Techniques & Tools


A collection of the tried and true techniques & tools for spiritual growth are provided here as links to articles provided in this site. Use what you like and leave the rest. These are all filtered through me, and so there are many other techniques and tools all over the world that one can use for spiritual growth.

With the diversity of religions, use your own foundations for all of your spiritual growth and make changes in techniques so that it fits your soul. We embrace all religions and yet we will not go in to the religions as part of these tools, for it is up to the individual to make such choices.



Meditation, the practice of silencing the mind, is the one tool that any spiritual seeker needs to practice. Our world has too much stimulus and without the ability to quiet the chatter of your mind, you may find it very hard to hear that still small voice of your Higher Self and of your Spiritual Team. It is in the inner planes that you can talk to All That IS.

With all that chatter going on you can fall prey to the ‘fakers’ who will also send thinks to your mind and throw you off course. You may not be able to read the ‘energy signatures’ enough to know who it is you are communicating with. Clear the chatter and you can.

Guided Meditations

There are also wonderful guided meditations that can help you to learn to navigate the inner planes of your being. Once you get the practice down, you can create your own and begin to create more consciously.

Some people will even record their own meditation so that they do not need to think and can still journey within.

Yet Quieting the Mind is required for advancing beyond certain points of spiritual evolution. It takes time to get to the point of silence, just like learning anything.


Stepping Away from Media

Not watching TV, listening to radio, or being on the computer too much will help to clear you mind as well. Even watching your phones too much will impulse your mind to repeat the information way too much.

After not watching TV for over 55 years, I walk in clear mind and can easily read energy information. I do watch movies, and yet I can feel and think about parts of them, so I keep movie watching to those that are uplifting and kind. This practice along has helped me greatly!

Simplify! Focus on what you would like and maintain the course!