Events, sometimes very small events, leave a lasting impression. A small event that provides adversity can opens up whole new levels of knowledge.

Such an event happened to me,  which started with having to take someone to small claims court to get my money back. I had advertised in a new magazine. At the time I had agreed to six issues, monthly. Yet by the second issue the format, how often it came out and other major changes pretty much voided our contract. I talked to the lady who owned it and she refused to give me any refund.

This lady was a new-age type and someone who took advantage of any free money she could get. She even announced at some meeting how to get government money that was really earmarked for the very poor. She obviously was not poor. Yet not knowing her real circumstances, who knows. All I knew is she was not wanting to return my money.

In her attempt to keep my money, she sought out some of other new-agey friends in town to side with her. I had some people trying to talk me out of going forward and getting my money back. It was not their business to do so, so I ignore them.

Onstead of making new offers, perhaps insitives to stay with her magazine, she just acted like I do not matter. She refused to talk directly to me.


My mind was set and I took her to small claims court for it was not a lot of money. Small claims court are for issues under $500., if I remember right.

At the time, I was living very frugally and needed every penny to take care of my son. Her magazine was no longer going to help me build my business.

What started out looking simple turned very complex.

This lady came to court with issues about me that did not even fit the case, trying to put me in a bad light on some other subject. What she did not understand about court is that only the issue at hand is addressed, for the most part. It would be her and our advertising contract. She was doing a great job at making me look bad to other people she knew by talking about anything but our contract.

As she was trying to bring up ohter issues, I reminded the judge this was not part of the reason for my case. He agreed and she could not mention it again. I saw her turn around and nod to an “agent”  who got up to go investigate her claim against me right then.


One of my clients had come with me to testify and support me. She stood by me and was angry at the lack of ethics this lady had and they were friends.

In the end the judge ruled in favor of me. his magazine ladye would have to pay me in full.

Now this is where the ability to observe served me well. My client and I walked out of the court room,  and we saw this lady at the window where she had to papers and perhaps pay.

As we were walking towards the door, I said very loudly something rude about this ladies reputation so this lady could hear. I wanted to let her know that it is her integrity that is really off.


In that instance, she swiftly turned around and her eyes changed in to dark reptilian eyes, vertical slits, as she glared at me with this crooked angry mouth.

Her hands were resting on the ledge with papers underneath and as I saw for an instant, her fingernails changed in to long claws that she curled a bit while looking at me. The energy that come from this “look” was interesting and unsettling.

She looked at me angrily then turned her attention to the lady in the window.

For those short moments I knew more than I wanted to. My gut went in to a new mode and I had fear running down my spine. I knew she would continue to plague me just for the fun/meanness of it. I knew she was devious, but now I knew something else, that she is not at all what you see.

For to normal sight, she was a gorgeous blond, petite and sexy. She had a bubbly expression when she talked and was a way-out, airy-fairy kind of personality. Very likable and that was why I had supported her magazine besides wanting to promote my business.

But that day changed the way I saw her. I went home and changed many things to avoid any more interaction with her. Her agent had already gone to my place of business and checked it out finding one small issue that I could easily fix. But her plans went deep and unethical.

After that lose in court, she was constantly attacking me in the astral plane. I knew I needed to remove the connection we had. Her ‘debt to be paid’ was the main connection and so in a letter I wrote her that her debt was forgiven. My stance was more about ethics anyway.

She stopped haunting me in the astral. I was free of her. Yet when I saw her in public she would publicly make fun of me. I ignored her. To each their own.

About three years later, I received the money she owed me. You see, I could forgive her debt, but the court had already ruled and that could not be changed. It was now public record. She was entering in to some financial arrangement that required all her debts be paid. So I finally got my money and without any static or astral rubbish.

Since then I have seen other shapeshifters in our world.  Everything just gets more interesting!

~ Carolyn Thompson

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