The 22nd of April was Earth day, and I spent a beautiful day in the sun with friends running energy processes, connecting and contributing to the Earth, and equally receiving from it. The day began cloudy and dull. But, having spent some time in question of what would contribute most to the day, the clouds disappeared, the sun shone, and birds, hedgehogs, and squirrels joined us in the garden to celebrate! The day, for me, created so much awareness of new possibilities that I wanted to share my experience of this greater communion with our amazing, conscious, contributory Earth.

This year, I have experienced an abundance of synchronistic reminders and opportunities to connect with the Earth, to acknowledge it, and receive its energy.

Questions have been manifesting in my mind as to:
-how and what can I contribute?
-what can I (and we) be or do to enable a greater communion with the Earth?
-how to allow it to contribute to us and our consciousness.?

Early awareness

My awareness of the Earth began at an early age. As a child, I remember sitting for whole lunch breaks under a huge old Oak tree in the grounds of my primary school, resting against its trunk, happy and peaceful in the presence of it and ignoring calls from my peers to play rounders or kiss-chase (though at that age I took any opportunity to avoid kiss-chase!). I had no awareness at that age of why I was so happy in that place, but looking back now, the peace I found there could have been because all of my control dramas, worries and stresses of that time in my life disappeared in the shade of that tree.

Even at that age, was I aware of the contribution of the Earth? Did I know the power and potency of its presence in my life? Considering the teachings of the First Insight, “nothing happens by accident, everybody who crosses our path has a message for us,” this applies to our amazing, contributory, conscious Earth too … and it was giving the young me a strong message through that huge old Oak tree, which I would not acknowledge the importance of for many years.

Maintaining the flow

The Fifth Insight explains that existing in a constant state of energy will bring on the coincidences we are searching for: assisting us to connect to the energy, maintain the flow, and collectively move forward towards a world-wide spiritual consciousness.

We have all experienced the energetic highs, that ‘ah ha’ moment of enlightenment when something suddenly just ‘clicks’. The message we receive tells us everything is connected, and in that moment, your whole being lights up with a sense of movement towards a greater destiny.

Yet, we all also know how quickly this connection can disappear, gone in a second of self-doubt or in the shade of another’s control drama. This was constantly happening to me earlier in the year and I was getting lost in frustration and self-judgement of why I couldn’t maintain the connection. Sound familiar to anyone?!

What more can we be to the Earth and it to us?

Let me ask a question before I go into a little story about how this changed for me and perhaps how it could change for you. Have you ever been somewhere and your whole body lit up, for no explainable reason other than an intense joy you felt right there and then?

Maybe you swam in a river which brought all your senses and cells to life or you walked in a forest and suddenly felt more alive. How often do we stop and consciously acknowledge this? Or do we just hurry on and chalk it up to a moment of beauty, a welcome release from life’s stresses and problems, before we return to them and carry on as before?

What if we stopped and truly let the beauty of that moment infiltrate through every pore of our bodies, let that energy into our life and being and let it expand? What more would be possible then?

 Ask and you will receive

As I said, earlier this year I was struggling and, in frustration, I found myself asking the Universe, “What am I missing? How can I change this?” Almost immediately, I began receiving messages; everywhere I went, everyone I met was giving me information and awarenesses to connect with the Earth.

The General Sherman

One particular ‘nudge’ was a chance finding online of a video about a project in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, which host the biggest and oldest Sequoia trees on Earth – some close to 100m tall and up to 3000 years old.

The video talked of the intense energy and ancient wisdom of these trees and how that is being lost on the planet through climate change and deforestation. The project has been conducted to retrieve genetic samples from which trees can be cloned to help fight the effects of both. Watching this video, I remembered that huge, old Oak tree in the grounds of my primary school for the first time in many years.

One morning soon after, I was sitting in my kitchen, my head in my hands, unable to shift the weight of my problems and worries. I looked up out of the window to the large tree just outside it,  and again, I thought of that huge old Oak tree and the peace I found there.

I had a sudden urge to go out to that tree and that’s exactly what I did. Standing in front of it, I closed my eyes and placed my hands on its trunk — instantly I felt a pulse of intense energy flood into my hands and up my arms. I turned and leaned against it, feeling the energy pulsing through my whole body and consciously pulling it into me, like a favorite food I had denied myself for years! After a few minutes of doing this, I felt my own energy levels rising. I reached down into the Earth and connected, allowing the flow of intense energy to flood through me … and I swear I could sense the Earth saying “Thank you!” When I finally moved away from the tree, I felt a peace in my body I had not felt for years. All the stress and problems I had felt earlier had gone, evaporated, and I suddenly understood the peace I had found under that old Oak tree as a young girl … it was being at one with the Earth.

New possibilities

Having this new awareness of the Earth’s energy has created huge shifts for me. I have begun consciously receiving from the Earth on a regular basis while meditating or when out on walks stopping to lean against the trees and receive their energy. Since developing these routines, there has been a noticeable increase of synchronicities in my life – things, people, and opportunities showing up out of nowhere to help and guide me and a greater ability to maintain my energy levels when they are challenged.

The Earth continues to be self-perpetuating and self-generating, despite the consistency with which humanity has ignored, abused, drained, and depleted it. If a barren or burnt piece of ground is left for long enough then something will grow on it – but how much damage and neglect is too much? The Earth is crying out for us to take notice and it won’t be self-sustaining forever. What will it take for humanity to sit up and take notice of the effect of its actions and, more importantly, what can we do to contribute to creating greater consciousness on the planet?

Wherever you are today, take a few moments to reach down energetically into the Earth and connect with it. Say “hi”, have a conversation with it, and allow it to respond and contribute to you. Pull the energy up through your feet into your body … receive it, and feel the increase in your own energy levels.

If you’d like to take it a step further, try a ‘Meditation walk with the Earth’: find an area of nature which inspires you and walk as slowly as possible for an hour, being totally present with the Earth, the birds, plants, and trees. Walking slowly in this way seems to eliminate time as a reality, creating clarity of mind and ease for energy expansion. All we need to do is reach down and the Earth is right there for all of us.

It’s true that everyone has a message for us and the Earth is no exception! It wants us to know that it is here for us to connect with and receive from: it desires to gift to us, commune with us, create greater togetherness for us and for the planet. All we need to do is be willing to ask and receive.

~ Tracy Howlett

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