As I work to find my new footing in the 5D presence, I can no longer look back on things I used to find interesting. Why? No more “interesting” left.

For those who have been on the Lightworker, Wayshower and Healer paths, you do know we have had so many wonderful channelers and writers of topics to help us move forward. You will also know that there are many channelers and articles that are just rubbish. Many articles are great practice for discernment.

The process of sensing what is right for you is your process. The reason why we have so many things to read, listen and watch is because we are all unique and sometimes saying something one way is not completing the communication.

There is a unique difference in the articles people write when they are in different dimensional consciousness. When I was in those dimensions, I really enjoyed the posts, yet now that I am in 5D, many of their articles just do not make sense or have a focus that I no longer have.

Over time there are many who I do not read as they are not feeding me, at least in this new dimesnion I find myself in. David Wilcock seems to me to have left the path and is just out in 4D Fantasy Land. His friend Corey is still mind-controlled outside of himself and thus all his information could also be Fantasy or out right disinformation and he would not know it. So I would be no good in conversations about all their world of ancient undiscoveries and possibilities.

Ben Fullford is another one that appears to be “intentionally feed” bits of disinformation and mixes it in to make a better picture, so in the long run, few of what he says will happen has happened. They all are great men, doing what they wish.  These people are on a mission!

When I read things that just do not seem right I, put aside things that do not make sense in case something else comes along and connects it to reality.

Guess that is really what 5D is about, the understanding on deeper levels where people are operating at. How can anyone know? No one can! You can get hints from your Higher Self which may help, but refrain from pretending you know what a person is doing or what their path is.

Being in a level of a non-judgement, 5D, a detached space, helps a person not to get crazy and call people liars or intentional fakers when they are really trying their best.

It is especially rare in our world not to just down right call people out and shame them for their work. Tweet, rude, tweet, crude. But it never needs that type of response. The right response is allowing. Yet our world’s people are mostly in 4D and thus they still participate deeply in division.

In all that I discern about these three people, I really have no idea how their focus will assist us! Oh yes there are more people I really no longer read as their information is 3D or 4D orientation, these are written for those people it really helps.

shock read

There was one writer, channeler that I would read and one or two sentences in his whole article were laced in fear. The sentence was to shock the reader in very subtle ways as all that was written above and below those sentences were all nice fluffy feel-good rhetoric.

After reading his channeling of Sirians, I would sit there with a pain in my stomach and my mind was already regurgitating the shock sentences so that it could be analysed, what is the outcome of these hooks? Most of them was to give the reader a feeling of overwhelm and to give their power over to some rogue ET’s. These articles feed the insecurities we may have. Once you no longer have those insecurities, this mans articles are exposed and become uninteresting. Yet when you have insecurities and still in 4D, these fear points are real feeling and cause for alarm.

It is at a 4D perspective that many writings have layers or pieces of fear in them. It just comes with the mid sets of 4D.

Anyone who writes about NESARA and money packages being delivered is a sure sign I will not read their work or give them any time. The idea of NESARA was a good one and yet when people of 3D got through with the idea of it, it changed in to an ordinary get-rich-scam. When that took place the Ascended Masters who proposed it dropped it. One lady was acting like she was in charge and received money from people to be placed first in line for money packages to distribute to people. She took the money a ran for of course, the program was already abandoned.

derailed For many gullible people, NESARA is hanging over their thoughts as a saviour, bail out or something for nothing. Sorry to say that it is not ever going to happen.

People who “channel” anyone saying it is a go, I just no longer read. If I see it, I drop the read. It is a waste of time to invest anything in that subject!

It took many years for me to hone this ability to discern. It took me years of being derailed and changed my course in reaction to some post that I later found out was not right and took me off my path for a time. Discernment is a skill set. yet it is also relative to each unique soul.

My biggest complaint to God would be there is simply too much choice here! Too much diversity, too many wonderful careers, too many delicious foods, so many excellent people, and also all the deplorables too.


If you look at my resume, you will find I have changed careers many times and having a satisfied go at all of them.

Now with being in 5D, “career” disappears. Now saying that does not mean no work, just that the old concepts of what a career is has changed greatly.

I am baffled, perhaps still own some 3D blinders on this issue! I am still working to find the patterns of living in 5D as it is such a new experience.


Someone said to me a while back that jumping the dimensions were very much like changing angles. A hard right or left, so to speak and there that dimension was.

If you are growing spiritually, you will also find that many things are hard to make sense of and yet you still move forward, for you are tuned-in within.

As one thing becomes no longer useful, something else moves in. As one person no longer gives you some information that helps you, then know someone else probably will.

Each dimension is different in the way it operates, and thus this is why we gave names, in order to try to understand how to live and have our being at every level.

It is would be inaccurate to say that any  dimensions is better than another. Each layer is for experiencing and contributing to. Each contribution to the whole is needed and wanted. Yet today it seems really hard to navigate life when you are not fully getting how it works!

All this shuffling around reminds me of Square Dancing. Really! You need to dance in the dimensions to get the feeling and knowledge you need to live in it.

Enjoy the dance and the shifting times!

Be very flexible and kind.

Allow others their place in the Divine Plan and honor your own place!

It is all coming together quite nicely these days. Hard work of many a spiritual soul who consciously works on their inner being has paid off and we are heading towards some excellent adventures!

~ Carolyn Thompson