porttttWe are currently emerged and being bathed in the high vibrational frequency of gamma ray** downloads and upgrades.

The energy of light quotient entering the body now is off the charts!


You may have felt the energy come in last night on full throttle! This begin the firing up of neurons and electrons in the body as DNA recalibrates for MORE to bring one into their crystalline light body and Christed Self.

A sudden hot flash, the whole body heating up and sweating is an indication you felt this, if you’re not prone to consistent hot flashes due to hormonal fluctuations. Accompanying this was a mega burst of energy! I was wide awake until 3:30am, I got up at 6:45am and I don’t even feel one bit tired. I’m amped up! This is such highly, positive energy flow, it is FEEL GOOD ENERGY! The pure vibrational frequency of Unconditional Love is flowing right through this surge and shift into higher awareness; heart connected to your third eye, crown chakra, bringing a dissolving of much density, and replacing that with a light airiness of your highest self-awareness.

Timeline shifts, matrix glitches all occurring now as the high vibrational frequency causes the veil to short circuit and inter-dimensional reality shifts in and out of focus, as your vibrational frequency increases to match that of Higher dimensional realms. As you hold and anchor your new light quotient upgrades you too shift into higher dimensional awareness.

Here there is no ego, drama, negative energy that is allowed as one no longer accepts this lower vibrational frequency to interrupt the flow of pure unconditional love. Unconditional Love is the highest ​vibrational frequency that flows throughout this Universe(s). It is the vibration of creation and co-creation. In this pure frequency you become an alchemist who manifests your intention into reality very quickly… instantaneously, straight from your heart’s electromagnetic field to your third eye!
“You see it in your Mind’s Eye, you Will hold it in your hand.”

As your density falls away with lifetimes of karmic density cleared, you see timelines shifting as parallel universes exist in infinite form throughout the Universe. You, me, we stand in all, all at the same time, but different timelines emerge in each. As you shift, timelines shift. As you shift higher in frequency, higher dimensional realms are seen, played in, enjoyed, and these are where you connect with your guides and angels for guidance, protection and clarity. This is where you discover your gifts and Metaphysical abilities that come back online!

As you are out in public, be observing of your surroundings, people watch, people listen. You will begin to notice oddities as the matrix short circuits and glitches occur. Timeline shifts happen right before your eyes and you have to shake your head and bring yourself back into focus…did I just see what I saw?! Hear what I heard? Yes you just did!

Goosebumps are a common occurrence when this high gamma frequency comes in! Your Intuition off the charts! Your dream state clearing karma, your meditative state connecting you to the Akashic Record for miraculous downloads of information. This for you to share to assist others!

This energy, I know is welcomed by so many as the past months have held extreme density until last month when the Schumann​ Resonance began to spike again creating a new shift in Energy and higher frequency on Gaia and in you and me. All is adjusting and recalibrating now to hold these higher light quotient upgrades. Enjoy this wave of Energy, it only gets better from here!

Communication is easy now, partnerships and mergers are a yes! Residential moves are on the forefront of many minds being pulled elsewhere, as well as leisurely travel for fun, relaxation and work related travel. And shifts in your relationships, with not only yourself, to self-love and acceptance, but to all relationships in your life coming into higher awareness. Those that do not fall away very quickly. Let go! Release, and be open to all of these new infinite possibilities that are open for you now to receive! Be in your here and now! Keep your thoughts, actions, words and intentions positive as you will manifest your realities very quickly here! This is the energy that initiates a reset, clear, activate NEW in one’s life!

For healers, your energy levels surge now, and if you have never done long distance healing, this is a new door that opens for you. Your practices will expand into better and more new as you come further online!

For Empaths and Energy Sensitives, this is the energy that we revel in! IN-joy! Get out and play, transmute, anchor, heal with your high vibrational frequency. Social activities are in favor now as this positive energy flow is affecting the “majority” of 7 billion souls!

Feel the love ~ share the love!

~ Tiffany Stiles


** In our world of trying to communicate on what is happening, people tend to use what has been already discovered as references, like Gamma Rays. But the truth is, this new energy is NOT gamma rays at all, and gamma rays are very destructive to the human body. The Earth receives gamma rays as I have seen it on an instrument my brother made that shows them entering the area.

All it takes is one person many people respect to say it is all gamma rays and then the term is used to communicate.

But it is not gamma rays and it is a “yet to be discovered” energy and from sources that we have not discovered as well. So although this statement is wrong, it is just a form of trying to bridge our understanding. What has come in is the Transformational Wave and it cannot even be referred to as ‘cosmic rays’.

So how do we have conversations about all the different energy waves affecting all life on Earth… we wing it!What is important is each person’s interpretation of these subtle energies and what they sense these are doing. There is no other way we can measure these energies at present, even with the most sophisticated of instruments… the trained human body and psi is the tops. Respect the flavor of the messages! Love One Another and no judgements! ~ ct