Life is an adventure. Everything around us invites us to interact and to show our selves. Embracing life as it comes to us is all about our choices, thoughts, how we view what we see, and how we react as this colors our pathway. We each have much to offer and much to learn, and through our interactions and sharing we can enjoy our journeys.

This blog is about adventures in Energy Medicine, and subtle energy through the experiences of Carolyn Thompson. As a child, she interacted in both worlds, seen and unseen. Over the last 30 years of practicing professional Energy Medicine, she has had the privilege of learning so much more through the unique and special sessions with people.

Her life has placed her on a path surrounded by subtle energies and its enigmatic workings. Sharing her adventures, Carolyn wishes to entertain people in this area of metaphysics, so that they may begin to think about more than their body, mind and spirituality, and about our world around it is so much more than we imagine.