In February, 2014, my mother, age 87, had a stroke and it was the defining moment that told all us ‘children’ that she was going to leave us.

She was ready, but were we?

When I visited her in the hospital, I saw my mother had changed to a tiny woman with one side unable to move. Her mouth could barely move so that she could hardly eat and could not talk. Her eyes flickered this way and that, perhaps trying to communicate with me.


Over the years she had lost much of her short term memory, yet was still very active, cheerfully greeting her neighbors at her apartment complex, and would tell stories of her days long gone by.

Photo of Mom and me at wedding reception->

During my life with my mother, I found many times I could not keep up with her high energy and a sense of duty. She was always involved in something.

But today she was in a state that no one could fix. I knew these were her last days.

I left saying prayers for her. “May she be in no pain and her transition be swift, no suffering. Jesus please escort her to heaven.” My mother was a devote Catholic and this was my prayer for her.

All her life she waited upon other people, serving others with dedication. She was my cornerstone of ethical behavior. She never spoke unkindly of anyone and would reprimand her children if they did.

I felt that God would have the golden gates wide open for her, as she was the best model of for humanity and service to others.

Oh My…. uh, Reaction

At home I went crazy. I felt hyper, and I felt so full of energy, I could hardly sleep more than three hours at most. I really could not think; my mind was racing in all directions.

I started feeling very afraid of everything. I was afraid to leave the house. I was afraid to drive. I had these intense fears hit me that I did not know what or where it was coming from. It would come up from my lower gut. Pure fear!

I stopped and just sat with it.

In my habit of calming the mind, I wanted to look deeper in to this fear. This is my fear? Yes. What level is this fear on, mental, spiritual, emotional? Oh, it is physical.

My BODY was feeling this fear. Intense strong fears. OK.

I asked my body, “why?”

My body flooded my mind with images; that my body was created from the very cells, fluids and fabric of my mothers’ body. My mother and I are One through the physical vessel. My body felt like I was dying, as my mother was.

Soul Incarnation

Now it is a fact that 99.8% of all souls select who their parents will be before birth. Each of us chooses our parents for maximum soul growth, experiences, location, social settings, and other details of our intended incarnation.

All choices are good, no matter if parents keep us, give us away, or other raw circumstances. It sets us up for our soul journey and lessons here.


Our new baby body forms through the cell division of the embryonic stages. Our newly forming body takes what it needs from our mother, the nutrients of food she eats and drinks.

What a baby body needs to build comes from her, her alone as we are a part of her in all ways. We even feel her emotions and the sounds of her, her voice and all internal biological workings, and many tones and sounds from the environment she is in.

In fact the developing baby form will take from the mother even at a point of causing the mother to become unhealthy. The divines biology knows just what to do in patterns that might make our heads spin. Mothers do risk death with carrying and birthing a baby.

The body blueprint comes from the mtDNA and psiDNA*** which the incoming soul selects for its formation. The incarnating soul may select from mother and/or father mtDNA that is available to us within the biological body of our mother. This action was predetermined to a point and put in to action through the etheric coding.

The spiritual aspect of DNA, the “psiDNA”, is brought in with a soul and accounts for the largest portion of DNA; holding records and attributes from many incarnations. In this psiDNA we bring in our divinity and our wonderful abilities that some call gifts, yet are just more of who we are. These are aspects that our parents do not contribute to; these aspects are what our soul is working on, including memories, codes and talents.

We can select mtDNA that might have been inactive for many generations in order to have some oddity for soul growth. This is the reason why you can see so much diversity within one family with many children. Disabilities are also chosen for whatever the soul needs to learn. It is never random.

We are 2% physical matter and 98% spiritual essence. When we die, we leave behind that 2%.

Soul Visits

As the new baby body grows within a mother’s womb, the baby’s soul will slip in and out of it as he wishes, getting a sense of it. As the tiny body becomes more complete, the baby soul might spend more time in this new body.

Our soul is huge, our spiritual self is something that can never fit completely in to any size of human form. We place a portion of our spiritual self in the body for experiences which all of our soul gains knowledge and records of. It imprints upon our psiDNA.

When the soul essence is inside the mother’s womb, she can sense emotions, hear the sounds of our mother’s body and also the sounds outside the womb. One reason playing music and talking to your new child within the womb is so wonderful.

Yet she can also hear arguing and fighting, war, celebrations, and all kinds of action going on. The body is gaining imprints for its life on earth as soon as six weeks in to formation.

When we are born, our soul will move in to its new baby body for the birth process, or perhaps it chooses to be in the body during the late stages of gestation. As we emerge out of our mother’s body and we breathe the air, our soul self stays in the baby body for it is show time.

Some ancient cultures say that the soul has up to one year to decide whether to stay or go, and after that they must stay and live through their soul contracts.

Every child is a biological extension of their mother. A biological oneness.

My Body Reaction

Now my mother is dying. My body was reacting like it was going to die! I felt crazy, so I drove around. I tried to alleviate the intense fears.

“You are going hit something, you are going too fast!!” fear said.

“No I won’t” I told my being.

My own body was afraid. I had to talk to my body all day and night, telling my body it that my mother was dying not me. When that dissipated, more emotions swirled around me, taking turns.

Looking Back at My Body Forming

As pre-born, the soul can sense and feel things which go on within our host mother. No matter what is going on outside of the mother’s body, what the soul senses is more about her reactions, attitudes, and how she cares for herself that the pre-born knows and feels.

Most people never remember this after they are born. Yet I am not like most people.

When my body was being created within my mother, I knew her feelings. During the last four months, she was very afraid and wishing she was not pregnant.

Now living in Oakland, California, she was far from her New York home and her family. She was married to a busy working man and had an active two year old son to look after.

Feeling alone and unable to cope; she was overwhelmed. She took care of her physical self with good food, rest and care. Yet her emotional states were out of control.

As a pre-born soul, floating in and out of my future body within my mother’s womb, I could sense her emotions. I tried to sooth her. I wanted her to be free of them.

In my feeling of her emotions, those emotions were instantly imprinted upon my own DNA and I grew up with those imprints believing they were my own. I took some years to neutralize those beliefs within my own DNA.

I also think that fleeting emotions do not really mess with a child; it is the repetition that affects the forming child.

We can be like our mother or not, it is really a choice and something we can review if we are conscious enough to do so.

I kept the ethical foundation my mother gave me for that was golden and her art of cooking and many other abilities!

My Mother Gave Me Notice

Six week prior to her stroke, I discovered my mother and my connection via the aka cords* had been disconnected. My mom pulled her aka cords out of me so that I could not even sense her anymore.

She was in process of leaving her body even before her stroke. This made me alert. She would not allow me to reconnect to her.

Some people have written that alzheimer, or memory lose is a way for the soul to leave the body in order to make ready for their transition. Souls also make ready through the many napping and sleeping an elderly does. Souls prepare coming in to a physical life and on going out of the physical life.

Last Day

One Sunday, it became evident that my mother was ready to transition. Her four children spent were in her room all day talking, sitting beside her. She knew we were all there, although she had her eyes closed and her shrunken body did not move. I prayed again that she would not suffer. We talked about our childhood, and our lives as they were in the present.

Our father had transitioned over seven years earlier at the age of 87. So it was up to the four of us to see my mother through her process. We talked about some of the world travels we had as children of a Navy officer. We reminisced a little, and yet there was also a silence that kept coming in, as this was affecting each one of us to our core.

Slowly one by one my brother left, then my youngest sister left. I wanted to stay the night for it is quite an experience when someone’s soul leaves their body, at least for those who are sensitive. Yet I could sense that I had to leave or maybe my mother might stay longer in her broken old vehicle. My sister stayed the night and my mother’s soul her body behind early morning. We had a simple Catholic service for her and we all cried as the choir sang “Ave Maria” for her.

I have a new sense of alone without her. Although we might feel our own self in adulthood, the sublety of our Oneness with our mother lingers.  I was not sad, as I felt  empowered by her. She always cheered me on through my wild and changing life. I think a part of her was also experiencing my freedom in a way her life would not allow.

Like the time I was complaining that the boys in my high school would never ask a girl to dance, so my girlfriends and I choose to ask them to dance. My mother was so happy to hear that as in her day that was not allowed. She would look at the floor and say they might have to sit there in one place all night if a boy did not approach her to ask for a dance.

Now it is my turn as a mother. I was very conscious being pregnant and in the birth of my son. Having already discovered the importance of pre-birth state of being through may of the energy healing processes I had been exposed to, I worked at keeping a balanced state and happiness for this growing baby body and the soul spirit that would float all around me. That baby boy is now a grown adult and someone I am very proud of. Our telepathic connection has kept us close and open to the wide world of choices.

~ Carolyn Thompson

Copyright © 2015-2025 Carolyn Thompson; All rights reserved.

* ‘aka cord’ connection was our communication line which we both enjoyed. Aka cords are thin strings of energy that can be sent and attach to the other. My mother was attached to my solar plexus energy center via aka cords.

** ‘transition’ is the term I use for death, as souls do not die, just our physical body can die.

*** ‘psiDNA’ is spiritual in nature that a person brings in with them in to the human for their journey in each lifetime.

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I highly recommend the book, Cosmic Cradle, Revised Edition: Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth,  by Elizabeth M. Carman and Neil J Carman, pH.D. with forward by Bernie S. Siegal, M.D.

It is a huge undertaking of heart gathering stories from all over our Earth, from all kinds of cultures and personal experiences of life before birth.

I met Elizabeth and Neil in 2002. Their book helped me to feel normal in my recollections of my pre-birth and other details.

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