Body Divine

Our physical body is a creation of such proportion that no one knows all of its abilities, its inner workings, and how it does all that is does naturally; Body Divine.

It is definitely something we can call a creation of God, a Body Divine!

How many specialties of medical personal do we have and still, we are discovering new organs, and systems we did not previously know about. Hormones are the most mysterious still.

Our physical body is for our eternal soul, our core star, to use and express itself in. It carries our soul throughout life until the time for our transition to a bodiless state (death). Then the soul moves forward in its life without the body.

Honor Your Body

Many religions have stressed to deny the body urges so one could be more “spiritual”. Perhaps this ideal has been misinterpreted over the eons, as we cannot express ourselves as spiritual without our body.

Many of our directives from our Higher Self come as various impulses through the body expression. Sensations, feelings, emotions, insights and imagination need the body to be expressed. It takes time to learn what your true impulses are and what was placed upon you as ‘correct’ through society.

Practice Moderation

Perhaps the religious teaching was to emphasis that we are more than our body and not to fixate so much on being the body, through excesses of food, drink, sex, and many other mental fixations that are just about physicality.

Moderation and balance is a key factor for maintaining health.

Our body is the Temple for our Soul; we must take care of this temple in all ways. 

First and foremost is to maintain the optimum health of the body. No matter what kind of body we have, it is our duty to take care of it to the best of our ability. Our body runs on food, water, movement, rest and how we think.

The human body is a chemistry set working inside of us 24/7 regardless. Providing the right fuel when needed keeps it in top running order; our body is hard-wired to maintain health. Yet our choices may interfere with this ability.

Our body is maintained by our Core Star, and our Tube of Light, the Hara, which flows along our spinal column in to the earth and above and beyond our head. This alignment moves energies throughout our being and it holds together our biological form. Our human body is the most condensed collection of atoms and its needs are a basic focus in our life.

Pure clean water is a must and that means just water. Any drink with color, like tea or colas, is considered a food to the body and so we must drink water so the body can keep running.

Daily water intake needs to compensate for the amount of water lost through the kidneys (urination), skin (perspiration), lungs (breathing) and intestines (feces). Otherwise dehydration sets in. Dehydration means that more water is moving out of the body than the amount of water we take in.

The amount of water we need can be determined when we divide the body weight in pounds by two. The result would be the number of ounces of water you need daily.

If you exercise heavily or if you’re in a hot climate you may need more water than that.  To be sure what’s correct for you, check with your health professional.

Movement keeps the body in top shape and strength, keeping muscle tone, and movement actually pumps fluids around the body as needed. No movement, we lose body muscle, and fluids collect, not a pretty sight and worse, it leads to diseases.

Fluids in the body must move or become a problem. Like a river our blood, fluids, lymphatic, tears body fluids, urine, must all  move in order to fulfill their role in our system. When any slowing or stoppage occurs, pain and discomforts will occur. Movement will flush out what the body deems unnecessary. Massage also moves fluids, especially painful stagnant fluids which cause congestion and pain.

“Over the 30+ years of practicing native Hawaiian Lomilomi, I can say that it definitely moves the body fluids.

Once the idea struck me that I was just squeezing out a human sponge; just like when we squeeze dirty water out of a sponge, then we loosen our grip, the sponge expands receiving fresh clean water.

Our body is very much like this as body fluids of all kinds can get stuck, trapped with tight muscles and cause pain.

Pressing and moving my hand over muscle groups moved stagnant fluids, even lymph fluids, and when the pressure was released, new fresh fluids would come in to the rescue. Many aches and pain come from pooling of different fluids.

Massage, movement and exercise work to refresh the body structures within.” ~ Carolyn Thompson