“Transformational’ wave is a time crossing event that will change people in ways few can imagine. It effects the cells.

fog bank4
It comes like a thick blanket or a dense cloud of precise energy.
The outcome will depend upon the individual.

This is the way things can change, for humanity is very slow to adopt to change. People ask for change, but then resist it. It is the biological quality of the brain that keeps people in repeat modes and the codes within the cells that repeat. It will affect everything actually…..
It definitely comes soon.  This is not some kind of armageddon.
Celestials have created this in order to shift humanity out of their rut.
Humans are not progressing too well, even with modern media making things so immediate to see, read, hear or interact with.
A necessity really…. the name was given to me in the morning (4-21) with a bit more information….
All previous cosmic waves of energy were to step people up in order to receive this one.

Previous Cosmic Waves

Last year we had several magnificent cosmic waves that washed through humanity. They pushed us all in increments towards more inner dialog. These waves were stepping-stones to what comes next.

There is no precise time to be given and exact ‘what happens’ as well. Do not speculate or form opinions, and sense this as it comes through on your own terms, please.

~ Carolyn Thompson

{I learned of this over 35 months ago and have been curious to discover what it actually is and does. It is not until the last two months that more information came through. Then the name came lately which might describe it. ~ ct}