lemongrass is having no problem with this energy! I think I need to drink some lemongrass in my teas!

So the task does not require much else. Just absorbing, and do that as you are guided, or inspired.

Next week will be “incredible” and I will write what that means later. Right now just absorb!

* *  * *  * *

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