Today! Transformational Wave!

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“Nothing will remain the same.”

A few days ago while looking at various news, I saw an actor who plays the villain in so many movies. Within I asked about his real personality and found his constant attitude is one of ‘meanness’. So I asked about him more. What I understand is that he is now “rapidly aging”.

That during these times, many people will find themselves rapidly aging if they are one who stays in the lower emotions, especially those of hate, revenge, anger, etc.

There is true physical cause for this rapid aging. It is just pure physics in action when the advancing frequencies dominate. It is similar to a flower who grows only in the shade that withers when it is exposed to too much sun.

The Hopi prophecies all talk about this time of cleansing. Previous cosmic waves and many other causes have put the human body/mind through so much cleansing. These pulsations came in ways that would take humanity and life forms through a continual process, preparing them for the change that comes after this Transformational wave.

We see wars because we are angry within and want retaliation, but for what really? War begets more war. So many souls incarnated in to this time period from the Nazi time period, and many of them produce more revenge towards that which they do not understand. They were coming in from a soul perspective to release the fears and angst of that life experience, yet when the incarnated, that information becomes quiet and so a person looks for answers outside of themselves. They get involved in present days battles to fulfill something nagging inside of them.

Many others incarnated to solve old Atlantis wounds, and the list just grows. The wounds are from the past and yet people act them out over and over again right now trying to work out some solution; one that is only really inside of them. The solution is forgiveness within, rather than duke it out against another soul.

For there may be a winner and loser in one war, so that the next generation just wish to get even, to restore some kind of justice and balance, and through war they might win, only to incarnate again to work the opposite role.

This is just one of the never-ending roll-over of Karma that has not ended even with our age of so much useful information. There are so many other levels of soul experiences that also need some type of resolve, yet keep recycling in petty ways. Focusing on “others” rather than self, confusing their own being with the role they play in life is a real cause for repetition.

Those who do their work within their being, understanding they have choices and not to repeat the ugly choices, are the one who reap the benefits of this transitional wave.

Over the years so many wonderful pulsations came through us all in order to free ourselves from the many issues within our biology and our soul, in gentle and forgiving ways.

This wave is different. Although it also has that divine purgative quality, it also has this new level of energy that takes those who are of good hearts further in to their journey and drops those who wish to degrade humanity.

As posted in a few previous articles, many sensitives, forerunners have felt the change in frequencies over this last week, building up to what came today.

Take time to be kind to yourself. Forgive You!

Be kind to others, for they are also in need of compassion. Life on Earth is not easy nor kind.

That is changing. That is transforming.

Love yourself, deeply and love others as you love yourself.

~ Carolyn Thompson