In a world full of diversity, we tend to forget our own importance of being present, now. Our soul comes in to be active and to grow. We learn to let go of so much of our authentic self through our interactions and yet our authentic self is equipped better and is a more direct flow of who we are.

We are incarnated on Earth for a reason, which we know at a deeper level. Our authenticity is of great value. Each person has something to contribute from their own being. We are not supposed to totally lose ourselves and give away our true value. For it is that value which we brought in to use during these times.

So many people give all they are to those unseen masters, spirit guides and to human leaders. People will give their ‘all’ to dogmas and traditions, and lose their own special purpose and wisdom that they came in to this life to use and share. Sometimes those unseen entities are just jokers and pranksters who pray on zealots, or those who innocently try to do the best thing. The quality of the requests is key here.

Much of the “clearing” people do on a spiritual path is just to clear away the clutter that was added to our innate divine self during our growth from a baby to an adult.

Did we pretend to like something, did we copy another persons actions, do we smile when we are not happy…. these are the actions we make to try to make things better on some level but never know if it will work.

Old patterns of dysfunction which happens so easily in families and organizations just might not serve you anymore.

As we grow up, it is our turn to do right for our own self, not in a greedy way, but in a conscious way. We need to preserve our true nature, our weirdness and differences.

It is time to realize your true worth and your gifts to the world, be that… simple or profound or something in between. It is time to walk your own pace, laugh your great joy, and show people what you know and can do.

We came in here to change the game, not so much about reporting whats not working or what is wrong, but just by creating something very different, very fair, and useful.

If you do not like what you see, what can be created to replace it and focus on that. Your gripes may be the very thing you wish to work with, on and change through your individual talents.

So many people during this time period came in just to do that.  They hold within their own special knowledge the ideas and ways to make something that changes the way people do things.

Those of us that work with the spiritual teams, we must never lose sight that we volunteered to come in and be the feet on the ground. We are the strong ones and we are the intelligent ones, bringing with us much from our many journeys and experiences.

It is this package of our own personal, unique knowledge and wisdom that our beloved Creator, Ascended Masters, our Off-world Families, Angelic and Elementals all lean heavily upon. Yes, they can help us move past, greater or beyond, yet, we are living here now and know how to work with people in our own cultures.

We are not to become puppets to our spiritual teams and unseen helpers, as we work WITH them. Now often our spiritual teams and soul groups can see beyond our ability to see and so their advise and guidance is valid.

This fact gets distorted so much through the New Age vernacular and other religious dogmas.We are not puppets or slaves to anyone.

We are divine, we are masters in our own right. We live here now, in a body,  and can contribute much to make the changes needed. People are the key to all of this.

Take your ideas and gather others like you to just have a creative way with the ideals.

Each generation makes their mark on the world, as history has shown.

During the last 150 years, humanity has created such an abundance of new changes and better ways to live.

We do not need to move through 100’s of years for more change, as we move fast now, developing technologies that assist in remedying what was oversight previously, what helps people work less and play more, what brings about health and abundance for all.

So this is just a reminder that you, each one of you, are here to assist in any way you are moved to.

Maybe painting, or music, science or dance, perhaps farming, or social service, any direction and every direction is a place to apply your touch, your wisdom and creative ideas.

Even the smallest idea, smallest act can make a difference in such a way we might never know how vast the ripples progressed outward.

~ Carolyn Thompson

© 2015-2025 Carolyn Thompson; All rights reserved