Techniques & Tools

A collection of the tried and true techniques & tools for spiritual growth are provided here as links to articles provided in this site. Use what you like and leave the rest.

With the diversity of religions and spiritual beliefs, use your own foundations for all of your spiritual growth. All the techniques here may very well fit most all religious and spiritual diversity, yet it is up to you to make that choice. We embrace all religions and spiritual systems that respect life in all its forms.

The articles reflect the authors viewpoints and so there are many different insights that may conflict or act as as stimulant for deeper thought, as they should!



The practice of silencing and calming the mind, meditation, is the one tool that any spiritual seeker needs to practice. Meditation has many benefits as shown in science-based studies and does many wonderful things besides calming the chatter of the mind,

Our world has too much stimulus and without the ability to quiet the chatter of your mind, you may find it very hard to hear that still small voice of your Higher Self or the guidance of your Spiritual Team. It is in the inner planes that you can talk to All That IS,

A disciplined mind will assist you in discounting negative chatter that can disrupt your life. It also helps to make the mind much like a still pond of which you can see, hear, know anything that you reflect upon.


Guided Meditations

There are also wonderful guided meditations that can help you to learn to navigate the inner planes of your being. Once you get the practice down, you can create your own and begin to create more consciously.

One such meditation that helps us to form a protective field around us is the 12 D Shield.

Some people will even record their own meditation so that they do not need to think and can still journey within.

Yet Quieting the Mind is required for advancing beyond certain points of spiritual evolution. It takes time to get to the point of silence, just like learning anything. To be able to stop your thoughts is a powerful thing.


Stepping Away from Media

Not watching TV, listening to radio, or being on the computer all the time help to clear you mind as well. Even our smart phones can take so much attention away from our life that we miss the sweet things.

Look at your dreams and see how much content from media spills in to your sleep. Life is grand when we spend time with people face to face, laughing, eating, sharing stories. Our phones are back-up, but never replacement for real time spent with who matters in our life.

A good media diet is one where you just watch your favorites and not channeling surfing, or watching everything. News is better digested in the mornings as late night news which tend to focus on what is wrong, bad and ugly, will fester in our mind during sleep. Going to see live sports is more exciting and when shared with friends and family it becomes great memories.

Simplify! Focus on what you would like and maintain the course!