When you start thinking/interacting with a person, you both may have created Aka Cord connections with each other. We communicate through these cords, and yet exactly what is still being researched.

Aka cords are not the source of  ‘Telepathy’. They are a form of energy touching in which you can sense each other easily, if tuned in.

Now when friendships or relationships end, and not in a nice way, then you might wish to clear out the Aka cords you both shared, as keeping them can make you sense and think about them when they think about you and visa-versa.

Even one cord connection between people does this. It can be bothersome when you are forming a new relationship and keep thinking about the old relationship. This is a ‘sign’ that there are aka cords.

Aka cords are neutral energy that has been qualified by the thoughts and intentions of the sender.

Connecting Energy

If you are someone who has several sexual mates, you probably have many aka cords from each one of them. If this is fine, let them be. If you wish to let of the connections, especially for those people you no longer wish to be with, then it is easy to ‘unplug’.

This goes for any relationships you make or even those people you work with that are really just acquaintances. It is you own preference on what aka cords to entertain and which one to get rid of.

Unplug/plug is a great way to visualize how these aka cords work. For they are sent out of certain energy centers from a person and literally plug-in to the other person. Aka cords sent out act differently on where they plug-in.

It does reflect the person and their spiritual evolution so that there is no way anyone can say this or that is set about the behavior of Aka cords. It is the spiritual constitution of the sender that determines where they connect. Most people connect in to energy centers, yet those who practice magic may anchor in to the body in unsuspecting places.

Sexual partners may plug-in to the second energy center and maybe the third. If you both are a great match, you will find that you each plugged in to all energy centers. This is a real connection, one to be cherished! The best relationships are ones where all energy centers are connected this way.

With multiple sexual partners, you can push all the cords from them all, using intention to gather them all and then push them out, unplug them and let them recoil back to the owner. Sure the next time you are together, more cords, and again just clear them out.

Take time to sense where they might be first. This is energy information, and will tell you a lot more than just you have cords.

The Practice of Sensing

Sensing is not a mental practice it is something that you need to feel for, sense, even if very vague, trust what you get. It is light feeling, like how you are able to sense when a tiny bug lands on your arm, you know it before you see it. You sensed it.

Then your mind translates that energy information in to “look at your arm for the bug”, within an instant. This light sensing is how much of Energy Medicine operates. It takes practice to do it without the mind always adding or subtracting and making the information change or invalid.

If you are successful, you will feel it; very subtle to very intense sensations. These are not mental/thoughts but will move to thoughts as the energy information is deciphered. This happens so fast it makes it difficult, and yet that is the sequence. Once aka cords are unplugged, you will find you do not think of the former relationships as before. You may also find you think kinder of those people.

Mess of Aka Cords

I had a dream a long time ago. It was simple as I was in the bathroom and saw this stringy mass floating before my face. As I looked at this mass, there was sticky stuff dripping off some of the strings and the mass looked so tangled, no one could unravel it.

As in dream analysis, the bathroom symbology was “my abdomen” and the stringy mass was the thousands of aka cords that were all family origin. Oh yes, in a family of six there are so many experiences happening all the time. My family operated dysfunctionally as did most families back then. So lots of drama and strange disrespect for each other. The dream was encouraging me to just clean up the aka cords.

Family members who were/are mean and nasty to you, have aka cords in you as you will “hear” their nasty attitude even when they are on the other side of the world. And it happens when you get quiet or have some free space in your mind. Energy moves and the aka cords are energy information.

Feeling the quality of certain aka cords can make you feel like perhaps they are right, and doubt yourself. In reality, they might just have had an attitude you can do without!

Old bosses and who knows who you have ‘attachments” to/from, it is natural for everyone, and what you think about when you thought you were done with someone, might just be the aka cord communique. Know they might also be ‘hearing/thinking’ about you with this connection.

Over the years I realized that the people I rarely think about and then suddenly do, I take note.  Many times I need to call them to see whats up. When I act upon this energy information, I find I can surprise people at my timing of it all and that I called at a time they wanted to talk to me!

Aka Cord Exercise

I had a wonderful teacher, Elisabeth Stanley, who put a small group of us together to teach us about many metaphysical things. She told us we were all teachers and needed a foundation. Our first class was sending and receiving aka cords. Each of us was a receiver. As one person sat receptive, all the others were instructed to sent out an aka cord through their solar plexus energy center to the receivers solar plexus.

The receiver, with eyes closed, was to sense and experience what this felt like, and to observe all the different places the aka cords went once they entered the solar plexus. We then withdrew our cords from the receiver just by intention/visualizing unplugging.

Then our teacher told the receiver to visualize their solar plexus energy center as a flower, and to slowly close the flower to a tight bud. We sent out aka cords again and this time they all bounced off the receiver and either returned or fell limp somewhere, unable to connect. She instructed us that we can block incoming aka cords by placing our hand over our energy center to block any entry.

Time passed and the class faded in the background. Working in advertising, I was having coffee with a copy writer, covering the next steps in our joint project.  When business was done, she segued in to her personal drama with her boyfriend who at the time was abusing her. I would go home feeling sad and drained.

What I did not think of was that she was plugged in and sipping my happy energy and giving me hers through her aka cord connection. This happened two more times and I noticed the pattern.I was finding that I did not wish to be around her, and yet this project was worth a couple thousand dollars to me and it would showcase my design.

The fourth time I met with her to finish up this project, I sat there ‘wide open’, meaning my chakras were open flowers! Then as she went in to her woe-as-me portion of our usual conversation, I felt inside of me to sense her cords. I did this eyes open and yet attention was scanning my inner body and found three aka cords of hers. Once I found them, I closed my solar plexus energy center in to the tight bud, closed it, and immediately she jumped in her chair. Freaked me out! She rambled a bit, steadied her coffee mug,  and then changed the subject. I never had to tell her I had enough of that subject, I just shifted my respectability!

I did this a few times in mid-stream conversations, and each person jumped, reacting immediately. I have also just placed my hand over my solar plexus (just on top of our stomach) and was able to move past people habits of placing aka cords and it helped my advertising business greatly with more professional outcomes.

The solar plexus is the most common of areas where people plug-in. It is done all over the world. Unhealthy aka cords can damage physical health. I learned that from experience.


Many tell us to ‘cut the cords’, and I had done that many times, yet over time, I found pushing the entire aka cord out works best for me. It is fast and easy.

The idea of cutting makes me wonder if there is something inside me left over. I lovingly unplug, push from my inside outward and intend the cords to return to the owner, no malice or other emotions, only love. It does not matter about the quality of any aka cord, just that it is removed.

Why lovingly? As I have found that doing things with love creates clean and clear intentions that do not bind. Having other attitudes bind you in a never-ending dance of some kind. It is sticky and hard to disconnect. It also fortifies the person with the respect that love gives and might just be what they need, rather than more discord.

We receive and send out gazillions aka cords all the time! They serve us and that is their purpose. Families have loads of them in all members of varying degrees.

How many of you felt as a teenager that you could not get away with anything as Mom always found out??? Now you know how!

These connections can act as protection, information and a sense of community. These transcend all material aspects of our lives, faster than a phone, text, a tweet, or superman!

Learning to keep your energy fields and energy centers clear of rubble and attached to who you love is just part of spiritual growth. Each ugly connection is just a learning tool; each pretty connection is also a learning tool.

Establish your own energy systems to be one of clear and positive communication with all you meet and those you know. It is easy and you will be pleased. Communicate clearly, and find the joy in life!

~ Carolyn Thompson

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