A ghost walked right in to the grocery store and in to me. Almost sounds like the beginning of a joke!

But it happened. Waiting in line at the counter, I felt this spirit walk enter my left side, move right up and then out of my the top of my head. He used me like an elevator!!!

tube of light2

This action made me wobble both physically and mentally. It was disorienting and I had to refocus on standing there.

This has happened a few times and it is always unnerving to me. Really.

As I reviewed the energy signature, it appeared to have been some male who had no body (left), and so perhaps he was just looking for a way out.

I am much like a portal of Light and so this happens. Spirits definitely move to their next step, traveling through me or working with me, that is, if they feel stuck here. I would rather they use to a portal of Light that I am not occupying, like my body!

Spirits that want to “move on” sometimes do not understand they really can do it themselves, yet they know something, enough to leave. If you are sensitive and know about spirits, just intend and create a lovely, brilliant heavenly Column of Light that takes them to their next step. Intend “their rightful place”. Invite them to move in to the light. Most do. Sometimes I place a golden net over the ghost and move them in to the light, and they go.

No spirit needs to wander the earth or cycle in a repeated pattern they knew when they had a body.

So many people just love haunted houses and go visit them for their thrills.

I find that tasteless, only because of what I know about ghosts. I do not fault anyone for their fascination as they are in the flow of learning about ghosts. But myself, I prefer not to go hunting or looking for them. For me it means I go to work.

All ghosts need to go to their next step. Period. They need to tend to their own soul growth. They ALL can go too.

Do not invite me to your favorite haunted house for I will empty it completely of all earth-bound souls. This has happened too many times.

So a ghost walks in to me at a grocery store…..Poof!

~ Carolyn Thompson

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