It has been two  months now since the Transformational Wave spread throughout the lands.  I wanted to write about my personal experience of what this portion of energy has done for/with me.

About three weeks ago, I woke up from regular sleep and found I was different. Now just before this shift in me, I went through some strange type of spiralling, twisting, and it appeared to be my whole body going through this.

wrung out

I could see my self, body and all being wrung out like a wet sweater. Energy moved upward towards my crown energy center and out through the top of my head.

It was quick and it appeared to remove so much from me, all of me, especially patterns and thoughts of things that were illusions or unnecessary for me to think. Illusions left, and so much more.

There were a few themes that I was just getting wrong and had a wrong focus. This action of wringing out the unnecessary truly removed many things, permanently from my being, body, mind, emotions, spiritually, etc.

The flushing removed any false guides, false notions about the future and so many other illusionary pieces just vanished. Pop…gone.

When I got up that day I just stared around at my world, pondering it with a very fresh mind.

The first full day was trippy. I was stern and clear. I knew what I needed to do right then without a doubt. There were so many mis-aligned thoughts connected with this (my) path,  that just vaporized!!!!  Now I had to make some real choices and guide my future through this new clarity.

These past weeks I have been reviewing the effects of those old thoughts and can see that they were truly unclear and low vibrational. I can see how some took me through a long crooked road and wasted my time. Oh well, the blessing is that I now “see” this.

As most of you know, clearing has been an on-going process since we incarnated here. The many cosmic waves have come it to wash away more and transform functions within our body. The energies activated many aspects of our Divine person. These many waves were designed to change us slowly yet thoroughly.

The Transformation wave came in and made more radical changes to our physiology and to our minds, and is till here in action. it is major inductor of change, moving all to  higher frequencies

Now since “mind” is an energy field, it is something that can be moved through physics. Energy particles and electrical charges flip poles and shift contents of our physiology. When enough changes, the person is changed.

I thought I was on the fringe before, but now I feel part of everyone, beyond what I was believing before. The clarity from this purging, has me “seeing’ the potentials even faster.

Hard Purging

Since January I have had to dive in to my deepest hiding spots to be face to face with my core issues. I received abuse when I was very young and so I hid those memories very deep. With the help of a therapist, I went back to those times and reviewed what happened for real. Not my versions of my child’s prefered memory, but the real actions.

As many times as I have gone to those time to heal them, something was still there. So now I found the root of my mis-perceptions about myself. The week following, I was in shock, numb and bewildered. I could hardly breathe at times and could not function in my real life very well; but there it was. The core. The root of my personal pain. Done.

There might not have been much there, and yet the “load” these memories had was huge. The ‘charge” these issues made provided the platform for my life to unfold.

So if the charge is “hurt”, the unfolding of drama in life will probably reflect that hurt, and the magnetism it provided, will draw in more of the same. So to neutralize that active issue, was huge!! I am dancing the happy dance.

shiny happy people

Vera wrote in her article, “In the first four months of the year, the first movers had managed to dissolve their last core fears that were still stored in their emotional bodies. The emotional and mental bodies of this wave are now shiny and clean.”


And yes, Life is changing for me again.

When a person neutralises the electrical charges, that highly emotional events create, then they are free from its influences.

I see this wave was definitely Divine Compensation for all of our collective work to move forward with Earth. It is still with us, penetrating and purifying

Purifying… to make pure. Shine one!

~ Carolyn Thompson

This was not so much a wave, but lack of words, I used ‘wave’ ….  my spiritual team told me to call it “Transformational”… like a verb. Know also that this is very personal and everyone is unique, so that how this unfolds for each person is also unique.

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