Enigmatic Healing

Enigmatic Healing is what I call my particular healing modality. Enigmatic best describes the complexity of each individual person on whom I have worked, but also describes the intriguing way that the human and all its bioenergy works.

An Enigma is something not easily understood or easy to explain; a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation; anything that arouses curiosity or perplexes because it is unexplained, inexplicable, or secret.

As with many forms of Metaphysics (Meta, meaning over and beyond – and Physics, meaning science that deals with matter and energy and their interactions), Energy Medicine is still in its infancy. Yet it is being demonstrated throughout the world by in-depth Healers.

By the use of the term ‘Energy Medicine’ in this web site, we only refer to the human instrument for application of energy and nothing mechanical as in electrical devises and such. ‘Energy’ is an open ended term for the life force that flows through and around people in unseen ways, and yet have action upon.

Core Star



The entire bio-field radiates from our Core Star and establishes our tube of light. People are a star in metaphoric and practical terms, in that our Core Star, our soul, is what holds us all as a unit in human form.

The core star emanates from within our physical form that we enter fully upon birth, and is approximately located at the base of our sternum. It is not an energy center (a charka) but the origins of our Tube of Light, or Pranic Tube.

The ‘Core Star’ is named as such by Dr. Barbara Brennan in her research within the field of Energy Medicine. If this is a field of study for you, then study her three books.

Just like our Earth and planets, we revolve around our core star.



Energy Medicine; a science and application of energy therapies for bio-energy fields

The ongoing scientific study of our reality and the functions of our human energy fields which include our physical body, has gathered a lot of research, study and application. This study comes from many avenues, from space exploration, philosophy, physics, geoscience, physiology and biology, and the many fields that people research in earnest. Even with all our modern information, our physical body is still an enigma as scientists are still discovering new organs. (link)

Our body is so intricate that it takes more than a lifetime to study. Many people take just one specializing area to work with, and depend upon other people to help them form a full picture of what is going on and how to assist towards health.

When the addition of our bioenergy (auric fields) added to this research, then it becomes harder to settle on what is real and what is imagined. Yet, without our subtle energy fields, we would have no body,

The study of these fields is an enormous task. Human energy fields have been studied throughout time. Without our fields we would have no energy centers, also called chakras. All this bioenergy emanates from our Core Star. We are Stars!



Melchizedek Ouri Light is for Soul Integration

This light brings about core enrichment. It is to align one quickly, in any way that is needed according to their soul path. It clears the energy fields, and strengthens the core purpose through removal of static and old energies. This energy clearing and alignment trickles down in to the physical body as health and vitality.

Melchizedek Ouri Light is specific Light. It is our gift to humanity in human’s quest for returning to authenticity of their souls. This light is very powerful, beyond what earthians have experienced through other means.

In accordance with the Divine Plan for Earth and Humanity, it is time to administer Melchizedek Ouri Light which provides fast clearing and which enhances the acceleration of every soul in which this Light touches.

~ Carolyn Thompson, Melchizedek Ouri

Enigmatic Healing Sessions

Enigmatic Healing is a process of Soul Integration on all levels of a person’s being, body, mind, etheric templates, and subtle energy systems in and around the body. Through the use of Energy Medicine (energy healing), the client receives their own unique blend of codes, information and sequences to align all aspects of their soul in Divine Order.

In person sessions are available at the office in Austin Texas.  Long distance sessions are available after a consultation.

For Enigmatic Healing sessions, please contact Carolyn at  enigmatich@live.com or (512) 466-4341