Perhaps it is because Earth has shifted higher in her evolution or perhaps it is because mankind is ready to digest the identities that we believe in, that is those entities that we look up to, pray to and worship might not be who or what we think them to be.

Just as we wrote in the earlier article about certain symbols that will be rendered neutral, so are these false faces too many people focus their attentions upon.

Most people will balk at the idea that some of these never existed, but then they want to hold on to the past and it is their right to do so.

But many people have been wondering, asking and praying for clarity.

So we will disclose a few that are non-existent. Yet something happened and who was really behind the name and movements?

The first to disclose is that there is no St. Germain.

He came in to prominence during the creation of the I AM movement during the 1930’s. The “I AM” Movement was created by Guy Ballard and his wife Edna in Chicago, Illinois. Guy Ballard may have accepted the name St. Germain due to his reading of the Blavatsky works. Her work is also riddled with disinformation.

Personally, I had been told by others that St. Germain was with me, or was guiding me and yet, I could never “sense” this so called entity. There was a trickster energy instead. What I read in so many channelings by this name was confusing as no one pervasive thought was contained within them. Some channelings were dark and ugly, commanding servitude and the like. So like I do in my own research, I has put his name on my “psychic shelf’ where all unfinished business/stories go until I got the right information to put it all together. The information came to me a few days back. There is no such ‘ascended master’. This my family Melchizedek Ouri confirms.

What became of creating an Ascended Master St. Germain was mostly awful, I am told; it was a redirection of peoples energy focus again on idols and leaders, instead of going within and mastering their own identity.

Another New Religion

A whole religion was created with people going to churches and making rules that were arbitrary to spiritual growth, like you cannot eat garlic and go to church. It became fanatical. This movement also created many other so called Ascended Masters by trying to fathom the Twin Flame component to spiritual growth. Now they had portraits of many pairs of masters, lady and man, as they had to have their Twin Flame. This created a lower level thought form that plagues humanity still.

The true Twin Flame component to spiritual growth is only the unifying of an individual’s flame, as we metaphorically split in order to learn within the world of Duality. To merge back in to your own flame, the fullness of its Light brings a peace that lasts within. It brings balance to a human and there are less tripping up along the curvy path of life. There are no incarnated two people from one flame here on Earth right now. It does not work that way. Yet humans must think with the mind living in duality so this is how it formed, but it does not mean it is true.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, sure, call your loved one your Twin Flame, as it is a wonderful tonation of Love.

But until a spiritual seeker truly merges consciously with their unmanifested self, then this step is not completed. And it is a step in the right direction of wholeness. Twin Flame is unifying the higher frequency components of your own Divinity.

The Ascension movement needs your discernment these days as many parrots are talking all at once and patting each other’s back with the wrong information. It is time to transcend our need to always have a “leader” and to go within and find your own leader there. We already have those divine aspects with us, perhaps we do not pay attention or access it. Perhaps you have been led to believe you are not worthy, and yet you are and always have been.

Now the implications from this article and the previous truth article may have you wondering about many other things we have heard and took as true. It also implies that many of these misappropriations of belief have indeed worn out their use.

Are there others, who really have no face, have no real form, but are used as masks for some to deliver materials to humans? There is food for your thought.

A thought about this is perhaps instead of feeling betrayed, afraid or worried, just take the good stuff and leave the rest in the dust. As with any astral fakers, they must use some true stuff as bait to lace and weave the trimmings of their deeds.

~ Carolyn Thompson