(The following piece is an excerpt from a live event held in Santa Fe, New Mexico in October of 1989 with Silarra and Savizar and the channeled entities, Alarius and Polaria.)

ALARIUS: Your picture of reality is your picture of reality. All the things that you do, think, and feel make sense in your picture of reality but they may not make sense in mine.reality1

PARTICIPANT: So, it is what you believe that is real? It’s all the perceptions and the etc., etc?

ALARIUS: From our perception, you are close. But belief is just an element.

PARTICIPANT: It seems to me that a part of it has been accepting that realities can shaft quite easily. Or that I could shift my reality quite easily.

ALARIUS: That’s something that is logical in your picture of reality, but it may not be logical in someone else’s. So, it couldn’t be a universal causation. We are looking for universals here. Something that would be accurate in each being’s existence.

PARTICIPANT: Experience.

ALARIUS: Experience tends to breed reruns. If I use experiences to determine what is real, then my picture of reality is determined by what I have experienced. That means I can only experience what I’ve experienced. Because the Universe will rearrange itself to accommodate what I’ve experienced. That is the Wheel of Karma.


Wait a minute. Could your standard of measurement have something to do with it? You know, everybody has a way of measuring  what’s real, right? Beliefs, experience we could say that a universal is that eveidence has a way of measuring what’s real. A standard of measurement. And maybe, if you’re with a group of people who have the same standard of  measurement, you can make the same kind of sense out of reality.

What if there was a radical shift in you of measuring what’s real? What if different dimensions use different ways of meaning what’s real? What if the only reason you see what’s going on in other dimensions right now is because you’re locked into a way of measuring reality that holds you in this dimension? This is very stimulating stuff to consider, eh?

We tend to gravitate to beings who have a similar way of measuring reality, because our awareness configurations tend to match. When I say, “it’s real”, you tend to say, “Yes, that’s real.” We like other people who use the same way of measuring reality because we’re going to get together and have great conversations about reality. We can say, “Yes, this is real” and the other person will go, “Yeah, that’s real”.

PARTICIPANT: For most of us, we define reality as something we can share with another person.

ALARIUS: Yes. See we are really outrageous. We are so far out in the way we measure reality that we don’t think that you will ever understand anything we are talking about. Now, in some ways of measuring reality, is not communication the most important thing? Is not communicating correctly the most important thing? Is not keeping track of whether the other person is understanding what you’re saying with feedback to make sure you can get to a common ground of understanding the most important thing? But from our way of measuring reality, it’s not only unimportant, it’s impossible! So we don’t even bother.

We know what we say to you will stimulate your insights. We know that our insights are our own and even when I speak my insights to you, you will never know what it is to me. You will never even know what it is. But you will know your own insight. That’s useful to you. So we’ve got some really far out way of measuring reality here. Very different from most people on this planet. We actually don’t care if you understand us. We don’t use beliefs as a way of measuring what’s real.

We experience most of the things that we are about as being well beyond the mental body’s capacity to fully understand and grasp. And since the mental body works mostly in belief systems, we recommend that you don’t even try to believe us. Because from our standpoint, belief is not a useful way of measuring reality. It will just keep you stuck in your head and we would recommend that you spend most of your time out of your mind.

PARTICIPANT: So, if we don’t believe you, what should we do with it?

ALARIUS: Whatever you wish. It’s none of our business. Because we are not here to do anything with you.

PARTICIPANT: With it being the case that you may have started at the same place where we may be coming from now…

ALARIUS: Yes, Savizar and Silarra started from that point.

PARTICIPANT: How did you manage to escape from the standard of measurement that we are using?

ALARIUS: We established a new standard of measurement and held to it. Wherever we saw the other standards of measurement at work, we discarded them.

PARTICIPANT: Where did you get the standard of measurement? Or, how did you conceive of it?

ALARIUS: We went to the fifth dimension; observed the way that things were measured as reality there, and decided that we wanted to live life on Planet Earth the same way beings lived on the fifth dimension. We wanted to live on Earth as we do in the ships above. We knew that the third-dimensional way of measuring reality would not allow that. We also knew that the fourth-dimensional way of measuring reality would not allow that. So, we began to integrate and utilize a fifth-dimensional way of measuring reality, which allows Savizar and Silarra to do all kinds of things that ‘normal’ beings cannot do. Because normal ways of measuring reality are more limited.

PARTIClPANT: Wasn’t it kind of hard to break it…

ALARIUS: It took a tremendous amount of attention. A tremendous amount of discipline and a tremendous amount of effort on their part.

POLARIA: You are already beginning to integrate a different standard of measurement beyond your beliefs and experiences. Are you not beginning to develop your intuition?

ALARIUS: Didn’t you all use your intuition as a way of measuring reality tonight in the exercise when you felt the energy configurations shift? You had to sense that, you had to feel that.

POLARIA: It had nothing to do with your beliefs. You were using a different standard of measurement.

ALARIUS: So, you have already been playing around in different ways of measuring reality. You are already beginning to get to the place…none of you would even be here if you were solely using beliefs and experiences as a way of deciding what’s real and what’s not.

Something of what was said in the brochure, or the video, or wherever, rang true in you. Not in your mind, but in your energetic field. Something said, ‘This is true.” You followed that feeling, because your mind’s saying, “Wow, this is out to lunch. This is weird stuff. I don’t know if I go along with all this.” But your heart and your body and your spirit said, “Let’s go check this out. There’s something here for us.” So you are following something more than your mind and your beliefs.

Savizar and Silarra have just gone one step further. Following your intuition, and your energies is a fourth-dimensional way of measuring reality. The entire Universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality.

How do they say that in the 4th dimension? A fourth-dimensional way of perceiving reality says. “You create your own reality”.

A third-dimensional way of measuring reality says. “Thoughts are powerful. Think positive thoughts; you’ll have positive results”.


A fifth-dimensional way of following the line of thought of that same principle says, “The entire Universe rearranges itself to accommodate my picture of reality. My picture of reality is optional and changeable and I have the power to change it. Anything that l want to put in my picture of reality will manifest by my command. I am a god/goddess. I access the power to co-create with the Universe any reality my spirit desires.”

PARTICIPANT: It’ll take a lot of concentration.

ALARIUS: Not from the fifth-dimensional way of perceiving reality, because that’s just the way it is there.

From a third-dimensional way of perceiving reality, it’s almost inconceivable. From a fourth-dimensional way of perceiving reality, you can feel the truth of it.

From a fifth-dimensional way of perceiving reality, it’s just the way it is. Very stimulating, eh?

So, imagine being an extraterrestrial walk-in coming down here, checking out the third-dimensional way of measuring reality and saying, “That’s too limited.” And then checking out the fourth-dimensional way of measuring reality and saying, “That’s never going to work.” Then observing the fifth-dimensional way of measuring reality and saying, “Ah, yes. This feels like home.”

But see, when you’re an extraterrestrial walk-in, you have not been trained that the third-dimensional way of measuring reality is the right and only one. You all go to personal growth, self-awareness training’s, consciousness- expanding groups, and what are they doing? They are training you to use a fourth-dimensional way of measuring reality.

Do you see Savizar and Silarra sitting with throngs of hundreds of thousands of people? No, you don’t. Why not? Because those throngs of hundreds of thousands of people are just beginning to activate and develop a fourth-dimensional way of measuring what is real. Beings who are mid to late fourth-dimensional in their way of perceiving reality can begin to integrate what Savizar and Silarra and we (the channeled entities) have to share. Beings who are heavily third-dimensional in their way of perceiving reality will leave here like scrambled eggs, hating the experience. There are too many leaps they have to take. Too many wild, mystical leaps.

PARTICIPANT: There’s lots of those people. I mean, the planet is full of them.

ALARIUS: Well, great.

PARTICIPANT: Don’t you think so?

ALARIUS: I think the planet is full of beings who have a third-dimensional way of perceiving reality. Full of them. Everybody’s got to start somewhere.

POLARIA: That’s generally the type of place where extraterrestrial, celestial and other-dimensional planetary transition team members come to. They come to begin to cut an energetic pathway for new standards of measurement for determining what is real.

ALARIUS: You are developing a fourth-dimensional way of perceiving reality. You’re getting to where you trust your intuition more, you trust your feelings more, you trust your inner-knowing more, you follow your inner-knowing more than even your beliefs now.

You say, “I believe this, but I feel this, so I’m going to go with my feelings”. So, you are advancing. You are moving into another way of measuring what’s real.

Now, go to someone who is low 3-D. Their way of measuring…have you ever seen people
who say that what they say is real, by God, and nothing else is real? And I don’t care what you say to them. This is what is real and if you say anything else, you’re full of it and they might kick your butt if you keep pushing.

PARTICIPANT: I know some people like that. Fewer and fewer, though. I’m hanging out with some new friends.

POLARIA: It’s because your standard of measurement is shifting.

ALARIUS: And all of a sudden you can’t agree with what they say. You’re saying, “Look, I measure reality in a different way and I think your way of measuring reality is full of it and I love you and I’ll miss you. Good-bye”.

And sometimes you’re tormented, because, “I love these people so much. Why can’t I be with them?” It’s because your way of measuring reality has changed so much that you can’t sit around and complain about how you are a victim of life any longer, because now you recognize that you create your own reality. So those people who are in there saying, “It’s real. l am a victim. They really did it to me.” You’re saying, “I can’t relate to that anymore.”

So, while you are in your fourth-dimensional way of measuring reality, you are saying, “Hey, I can create my own reality. I’m in control of my own Universe.”

And then you get to a fifth­ dimensional way of perceiving reality and you say, “My God, I’ve never been in control of anything!”

PARTICIPANT: How can you not be in control of anything and yet make everything…when everything adjusts itself to your will?

ALARIUS: We said it’s a fourth-dimensional way of perceiving reality that thinks that way. Because from the fifth dimension we can see that everything that you have ever done — even how deeply you take a breath or the food that you eat or the thoughts that you think or the clothes you wear– everything that has ever happened in your existence has been totally and completely guided by your spirit. Even your time of having the illusion that you have free will and choice was completely guided by your spirit. Even the opportunity to judge yourself and deny your own spirit, and to cut yourself off from your spirit was totally and precisely guided by your spirit — the moment it started, how long it lasted and when it ended was all decided by your spirit.

PARTICIPANT: Then what kind of a learning experience is that for your Spirit?

ALARIUS: Ah, but see, only from the fourth­ dimensional way of perceiving reality do you see life as education.


ALARIUS: From the fifth dimension you see that life is not about education. Learning happens, but that’s not what life is about.

PARTICiPANT: Well, what is life about?

ALARIUS: Well, from a third-dimensional way of perceiving reality, life is about survival.

From a fourth-dimensional way of perceiving reality, life is about education, evolution and consciousness.

From a fifth-dimensional way of perceiving reality, life is about service to Divine Energy. Doing exactly what Spirit asks you to do in any moment. As precisely as you can.


ALARIUS: For nothing at all. Just because that’s the only game in town. We do what we do because it’s ours to do. We do it with you because you’re the beings for us to do it with.

From the fourth dimension you do this work to heal the planet, to heal people, to make the world a better place.

From the fifth-dimensional way of perceiving reality, you do this work because it’s yours to do. You say these things because they are yours to say. You share these energies because they are yours to share. How do you know they are yours to say? They occurred to you to say. That’s enough. If it showed up in your head as something to say, it’s worth saying. Odd, isn’t it? like a puppet.

PARTICIPANT: Well it makes you sound a bit like a puppet.

ALARIUS: Ah, yes. In the third-dimensional way of perceiving reality, your survival is the most important thing. Being a puppet is dangerous. And from a fifth­dimensional way of perceiving reality, it is ecstasy.


Another word for that puppet might just be an instrument for Divinity or a Divine Fool –an instrument waiting to be played by the forces of the Universe. You’ll never know the ecstasy of being an instrument as long as you still feel that _ you must be in control of the music.

One day, you’ll awaken to a fifth-dimensional way of perceiving reality and you’ll say, “Ah, the music. Ah, the music. Ah, the music. Use me. Play through me. Do whatever you wish. Ah, the ecstasy of the music.” Then you are full-fledged mystic. Then you are a Divine Fool.

A Divine Fool will do -whatever Spirit directs him or her to do and doesn’t much give a shit about what other people think about them.

On the third dimension it’s all about the “Political Self”. “What other people think about me matters. If I’m ever going to get anywhere in this world, I’m going to have to look right, talk right, and be right, because survival is what it’s about and I don’t care how many people’s asses I have to kiss to get what l want. I can do it because it will get me what I want.” That’s a third-dimensional way of perceiving reality.

A fourth-dimensional way of perceiving reality is, “Wait a minute. I can hold a vision, put that person in my vision — that will manipulate them on the other dimensions — they will come and give me what I want. I won’t have to kiss so many asses and bust my buns off.”

A fifth-dimensional way of perceiving reality is, “It is Spirit that gives me the vision. It is Spirit’s vision. l am Spirit’s instrument. I’m here to do whatever Spirit wishes. I am a divine master. I am an instrument of a divine master. Whatever the divine master wishes to manifest here cannot be denied. I am a manifestation of the Divine Plan. Every action and word that emerges from me supports the co-creation of a world that has never been here before.” Same person, just different standards of measurement.

PARTICIPANT: Well, it makes you sound a bit

POLARIA: Different energy configuration in consciousness.

ALARIUS: Different positioning in consciousness. Same person. Same urges.

POLARIA: Same elements.

ALARIUS: So, you take a person and you say ‘Tell me something simple and mundane that you want that you think is insignificant in relationship to your purpose.” And they will say, “I want new tires for my car.”
“Once again, if you have those new tires for your car, then what?”
‘Then I would be able to drive wherever wanted to.”
“If you could drive wherever you wanted to then what?”
“I would go on vacation and I would have wonderful time.”
“Now you had gone on vacation as much a you wanted, then what?”
‘Then I would like to find some way to have all the money I ever wanted.”
“OK., you have all the money you ever wanted, then what?”
“Well, I’d find someway to give it to people do some good things in the world.”
“OK.’ now you’ve done some good things in the world, then what?”
“Well, I’d probably like to get enlightened, or something.”
“OK., now you’re enlightened, then what?”
“Well, I’d probably like to do even more good things for the people in the world.”
So you can start with getting those tires and if you go deep enough, everything in your life ends up being about doing your purpose. Because it is the one directed urge in your existence to do what your spirit brought you here to do.
From a third-dimensional perspective, that looks like surviving. From a fourth-dimensional perspective, that looks like contributing to a better world. From a fifth-dimensional perspective, that looks like being a living embodiment of your spirit’s vision.

PARTICIPANT: The living embodiment doesn’t sound so bad

ALARIUS: The ecstasy! The energy! What it does is exalt your humanity. You become everything that is wonderful and beautiful and ecstatic and exquisite about being human. You become the highest expression of whatever your divine design is. Because there is nothing in side that is saying, “I’m in charge. I know what to do. I know how to do it. I’ll take care of that.”

Everything within you is just saying “yes” to the Divine Plan. And if you are a puppet, what are you a puppet of? Your own larger self. So what have you done but expanded your identity?

From a third-dimensional way of measuring reality where you say, “I am my body and I am my mind.”

From a fourth-dimensional way of measuring reality where you say, “I am my intuition and I am my spirit.”

To a fifth-dimen­sional way of measuring reality where you say, “I am a master and I am an aspect of the Divine Plan”.

Different positioning, different configurations, different standards of measurement for determining what is real.

POLARIA: And do you notice that with each movement into a higher dimensional standard of measurement, the higher one does not exclude the other ones, it includes them.

ALARIUS: You don’t lose your humanity.

POLARIA: You don’t lose the fact that you are your body and your mind and your intuition and your heart and your spirit. You just put it in a larger context which includes all of them. And your magnificence begins to pulse through you.

You know, if you have a fifth-dimensional way of perceiving reality and you are in a third-dimensional body…beings on the fifth dimension have light bodies. They don’t have dense physical bodies. They have bodies made up of pure light. Imagine what will begin to happen to you if you maintain a fifth-dimensional way ofperceiving reality. Your third-dimensional body is going to begin to change into a fifth-dimensional body.

Now, consider the possibility that Planet Earth has been condensing into matter, which means it’s been playing in a third-dimensional context and that now it’s in the process of spiritualizing itself. Which means the planetary consciousness itself is moving into a fifth-dimensional way of perceiving reality.


If the planet itself, is moving into a fifth-dimensional way of perceiving reality and you are in a physical body that is made up of the elements of this planet, then you’re probably just a mobile aspect of this planet. That means that probably what’s happening with the planet is going to happen to you. And you know, if you all of a sudden start using a fifth-dimensional way of perceiving reality and then, over a period of time, your body becomes lighter and lighter and more full of light and your consciousness becomes more divine, pretty soon you’ll have this ascended master look. You know, a lightbody! It’s the ‘in’ thing for the ‘90’s.

PARTICIPANT: There’s actually stages along the way, which I have experienced in people that I’ve known. Where I’m just being with them and I’ll flash on light coming out of their form. And that’s just…

ALARIUS: Yes. There are beings who have fourth-dimensional ways of perceiving reality that can see the light that comes out of Savizar and Silarra’s bodies. There is an enormous amount of light that comes out of them.

Many people just get into their presence and they go into an altered state. And it is because they have a fifth dimensional way of perceiving reality and they pump a tremendous amount of divine force. Because they don’t have a lot of things in them that are saying no to it. They don’t have a lot of things in them that are trying to control it saying, “Well, I want it to do what 1 want it to do.” You know. They’re saying, “Whatever you want to play through me, play.” So the light just goes (whaaaam).

Now tell me, if you were on a third dimensional world, and you were standing in a third-dimensional body on this world and you were looking at Planet Earth and somehow you shifted from a third-dimensional to a fifth-dimensional way of perceiving reality, and Planet Earth shifted from a third-dimensional body to a fifth-dimensional body where it was all light, what would you tend to say had happened to that planet?

PARTICIPANT: It would probably disappear.

ALARIUS: Ah, but maybe it would be star. Maybe stars are just fifth-dimensional planets.

PARTICIPANT: Wow, there’s a lot of them out there. So, what’s a star?

ALARIUS: A fifth-dimensional planet from our way of perceiving reality and our way of measuring reality.

What if the reason that space explorations, so far, have not been able to find any life on other planets or stars, is because they are using a third-dimensional standard of measurement of reality. They are also using third-dimensional technologies. You can’t get very far with that stuff. It’s too limited.

You’ll never get very far with your beliefs and you’ll never get very far manipulating your beliefs or trying to change your beliefs. Savizar and Silarra don’t even pay any attention to their beliefs. They don’t care about them.

What they do care about is the vision that is presented to them from Spirit. And that vision comes to them in bits and pieces — here and there. Here’s a piece. There’s a piece. There’s a piece out of a book. Here’s a piece out of some stimulation from that person. Here’s a piece out of some stimulation from that group. And all of a sudden, it all forms a picture in their consciousness; a vision.

The Universe then rearranges itself to accommodate that picture of reality and they have a new, bigger, faster, cleaner, better reality. They know that is just a transitory picture of reality because it is not yet the full manifestation of Heaven on Earth. So they’ll ride in it, they’ll engage in it, they’ll participate in it fully –knowing that it, too, shall die. And then something new will emerge– bit by bit, piece by piece.

POLARIA: And they’ve also consciously developed the ability to delight in the mystery of not having that full picture all at once, but of engaging fully with whatever piece that Spirit has presented to them in the moment.

ALARIUS: What you have gotten tonight is a whole bunch of pieces. You don’t know how they fit together. It’s not your job to fit them together. Spirit will do that.

POLARIA: Yes, if you’re trying to fit them together, just take a break.

ALARIUS: Just let them go in. The insights will occur. The stimulation has taken place. Pictures of reality have died. New ones will reform. You’ll never be able to quite perceive reality in the same way after hearing all this tonight and experiencing all this. It’s all altered. It’s all different now. You can’t put it back the way it was. And you had no choice but to come here and experience this. Even if you thought you did, because tonight was your night.

~ Savizar and Silarra

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