Had two dreams early this morning…


#1  ….. I was walking down the sidewalk in a town, small stores lining the sidewalk. As I looked to the street, there were a few people occupying a whole segment of the street, blocking it off from traffic.

On one end of this segment was a row of people in chairs facing in  to the center of this section, and in the center of this row was a man all dressed up in a formal Victorian style suit with hat.

victorian dress1

At the other end of this segment was another row of chairs, and in the middle of that was this lady all dressed up in a white lacy Victorian dress and the look on her face gave me the impression that they were putting on airs as royalty, or snobbish. They were at each ends and facing each other with airs of importance.

Now you know that Victorian clothes can make anyone look clean and civilized for in those days they rarely had daily baths or even weekly at times. This was the look these people had, dirty bodies in clean clothes.

To the side of the street, were some children playing quietly in the gutter. (Another metaphor for the unclean).

These people appeared to be “pandering” (pander; a person who caters to or profits from the weaknesses or vices of others.)

As I walked by I loudly called out that they cannot be sitting in the street like that. They had to move for the street was for cars to use. They appeared to be there to get attention.

I kept walking and went to in a store. As I came out and was walking back these people had left but left their chairs tossed about in the street.  I moved a few chairs to the side of the road and got back on the sidewalk.

Soon enough these people then drove by in a very long antique car, the royal couple in the front seat and the lackeys were grabbing the chairs from the side of the street.  They were giving off airs of being royal and that people needed to support them somehow. I never did ask what their gig was. Somethings are best dealt with from afar.

I slid in to dream #2

Dream two…

I was walking in town when a charismatic man came by and called me by name, telling me I must join him to go see what he had for ‘us’. He called to a few more so that a small group of lightworker types were following this man.

We headed to a warehouse district, walked through a narrow path between buildings, and rounded the corner. This place he had was right on the ocean; the high sidewalk was the only barrier  to the sea.

He opened up the door and invited me in. As I walked in I wondered if it was a church and he the pastor or what.

crystal cluster2

The room was splendid, the whole ceiling was a large cluster of small crystal points, glimmering. The lighting was low to that there was sparkling going on in all parts of the room.

We then walked beside a pit, reminding me of a sand trap for golfers. In this pit were much larger crystal clusters all in some kind of gold dust.

The man invited me to select a crystal cluster from the pit. I declined. Something felt so wrong but kept that to myself. I said they looked nice where they were, and followed this man some more around this nice presentation of a room.

It appeared he was showing this to all of us in order for us to rent it out for our workshops. He had not said specifically but some of his guiding tour led us to think this.

He invited us to the table where he sat down and offered some grapes and beverage. I decided not to sit. Instead I walked around the table to get very close to this man and ask him about the rental of this place, wanting to know why we were led there for nothing of a reason had come about yet.

Close up, I saw the man for what he was, very ugly. When I looked close, he had a huge long nose/snout, pig-like, but about 5 inches long and three inches wide. It was pale with many pock marks and open wounds on it.

As I asked him what it would cost to rent this space, he turned and put his tongue in my ear. Gross! I pulled away calmly. The man said nothing, just smirked.

I knew right then nothing was what it seemed in here.

I got up and was walking towards the door when another man brought in another group of lightworkers. They were all impressed and making accepting noises to all this shimmering and shine they saw upon entering this low lighted place.

It was a trick of the eyes and dazzle of unlikely that occupied the minds of this next group. Were their defenses down, or would they realize it soon enough, I did not stay to see.

It was a nasty place, bad news. I left and woke up.

Dreams end.

* * *

These are warning dreams! In the days ahead, not everything is going to be as it is “seen”.

Looking at the deeper meanings of these dreams upon waking. I knew right off they were a warning, and not just so entertainment of the night.

Small Group Pandering

#1 Victorian age was very ridged and cruel in many senses, developing class systems and snobbery. There were many hungry and theft was a way to eat. People acted like some people were more important than others. And their clothes masked the order of the unwashed and unclean. Plus this is an age over 100 years ago, thus the whole systems of beliefs have not progressed or grown.

These people were occupying a street that is meant for all people to use and yet they acted like they were holding royal court, and controlling people access to this public street. They wanted people to think they were better than others, and could take over public space for their High status.

They wanted people to give to them, what I never found out (??) money or gifts, but they were pandering.


This was the metaphor for the Religious Ridged; reflecting the Christian Religious Right that has grown to become quit a greedy beast in the USA. They feel everyone must live like they do, same restrictions and codes, much like the Sharia laws do, or other religious codes that restrict freedom and require submission. They feel that people must bow down to their beliefs in all forms.

This is the great challenge in the USA today. Small groups of people inflicting tight restraints upon the masses. Often times getting away with it through their use of words of propaganda.

In this dream, I just called them out and they left, without dropping their composure. It is a reminder that we need to keep focus on the good for all, and that restrictions by small groups displaces our freedom and cause suffering.

Small groups also have the right to express their beliefs, but they may not push their beliefs upon the unbelievers, for then they have violated.

We will see many challenges to human freedoms by small groups of those who feel they and they alone are right, and that they want stuff from us for free, without a real need for it.

Leading The Wrong Direction

new age fakery

#2 The second dream was even a deeper warning on how people will try to deceive to get their limited focus forced upon the free people.

Here was a handsome looking man leading people by just a few words and taking them to some glamorous place.

It was designed for the lightworkers, the healers, and forerunners, the spiritually awake and people who do good things for others.

Any room has four walls and a door can be viewed as a box, or in a broader sense ‘limitations”. A room can only hold what it can. Yet any room can be made to anything. In this case it had crystals and shimming things that attract lightworkers, and healers. It was designed to make people look and not see.

This is a huge warning to “see” within and not just see with your eyes.

This room was all dressed up in the crystal glam so perhaps these people could harvest many lightworkers in to some nasty domain or dimensional cage.

Even the internet has so many “pretty articles” about crystals and other new agey methods that are shallow and misleading. Taking people to a path of ease that is wrong.

There are many people dressed up in ‘New Age’ pretending these days, but expert at pandering to the ego through material things in order to ruin their pathway. And many have already fallen to this ploy.

Just know that the real growth people do is within and people do not need leaders to show them how.  You just be honest to yourself and learn to listen to your inner self. What sages have told us for all of humanities lifetimes about ethics and about being a good person are true. We already have great guidelines.

Yet mankind is always dazzled by someone “better” than them, or more popular than them.

In the dream, in the second herd of lightworkers to this room, there were many famous faces, in fact, authors of and honest books. So know the game is very sneaky and slick. Here they were checking this nasty place out. I never stayed to see what other people did, I just knew in my heart to leave right then. Most of the awakened ones probably left as well, as they have been through so many other instances of trickery and glam already.

Following a herd can be dangerous these days and especially the days ahead. What happens to cows when they move in a herd, they suddenly find themselves in the slaughter house, which was the feeling and essence of this dream. Not everything that glitters is gold.

~ Carolyn Thompson