TR1When I was very young, I could ‘talk’ to the unseen and know things beyond my years which, in fact, scared my parents greatly. I had to learn (the hard way) to stop giving them information that seemed out of the ordinary, but as a young child, I had no idea what ordinary was. I did not know the word “telepathy” but the ability came to me naturally.

Being so connected to who I am was, at that age, was actually a hardship within my family. I have memories of my father squatting down in my face screaming at me, as a 2 year old, telling me my visions were from the devil. I did not know what the devil was. All I knew I was being screamed at by my father whom I loved with all my heart. He was so mad his face was bright red and spattering bits of saliva as he yelled.

I tried to understand what he meant, but I could not. He was afraid of something. He was angry with me. I just thought I was bad. I formed opinions about myself that were damaging, and attracted more like it. At that age I was impressionable and it caused the seeds of doubt to build.

Yet for me …. I could hear celestial voices singing, and see wonderful lights, and soft loving voices guiding me and keeping me from harm. They even sang me to sleep. How can anything so sweet make my father so afraid?? Ah, well, perhaps it was because he did not or rarely had those experiences. More likely religion said they were evil. Something about the quality of love I felt from my innerscape made me think he must be wrong.

When I got to be about 5 years old, realities were shifting as I was now entering school and getting more of what this earth walk was about by social modeling.

My mother was a catholic and took me to church regularly when I entered school. It was there that I heard about a devil, but also about Jesus and stories about kindness. I understood Jesus as he showed kindness. I learned to tone down my sharing insights and learned to let them guide me internally.  The more I was socialized, the more I wanted to be “normal” and so I started acting as others expected me.

At 5 years old I walked down our street and over the fences to go to the small chapel where the priests of our church lived. I went alone and on Wednesdays the priest did a service their staff.  My mom never knew this, even to this day. One day while in the chapel, I dedicated my services to Jesus, as a street disciple. I would help people in whatever way I could.

churchy dude

Yet by age 13, I ditched the Catholic Church due to what all I saw and heard. There was a local corruption that I could not participate with. A lot of that corruption was “heart” corruption as people just outside the church would be gossiping and making people sad.

I left the church and was now a ‘street disciple’ minus any church. There were other things about their program that felt twisted and misleading. Many times when I asked deep questions, the go-to answer was “it is a mystery”. I needed more and thus left this program as one would leave elementary school. I studied many religions in search of what was true, but joined none.

Over the many years, even in my own suffering, and feeling lost, I would find ways to help people. I was wounded as most people were living in that time period as parents used violence and coercion to train their children.

I still had much to learn. After a series of botched relationships, I knew there was something wrong with me and I had to work it out.

That made for the beginning of my soul searching journey that takes us through unique experiences and trails. I was/am earnest in my walk and yet I could not discover me without so many other people’s help. It was during this time in my life that I dove deep in to metaphysics and healing methodologies. I realized much of my psychic nature I had been taught or bullied out of believing in, and thus did a return to all that was natural for me.

It was hard for me as I had been bullied to think telepathy was untrue or some physiological disease. I also needed to detox from many Catholic beliefs of suffering, sinners, and the Big Lie that common people cannot talk to God. These created blocks and doubts within and cost me much over time.

Not listening to guidance put me in to very dangerous territory. It put me around nasty people and situations that challenged every part of me, including my soul.


How does one be telepathic? Listen within.

Overtime I entered in to deeper spiritual study and metaphysics. There in many books, conversations with people, and workshops where the discoveries confirmed who I am was natural and innate. I studied psychic readers by going to them to learn how they read people; each person reads only according to their own evolution and the reading contents revealed that. Some read through the solar plexus energy center and their readings tend to stick to the physicality. Some read with their spiritual eye (third eye) and those readings were more about your soul.  This is what makes this field so criticized, I think. Most reading I got were not useful to my place in my path and then some readings I still remember today as they were an essential component to my growth. (Thank you!)

Practice reading for yourself; use tool that you have interest in. Make it playful and not serious as you move through your days. During a time on Kauai, I would met a group of friends every morning for coffee and we each pulled a taro card and placed it on the table. The next day we discussed how relevant the previous days card was and then drew again. Oh how we laughed at ourselves and shared in our deep thoughts.

Meditation to Quiet Active Minds

I learned meditation in college, which I practiced much later on, after a hard, fast career in advertising; I needed to slow down!



My Higher Self encouraged me to I move to Kauai, Hawaii. Now my HS did not really “tell” me directly, but placed before me the ‘trail’ tha led me to decide to go. Everyday something of Kauai or Hawaii was in my face. Turn on the TV and there are palm trees swaying and talk of Hawaii. Driving behind a car with stickers, tons of assorted visuals, sounds and smells were provided until I felt ready for the adventure.

It took me some time to just let go and move to Kauai. Everything in my life seemed to have stopped where I was, so I knew it was time to do something very different. It was time for some serious soul growth. I was to let go of who I thought I was, slowly and sometimes painfully. I had to be far from my family as they would just regurgitate old social orders and judgements of me.

When people you love dearly treat you improperly, it creates conflict within, especially in a dysfunctional family. And in my child’s time, I would say about 90% of families in the United States were dysfunctional. It was a twisted lifestyle that developed through social orders, beliefs and misconceptions. I found that being far away from my family was very healing for me.

In my far away abode, I meditated and found out I had a lot of work to do within. I had to remove things said to me that were untrue, harmful judgements of self and to realize so much more.

The island of Kauai is very conscious and the land mass of the island is feminine in nature. She took me through many deep searches within and then told me to play the next day. The island’s essence is much like the Violet Flame of Saint Germaine as it will cleanse, test and push you forward in your soul journey.


The people of the Kauai taught much about unity and harmony. On islands people must work together to make it life balanced and fruitful. Melting in to this wonderful group of very diverse people taught me what it meant to be a true part of the whole.

Many native Hawaiians never separated out their ‘psychic-ness”, the true innate nature within us.  It was/is an essential part of them and they are still very one with nature. (not all Hawaiians as they now attend public schools and have Christianity to dampen that connection to All that IS).

Nature communicates and only those who allow that connection can hear/sense/feel/Intuit what is being presented. Those Hawaiians that were still very much part of nature showed me how real my small child self was. Their presence said volumes and soon I opened back up, in stages, to my innate nature. I felt for the first time in my life I could breathe and live my authentic self. I felt normal within this sweet island and her people.

Opening to Telepathy


Meditation is very necessary if you are serious about advancing as the divine person you are.

There are many forms of meditation, and the best one for me was the silencing of all thoughts.

I had worked in the fast paced world of advertising and so silent meditation was not an easy task. My mind was wired for fast and productivity. I had to learn to stop. Took me a year!

Once you can control your mind and that chatter that comes up through our sub-conscious, you have won! It is by far the greatest achievement. This is how you can hear, sense, feel, and receive from nature, angels, spiritual guides, God, Jesus, and ancestors.

Mind processes all the time and when you can stop the mental streams, you can then focus the mind in chosen direction, like focusing on your guardian angel and ask if there are any messages.

I scribed what was being told to me each day on what I could do. This kept my overactive mind from making me afraid of my random choice to move to Kauai, sight unseen and with hardly any money, no job and that I knew no one. I later found out my guardian angel was in fact my Higher Self.

Soon I was pulled in to many groups and gained friends and jobs and on and on…. Those were some exciting times indeed. I created a Day Spa to practice healing modalities which is still open today, just new owners.

But I HAD TO DO THE INNER WORK. If I missed a step then nothing happened until I took that step. Goddess Kauai, as I liked to call her, would not let me pass without doing the forgiveness and understanding needed at that point in time. I know she and my Higher Self were in this together! (thank you!)

So listening was becoming a full time focus. This provided me with so much help, guidance and advancement!! So what I write comes from my own journey. I know this.

Telepathy Is

There are ways to listen within, and in reality, they are all telepathy. If you are hearing your inner voice and that of your guides, guess what, you are telepathic. If you channel, do automatic writing or scribe from others, you are telepathic. Being psychic is being telepathic. Play with these forms of receiving messages, and then ask questions to get more answers, so that there is a dialog.

Do it playfully, and reread what you wrote months later and it will help you wrap your mind around it.  Please be kind to yourself and do not judge it too much. Some days it works and some days, well maybe not. Let go and play more. Some messages might just be from your ego, no worries, let it go and move forward. You can tell by the loving quality of the message that it is a keeper. Fear messages or demanding something from you are ego messages or outside interference.

As anyone progresses through a spiritual path, obtaining their inner peace, then the ability to send and receive telepathic messages grows.

At first it seems like someone is talking to you; you pause and listen, and even propose questions. It feels like a regular conversation at times, yet full of pauses. With practice it flows well. Yet receiving telepathy is not like physical listening, as it comes in very subtle ways. Hearing inside the head, symbols and geometric forms are common, and there are other ways as well. As each one of us is unique, so are the ways we use our faculties.  At times it can be, colors and forms, light codes, sounds and sensations or even fully formed visions.


Knowing your guides is also part of understanding the process of telepathy. Ask them who they are and why there are there. It requires you ask and receive more information. Over time you may develop ways to sense energy signatures of different guides. Different guides feel differently and just like our friends we have coffee with, our guides have their own areas of expertise.

Guides come in to help you develop certain qualities. Once you have that well understood, they might step back or leave, and other guides come in. Particular Angels bring certain qualities to our attentions, and help us develop those qualities.

Quan Yin has and still does work with me to develop appropriate compassion. For in my dysfunctional family, the whole idea of love was lost. Their idea of love was attached to how well a member performed in tasks, duties and life. This is erroneous as we are love incarnate. To limit ‘love’ to what we do in our job or school work is, and how well we do it, takes us to our small wounded self, and perpetuates the inaccurate.

Ascended Master El Morya spent seven years with me teaching me about words, and writing. He was/is a very stern teacher and at times would jump in to me to correct someone in a chat room with specific words. I would feel his discipline, immense power,  and yet there was this smooth sense of right to it. He was clear about how people need to watch their words as words do become reality, things.

Every human can learn all kinds of things when they interact with their guides. If you want to learn music more, ask for musical guides! Same with art or finance. Sometimes is it our ancestors that wish to be on our journey and they supply us with help and their knowledge. Many cultures automatically interact with their ancestors.

What is wonderful about guides is that you do not need to perfect anything; they just lead us gently if we need it. It might seem like chance to people that they connect to the right person at the right time and yet perhaps this was orchestrated by our Higher Self, guides and ancestors. A person need not be psychic or trained to be led like this.

Guides, Ascended Master, Angels and off-world Master stream information to our minds at the right time while you live each day. Your guides monitor you and supply you with experiences, people, books and other resource to enhance your path. Guides do not always talk or send messages; sometimes it all about timing and meeting people with they know how you need. Thank them.

As you develop, so do your skills. Knowing this lead you to open up to telepathy more.

Advancing the Skill

At advanced levels telepathic conversations happen, like you are talking to a group right with you within. The conversation is full sentences and not just bits and terms.

When you have integrated your Higher Self, you may now feel like all the ‘fun metaphysic phenomena’ has disappeared. Now you will not have the more coarse psychic input, but a more refine, soft, quick and direct input.

There is no having to ‘listen’ or make some kind of ritual to set up any scribing or channeling. There are no special things that you need to do. It just flows. You have achieved a higher frequency of being for this to occur. At some point you realize you are a member of their groups.

Telepathy becomes that instant knowing. It is a great thing to journey on your path to this level of being, for if it was a straight shot, most people would dismiss it as nothing. The struggle is part of learning discernment. Know that you will receive bogus messages as part of the tests and imitations. Even at higher frequency levels, this is part of what our life in a body is about.

For the highly advanced level of telepathy is “instant knowing” that moves between all parties concerned.

At this level of your path, you would be working directly with your Monad, your Oversoul. If the group sees that you need to turn right, the message comes just at the right time. Life becomes magical in this way as the path becomes easier, when you participate. It is a group activity. Thank them.

Telepathy takes practice, much like learning another language. For it is another language, just one not spoken out loud. It is the way advance being communicate.

Filtering Out Bad Junk

If anyone, anything tells you to do “bad stuff”, tell them to leave you alone. Nothing more. If you do not like your present guides, fire them and ask for new ones of a higher nature. At one point I fired God whose twisted image was taught to me through Christianity. I hired the omnipresent and indescribable, awesome loving God.

The imagination of people love to blame a devil for most anything they do not like. “Oh the Devil made me do it”.

For the most part, it tends to be the “wounded child” who speaks the worst within. She/he may have been beaten, badmouthed, sexually abused, and trained to dislike your own self. About 99% of “bad” junk come out from within. “Devil”, fire that idea. There is no hell. Take responsibility for your thoughts, words, deeds and actions. it is your own thoughts that bring about your distructions.

Always keep your personal integrity solid and to your liking.

A Bible lie: That whole story of God telling Abraham to kill his son is the most demonic story ever told. It is a LIE!


To kill is to deteriorate your own soul and why would God, Allah, Creator, ask that of anyone. False gods might encourage a person to do this.

Cults require killing people in order to control the damaged soul/person to do more of their evil bidding. This is the path of disassociation that all mind-control organizations use. A wounded soul is so much easier to control.

Remember those bible stories were composed when mankind were very barbaric and animalistic.

Our children are not sacrifices, but descendants from Creator through us. To stab at them is to stab at God. For we each are Sparks of God, living in a God-given bodies.

Never engage with any ‘unseen entity’ that takes you towards “evil, death, wrong-doing, hate, gossip, mean-spirited anything”. Tell them to leave and never come back.

For it is not God, Creator Source, behind anything like that. Shut out anything leaning towards bad. You have the total power to do so. God gave us brains and mind to process value and goodness. We must use them. God loves us, always.

Keep the integrity of your Soul over everything else.

Mother and Child Telepathy

Parents are naturally telepathic with their children, if they listen. Ever have your mother catch you doing something sneaky and naughty, and you had no idea who she knew? See!!!

Take the steps you need. You can even practice it with another person, by exchanging a word daily at a chosen time. Use images as well as words. Even see if someone will meet you some place by sending them the location (visually or words). There are ways to just have fun with this.

My son was telepathic as in infant/toddler and many times he freaked me out with reading my mind. I had to perfect my thoughts even more, for it was like instant messaging with him!

Telepathy was useful for when he misbehaved and was being defiant to me verbally. No he won’t do what I ask/say. I would stop talking and telepathically ask him to behave and that did the trick every time. I still use it today even though he is not a full grown man. Cell phones are great, a lot like instant communication, and telepathy is too without the equipment, bills and electricity.


As he got older, he knew he could send me what he would love to eat, suggesting that I go pick it up on the way home. When he was being bullied in middle school, he would telepathically let me know, and I would go get him and take him home. That particular school was a nasty piece of work. But we navigated it through our heart connections and mindfulness of what is right for us.

As humanity ascends to higher frequencies and a more loving lifestyle, telepathy will be a part of our normal world. It unfolds in each person as it needs to. If blocked, then there is probably some old belief of experience getting ready to reviewed and let go of.

Being trained in Catholicism, I had many beliefs/thoughts to ditch. And so I did. It takes time and to let go of the fear attached to doing things wrong in a society that loves to tell us how to be. Fear comes easily to those children growing up in dysfunctional families. It is part of our survival mode. So all inner child work is very necessary to make one have access to their “allness”. Take time. Be kind.

Telepathy is an excellent skill. The world around you has many messages for you to enjoy!

~ Carolyn Thompson

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